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IS CHICAGO THE TOUGHEST CITY TO PLAY IN!? Chase Adams vs Mario Mckinney Chicago vs Saint Louis!!

Here's Chase Adams & Raekwon Drake of Chicago Orr defending Chicago territory against a very tough Saint Louis Vashon squad led by Mario Mckinney at Chicago Orr Breast Cancer Awareness Shootout.

Last year, Vashon defeated Chicago Orr in Saint Louis so coming into the match-up, Orr Academy was focused not to let it happen again. The environment was a big test to Vashon as they were tested to see how well they were going to play against Chicago Orr at Orr's home gym which was set around 90+ degrees inside the gym building which is something like a 2014 Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs in hot arena game 1.

Going into the first game, both team kept it close with exchanging baskets back and forth as it was a run-and-gun game with a non-stop pace. Vashon put all their effort into the 1st half making it even against Chicago 33-33. Going into the 2nd half is where the heat was kicking in and Vashon couldn't find their rhythm to control the game and this shows to many spectators and critics that a point guard make a big difference in a game which is why Chase Adams was a main factor of the game. Chase was also assisted by Raekwon Drake which protected inside the paint with mean blocks and non-stop rebounds to prevent Vashon to complete their incoming buckets. But Orr Academy wasn't only about those key players as they played their game and made sure it was a team effort going against Vashon as they secured the 75-65 victory.

Final Score - Chicago Orr 75-St Louis Vashon 65

Chicago Orr
Raekwon Drake (21pts 14rbs 4blks)
Dannie Smith (15pts 7ast)
Ty Mosely (11pts)
Chase Adams (9pts 6ast)

Donyae Mccaskill (21pts)
Mario McKinney (15pts)

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CHICAGO'S #1 RANKED TEAM WANTS ALL THE SMOKE! Five D1 Seniors! Bloom Season Opener Highlights!

Chicago high school basketball season opened Monday!
The Chicago Sun Times preseason number one team was Bloom Township Trojans (Chicago Heights, IL). This is their first time being ranked number 1. They feature 5 Division 1 basketball recruits: Martice Mitchell (Minnesota), Keshawn Williams (Tulsa), Dante Maddox Jr (Cal State Fullerton), Donovan Newby (UW Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and unsigned Christian Shumate. Bloom opened the 2019-2020 season at home vs TF South. Bloom pulled away in the third quarter. 25 points by guard Maddox Jr led the Trojans. Enjoy these full highlights from!
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1991 Chicago Bulls 20 year celebration and reunion

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were together again for another championship celebration, this time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Chicago Bulls' first title.

The Hall of Famers along with some teammates and coaches were on hand for a halftime ceremony during Saturday's game against the Utah Jazz, reliving their past glory.

There was Jordan dunking over Patrick Ewing again. Pippen was wreaking havoc on both ends, John Paxson was nailing jumpers, the Pistons were hurrying off the court and the Bulls were hoisting the trophy, drenched in champagne after knocking off the Lakers.

It was all there during a video set to Tom Petty's Learning to Fly that kicked off the festivities.

Former Bulls broadcaster Jim Durham served as the master of ceremonies, and there were loud cheers as each player was introduced, starting with Dennis Hopson. Horace Grant and John Paxson each received a nice ovation, and fans just about came unglued when Pippen was introduced.

And when Jordan was called? Well, the roar was what anyone would expect.

In his address to the crowd, Pippen thanked the organization for bringing back a memory that we all want to live again just one more time.

This is very special for us, he said.

Jordan, grinning ear-to-ear, thanked the Bulls for allowing us to reunite and added, You guys are in store for a lot of other championships.

The current team with Derrick Rose leading the way is stirring memories of a championship era that kicked into gear 20 years ago. The 1990-91 team went 61-21 and finally beat Detroit after losing to the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals the previous two years, then took out Magic Johnson's Los Angeles Lakers in five games to start the first of Chicago's two three-peats.

I was just talking to Paxson, Jordan said after the ceremony. I said, 'You guys could be the best team in the East if you play the type of basketball you guys have been playing. I don't think it's going to take them seven years.

That's how long it took for Jordan, who endorsed Rose for league MVP.

That kid has come into his own, Jordan said. He's matured quite a bit. When he came into the league, everybody said he had speed and can get to the rim, but he can't shoot. Now, he can shoot the 3 as well as pull-up shots. He has very few flaws. I'm pretty sure the next thing they're going to say is he doesn't play good defense or can't handle the double team. Time will tell.

I think he's a great piece for this franchise to rebuild with. They've got some other pieces that helped them quite a bit. Everybody's talking about Boston, everybody's talking about Miami and Orlando, you tend to forget about Chicago.

Several key members of the first championship team were absent on Saturday, most notably Phil Jackson and Jerry Krause. In a taped message, Jackson said the clinching win was truly an exciting moment for all of us and was just the start of something big.

1993 NBA Finals - Chicago vs Phoenix - Game 6 Best Plays

Got a request? Leave a comment here.
The best highlights from the 1993 NBA Finals Game 6.

'85 Bears Win Super Bowl XX | Bears vs. Patriots | NFL Full Game

The NFL Presents: Super Bowl XX in Full. Watch the '85 Bears cement their legacy.

2:05 W. Payton fumbles, recovered by L. McGrew

5:14 T. Franklin 36-yard FG

8:17 J. McMahon 43-yard pass to W. gault

12:25 K. Butler 28-yard FG

15:02 W. Marshall sacks T. Eason for loss of 10 yards

20:29 S. McMichael sacks T. Eason, Eason fumbles, recovered by D. Hampton

26:45 K. Butler 24-yard FG

27:51 M. Singletary recovers C. James fumble

29:32 M. Suhey 11-yard TD

43:22 McMahon 2-yard TD

46:32 O. Wilson sacks T. Eason for loss of 11 yards

51:05 M. Suhey fumbles, R. Clayborn recovers

1:04:07 McMahon 29-yard pass to K. Margerum

1:07:03 K. Butler 24-yard FG

1:09:35 R. Dent sacks S. Grogan for loss of 5 yards

1:11:23 O. Wilson sack S. Grogan for loss of 13-yards

1:13:42 McMahon 60-yard pass to W. Gault

1:20:12 McMahon 1-yard TD

1:23:52 R. Phillips intercepts S. Grogan, returns for TD

1:26:53 W. Marshall recovers S. Morgan fumble

1:30:50 McMahon 29-yard pass to D. Gentry

1:31:55 “The Refrigerator” 1-yard TD

1:39:21 D. Hampton sacks S. Grogan for loss of 10 yards

1:43:40 S. Grogan 8-yard TD pass to I. Fryar

1:48:27 M. Singletary recovers D. Ramsey fumble

1:54:50 J. Morrissey intercepts S. Grogan

2:02:43 H. Waechter sacks S. Grogan for safety

The 1985 Chicago Bears are considered by many, to have the greatest defense in the history of the NFL. But for them to etch their name in the history books they knew it would take more than impeccable statistics, it would take a win on the biggest stage. Mike Ditka and Da Bears did not let the pressure of closing the deal stop them as they went on to win Super Bowl XX in dominant fashion: 46-10 over the New England Patriots.

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2014 SLS World Tour: Chicago, IL | FINAL | Full Broadcast

Watch the full broadcast replay of Stop 1 of the 2014 Street League Skateboarding World Tour.

June 29, 2014 | Chicago, Illinois

Featuring Bastien Salabanzi, Paul Rodriguez, Matt Berger, Tommy Sandoval, Torey Pudwill, Shane O'Neill, Luan Oliveira, Nyjah Huston







For more information on Street League Skateboarding (SLS) and the SLS World Tour, visit .

Chicago Bike Messenger

A Day in the Life of a Chicago Bike Messenger

Maratón de Chicago 2019 (Español)

Vea a Mo Farah y Galen Rupp tratando de tener una actuación destacada en este maratón internacional. En el lado de las mujeres vea el duelo entre Betsy Saina (Kenia) y Brigid Kosgei (Kenia) tratando de llevarse los honores del evento.

FIRST TIME PLAYING CHICAGO BALL! | On-Season Softball Series | Game 3

INSTAGRAM ► @bobbycrosby

For those who always ask, these softball games are PRIVATE because of far too many people showing up when they were public. If you send me a DIRECT MESSAGE to my INSTAGRAM @BOBBYCROSBY and give me your e-mail address and tell me why you want to play, there's a chance you'll be invited! It's basically an essay contest.

To really get to know all the players, don't just watch this series, but watch the Offseason Softball League too! Here's the link to that:

Last Dance and Demise of The Chicago Bulls Dynasty

In January 1999, Michael Jordan retired, Phil Jackson did his last waltz. Scottie Pippen was a Houston Rocket. Dennis Rodman was done with basketball, and later signed with Los Angeles Lakers.

Chicago Bulls were dismantled systematically simply to satisfy a couple of raging egos. A decade's worth of domination purposely, coldly disassembled in a handful of days.

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Intro song by 7thLetterBeats

BMX Day - The Street Series in Chicago

BMX Day was celebrated all around the world this weekend and in Chicago shit was goin’ off. Due to airline chicanery I almost didn’t make it but I’m so glad I did. Dan Lacey was the ringleader of the event and Brian Kachinsky showed us around the shoreline of the Windy City for a few hours before the rain put things on hold. Austin Aughinbaugh ended up with the Street Series ring but it was a tough call with Dan Kruk, Joe Jarvis, Dylan McCauley and Carlo Hoffmann hot at his heels. Derek Strong has a standout clip on the kinker while Mike Stahl put in some work on a clip that I’m sure he’s since gone back to get. Jeff Dowhen almost killed a man with his bike. Grant Castelluzzo was there stealing my angles and Mike Hinkens was looking dapper as always. Someone’s forks snapped at the end and the whole day was pretty crazy. I got wrapped up in the moment quite a bit and I’m pretty loud throughout this entire edit and lucky for all of us I recorded the whole day… I could only edit down to 41 minutes but I think with this amount of footage you’ll get a pretty good understanding as to what a completely awesome day on a BMX bike with a ton of great people in the Midwest is really all about.

Our entire day was dedicated to the life and memory of Glenn Salyers who undoubtedly would have destroyed every spot we went to.


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Dwyane Wade VERY BEST Highlights & Moments with Chicago Bulls!

Check out the best highlights, moments & plays by Dwyane Wade for the Chicago Bulls | 2016-17 NBA Season
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Nico VS Taxi - Bike Messenger Races Taxi Across Chicago

As one of the fastest bike messengers in the world, Nico Deportago-Cabrera knows his hometown of Chicago, IL better than anyone. To test his knowledge of the streets, Nico straps on a Sony Action Cam and puts his skills up against the best cab driver he can find in a head-to-head race across the city.

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Chicago Bulls VERY BEST Plays & Highlights from 2018-19 NBA Season!

Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by Chicago Bulls team from 2018-19 NBA Season!
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Top 10 Chicago Bulls Plays Of All Time

Absolutely no copyright infringement is intented, all audio and video clips are the sole property of their respective owners. THIS IS ONLY CLIPPED FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

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Team Rose Goes At 5 Star Jalen Green | Chicago Ain't Scared of NOBODY Pt. 2!!

Jalen Green (#2 ranked player in the class of 2020) and EBO struggled to contain the fearless play of Dajuan Gordon (Curie) and RayJ Dennis (Oswego East). This game was a SHOW. After the viral video of EYBL's Mac Irvin Fire embarrassing Kyree Walker and #1 ranked Dream Vision, Team Rose comes out to protect the saying that Chicago athletes fear NOBODY.


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Onewheel XR - Best Buy Errand on Lunch Break in Chicago

This is some video of me running Errands on my Lunch Break with my Onewheel XR. I love getting things done on my Onewheel because it’s just so much fun to run to the store or go grab some food. It's a great excuse to ride around and explore my city!

3:37 – I kickout a piece of trash with wheel spin. Shout out to fellow Hooligan Jake Leary for teaching me that one. Jeff McCosker helped me figure it out as well, those guys are sick. Search for them if you haven’t seen any of what they can do on a wheel.
6:23 - kinda fun footage. Offroad riding is always fun. Then right after that shot I talk to that guy about the Onewheel and roll up to Buckingham Fountain. Sickness.
9:07 – lol had to BAIL!!! Followed by a beautiful courtyard thing, downtown Chicago is gorgeous.
11:30 - The section that starts at 11:30 is up there for me on this one. Downtown CHI!!! Followed by Grant Skate Park rip (13:52), then I forget where I was going before heading the right way to Best Buy, where I was headed to the first place lol.
19:30 – This section is one of those that takes your breath away. Chicago man! Gotta love this City. Then I hit Best Buy for that external storage haha.
25:23 – Watch me get low, have to hop off the board and then the hilarious commentary about ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS hahaha (25:44). I’ve learned a lot riding with Chicago E-Skate so shoutout to the homies!!
27:40 – haha Riding here is so fun.
30:55 – Another FIRE section, damn. This list is long haha. Notice I’m around 55% battery here (32:20)
34:35 – You wanna race??? Lololol That’s hilarious. What a Lunch Break huh!?
36:25 – Final section back to work. That Tom Misch song is fire!!!


Board Setup (LINKS BELOW):
- Onewheel XR in MISSION digital shaping mode
- PLUS model front bumper
- Stroh Dank Green front Float plate
- XR Stroh back float plate
- The Wheel is a stock VEGA tire
-The SilverHandle as found on
- Surestance Pro Footpad from Onewheel
- Green colored Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber fender held on by zip ties lol
- FlightFins attached to the fender.
- theFloat.Life griptape
- TheFloat.Life Black SideKicks protecting rails
- reflective stickers to top it off. Green on the rails and Silver along the rim of the motor.

Film setup:
Osmo Mobile + extension pole and a Gopro session.


and of course


My Insta:
Chicago E-Skate Facebook Group:

Best of the Chicago Bulls | 2018-19 NBA Season

Check out the best plays from the Chicago Bulls this past season!

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Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros - Full Game Highlights | May 27, 2019 | 2019 MLB Season

-- Cubs vs Astros Highlights - May 27, 2019 --
#Cubs #Astros #MLB

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**disclaimer: I do not own any of these clips/music. This video is for entertainment purposes only. All rights go to their respective owners. (MLB)

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Federer Backhand Boys Take On Chicago

Grigor Dimitrov, Tommy Haas and Roger Federer give their rendition of the classic hit song from Chicago, Hard To Say I'm Sorry, during the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Video courtesy Roger Federer



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