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Catch wrestling


A Catch Wrestling move that might lose you some friendships | Legion Live Clips

Surprise your friends for the last time with this catch wrestling move.

Why last time?

Well... because they're probably not going to want to roll wih you anymore after traumatising them.

Keenan demonstrates this move from turtle using a reverse hook instead of your normal hook to control your opponent's hips down to the mat where from there it's all you.

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*From episode March 31st.

Billy Robinson Teaches Catch Wrestling Standing Posture Breaks

Catch wrestling legend Billy Robinson demonstrates how to deal with an opponent that resists having his head pulled down and responds by pulling back.

Catch Wrestling vs. Jiu-Jitsu? (Gracie Breakdown)

After six exciting matches at Metamoris 4, Ryron and Rener received tons of requests for a Gracie Breakdown. Of all the matches, the most requested breakdown was the headlock/neck crank/chest compression technique that Josh Barnett used to submit the unsubmittable Dean Lister. Watch as Ryron and Rener analyze the strengths of the technique, and then teach you an essential training exercise you can use to sharpen your defensive skills and avoid the crush if you ever find yourself beneath a much heavier opponent who has a Catch Wrestling background!

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Catch Wrestling: Achieving the Double Wrist Lock Basics and More Part I: Snake Pit U.S.A.

Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling Association’s Founder/Head Coach Joel Bane demonstrates some basic ways to attain the Double Wrist Lock and more Part 1. For more with Coach Bane and The World's Premier Catch Wrestling Organization check us out at
Coach Bane BIO:

Hammer Lock Half Nelson - Catch Wrestling Submissions

Hammerlock Half Nelson - Catch Wrestling Submissions

Vic shows Hammer Lock Wrestling technique with a half nelson. This is a very catch wrestling technique which you can incorporate effectively basic for jiu jitsu, mma and any grappling style

Make sure you learn how to wrestle before applying Hammerlock wrestling holds, half nelson. Learning basic wrestling moves, takedowns and positions is important, learn the foundations of wrestling first before applying submissions.

I am taking all tutorial requests right here, ask in the comments section and you shall receive a HOW TO TUTORIAL which will help your grappling skills/knowledge get better for catch wrestling takedowns, no gi takedowns for bjj, catch as catch can wrestling, combat sambo submission wrestling

Josh Barnett on the under-appreciated art of catch wrestling in MMA | UFC Hamburg

Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett chats to Simon Head about his catch wrestling background and how effectively it can be applied to mixed martial arts.



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Seminar at ACMAC in Doncaster

Billy Robinson - Catch Wrestling Legends (German Subtitles)

Watch my latest Video on : Mitsuyo Maeda Interview - Unqualified Jiu JItsu Instructors - Judo Gi vs No Gi, Catch Wrestling

: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) comes from Judo

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Born in England in 1938 to a family of Prize Fighters, Billy Robinson was a Professional Wrestler and one of the greatest competitive Catch Wrestling coaches of all times.

Catch Wrestling: Escaping Defense Position

Visit to find more tips and tricks from Coach Robinson, Erik Paulson, Nick Diaz, Jeff Monson, and more!

Billy Robinson Catch Wrestling version of the D’arce Choke

Jesse Marez of The Training Mat teaches the old school Billy Robinson Catch Wrestling version of the D’race Choke at the Fall 2019 Scientific Wrestling Coaching Catch Camp

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4 Catch Wrestling Moves

Erik Paulson showing 4 catch wrestling moves.

Frank Gotch Worlds 2017 Round 4: Curran Jacobs vs Travis Wiuff

The greatest Catch Wrestling match I have ever seen. Mike Chapman. 2017 Frank Gotch World Catch Wrestling Tournament.

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How Catch Wrestling Wrecks The Half Guard by Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson Shows A Nasty Catch Wrestling Series Against Half Guard.

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Catch Wrestling Against Jiujitsu Knee Shield

Catch Wrestling against a common Jiujitsu postition, the knee shield.

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Catch Wrestling Solo Drills - Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association

Catch as Catch Can submission grappling solo drills.

A Catch Wrestler's thoughts on Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

I've been training in Catch Wrestling for some years, due to the lack of training opportunities, and a bit of fortuitous good fortune I have now started training in BJJ as well.

This is my thoughts on the difference

My Thoughts on CATCH Wrestling!

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Judo Champion Juan Rodriguez Shares Thoughts on Catch Wrestling

National Judo Champion Juan Rodriguez stops by to answer some of your questions about Judo and Catch Wrestling!

Tatami Talk:

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Catch Wrestling: Coach Anthony Argyros & The Four Point Base Drill- PART I: Snake Pit U.S.A.

Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling Association’s Coaches Association/Board of Directors Coach Anthony Argyros demonstrates the four point base drill at the 2019 Snake Pit USA Two-Day Catch Camp.

Anthony is our Strength & Conditioning Coach and member of our prestigious Coaches Association.

He holds over 80 NAGA belts and 130 + expert/pro grappling titles! Contact him for training info on both technique and Strength & Conditioning. ????????

He is also a leader in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Community as a 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt.
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Passing Half Guard Using Catch Wrestling

#CatchWrestling #NoGi #Wrestling

At Fight Science MMA in Los Angeles, California. Today we're responding to a fan request for a half guard pass. There are many options from this position, this is just one option.



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