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Heavy Fly Casting with Tim Rajeff

Here are some tips for casting heavy flies and tandem setups without pain or tangles.
No one enjoys casting a lot of weight but sometimes thats what it takes to be effective. all too often it means a lump on the head or spending half your day untying knots. Sound familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s an easy way to cast weighted flies and avoid the complications. Tim Rajeff is back to show you how to cast the heavy stuff without a helmet.

LANDBASED CASTING KERAPU di Pantai Pasir Panjang Penang ( Umpan Trigger X )

Menerjah ke spot yang sudah sekian lama tak menduga. Rasanya last berada di spot ini pada tahun 2015. Kali nie, kita akan cuba terjah, SEORANG....

Action Camera yang digunakan ( Gopro Hero 2018 )
Action Camera Budget ( Akaso Brave 4 )
Chest Strap untuk meletak Action Camera di Dada

Setup :-
Rod: DAIWA Crossfire X 6-15lbs

Reel: DAIWA Exceler LT 2000D-XH

Line: DAIWA J-Braid 8X 15lbs

Leader: SUFIX Superior 40lbs

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CASTING Vlog 010 - Starting with a Multiplier Reel Part 1

Fishing at its best covering various facets of Saltwater and Freshwater.

Golf Lessons - Stop casting and create lag during the downswing

Starting your golf downswing with the arms and upper body and thus losing the angle between the lead arm and the club is called casting. This action reduces the potential for you reach maximum club head speed and also compromises your ability to get ball then turf contact at impact. In this video, I explain some of the reasons players make this error and show a progression of drills that allow you to correct this move in your own swing.

ADA lagi parit baru cuci _ casting ikan haruan or snakehead fishing gasak Saiz Idaman

Vlog kali ini aku akan membawa hampa ke 1 lagi parit yang baru dicuci yang mana parit ini dahulunya semak dan memang tidak boleh dicast langsung.Pasti ada Ikan Haruan yang bersaiz idaman ...

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Set yang aku gunakan...
Rod_Drave Grandmaster Excutioner 6-18lb
Reel_Abu Garcia Promax
Line_Mayeep muscular line 20lb
Leader_Seahawk Noro 50lb

Untuk lebih maklumat mengenai tali Mayeep hampa boleh lawat di,
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Casting an Egyptian bronze age dagger

In this video I will be casting a bronze age dagger. I will be modeling this dagger after an actual 4000 year old ancient Egyptian artifact.

First song:
Icy Vindur by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Second Song: Slow motion provided by

Third song:
Sappheiros - Aurora [chillstep]




Long Distance Pendulum Casting - Gear Guide

Saul Page steps up and shows us how to fire a lead out to the big blue yonder using the pendulum cast and he also shows us a clip he invented to keep your tackle from become weaponized while doing it.

This item appears in Fishing Britain episode 25. Watch the whole show on YouTube

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Comment réussir votre casting ?

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Comment réussir votre casting ? Regardez la vidéo pour en savoir plus !

Pour savoir comment préparer un casting, regardez cette vidéo où Sarah Pérahim comédienne au Studio International des Arts de la Scène ( vous donne tous ses bons conseils pour réussir votre casting.

Si vous ne faites pas partie d'une agence, vous devez postuler des annonces de castings.

Beaucoup de personnes nous demandent comment réussir un casting pour un film, pour un rôle divers voire même pour participer à une émission de télévision comme secret story, money drop ou n'importe quelle émission de télé-réalité.

Dans cette vidéo nous verrons comment se préparer pour devenir comédien ou comédienne dans le cadre d'un film court ou long métrage et non pas pour un casting pompom girl ou cheerleders ;-)

Pour préparer un casting il faut avoir toutes les informations en main. Où a lieu ce casting, quand a t-il lieu.

Lisez bien le texte pour comprendre les enjeux de la scène.
Il faut connaitre son texte par cœur, pour éviter de sortir du personnage. Vous pourrez ensuite improviser.

Arrivez en avance au casting, à l'audition pour discutez éventuellement avec le réalisateur. Le physique va jouer un rôle important, comment vous vous tenez. Parlez sans tabou.

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HD - Single-Handed Fly Rod Casting Using Spey Casting Techniques

- This video was created for fly fisherman that wish to improve their odds in catching with a single-handed fly rod. This video segment is from Single-Handed Fly Rod Casting Using Spey Casting Techniques (Jeff Putnam's Fly Fishing Schools, DVD, & Blu-ray Disc) at

Teknik Casting Hampala + Praktek. Buktikan Sendiri Dijamin...

Teknik Casting Hampala + Praktek. Buktikan Sendiri Dijamin...

Tips n trik casting hampala ada dikonten ini msbro
Kalo bener2 nyimak, mudah2an para pemula bisa merasakan tarikan ikan yg katanya susah dipancing ini 😁

Selamat mencoba
Salam boncos 👌


Casting Ikan Toman Di Tasik Kenyir - Mama 5.5KG

Sebenarnya ikan tu dah terlepas mase nak angkat masuk dalam bot tapi keajaiban berlaku dgn secara spontan saye tangkap ikan tu dgn tangan dan terus campak dlm bot..

*kail umpan sangkut dkt seluar mujur tak kena tubuh mase tu


Como empezar en la pesca de CASTING

Hola pescaguiders en el capitulo de hoy vamos a daros un adelanto de lo que nos espera este 2017 con un equipo aereo de grabación en este caso nuestro DJI mavic pro de un compañero del equipo, síguenos en nuestras redes sociales para estar al día de nuestros proyectos. Este capitulo es para todos aquellos que quieren empezar en la pesca con equipos de casting desde cero información útil y básica de la mano de nuestros amigos y compañeros de GURE BASS unos expertos y campeones nacionales en estas disciplinas de pesca de depredadores
daiwa tatula :
strike pro lures :





Casting Techniques - 5 Styles and Methods of Casting with your Fishing Rod

Hello folks, this week I'd like to share with you 5 different casting techniques to help improve your casting range and accuracy.

We talk about the following casting techniques: flipping, pitching, over hand cast, side cast, and a bonus low cast.

As always good luck and good fishing'!

Fly Casting 101 | Getting Started In Fly Fishing - Episode 14

In this episode of Getting Started in Fly Fishing, Brian Flechsig breaks down the 'intimidating' fly casting and shows you how simple it really is.

Don't worry, we have a whole series coming that breaks everything here and more down in further detail so you can be the best angler you can be.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned!



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Welcome to Mad River Outfitters, hosted by professional fly fishing guide, Brian Flechsig and his team of fly fishing guides at Mad River Outfitters. On this channel you will find honest fly fishing education, fly fishing tutorials and product reviews. We're passionate about fly fishing and that's what we hope to share here. More information about who we are can be found on our website ( and also on our Instagram (@madriveroutfitters).

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Doug Swisher Wrist Mechanics:
Fly Caught In Tree Tug:

Casting Accuracy with Adam Royter

Any fisho's wanting to improve casting accuracy with a spin outfit need to watch this how to from master caster Adam Royter. Full of technique tips and information to get you 'hitting the pocket 'every time.

Shore Fishing Casting Tips - Fishing TV

In another episode of our series Beachcasting Masterclass presenter Peter Thain shows you how to perfect the 'off the ground' cast. For lots more top saltwater fishing videos like this visit

Casting SIAKAP @ BARRAMUNDI di Sungai Merbok -- SIAKAP Pertama 2019

Casting ikan Siakap di sekitar Sungai Merbok. Ini adalah episod repeat setelah sekian lama tidak turun Sungai Merbok.

Action Camera yang digunakan ( Gopro Hero 2018 )
Action Camera Budget ( Akaso Brave 4 )
Chest Strap untuk meletak Action Camera di Dada

- Youtube Chan Fishing

- Youtube Hazim Jamaludin

Setup 1 :-
Rod: DAIWA Harrier 8-17lbs
Reel: DAIWA Tatula LT 2000D-XH
Line: DAIWA J-Braid 14lbs X8

Setup 2 :-
Rod: DAIWA Crossbeat 8-16lbs
Reel: DAIWA Caldia LT 1000S-P
Line: DAIWA J-Braid 10lbs X8

Setup 3:-
Rod: DAIWA Bass X 2-4lbs
Reel: DAIWA Caldia 2004H
Line: DAIWA J-Braid 6lbs X4

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Casting Sebarau di Jeram Guna Spoon


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📷 Setup Action Camera :-
▶ Gopro Hero 2018
▶ Action Kamera Bajet ( Akaso V50X )
▶ Action Kamera Bajet ( Akaso Brave 4 )
▶ Chest Strap ( Letak Kamera di Dada )

🎣 Setup Barangan Memancing :-
▶ Rod: Daiwa Bass X 2-4lbs
▶ Reel: Daiwa Caldia 2004H
▶ Line: Braid 2lbs
▶ Leader: Daiwa J-Thread FC 10lbs

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Fly Fishing Basics: Fly Casting - How to Cast a Fly Rod

Fly fishing basics for every level of angler. World record holder and fly fishing expert Al Noraker delivers the information you need to know to understand the sport of fly fishing. Sandi and Clay Roberts join him and demonstrate fly casting techniques.

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