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Second time down one of the parking structures on my Ripstik, which I had just bought two days before this video was shot, so no need to comment on how impressive this video isn't, haha. Just enjoy, i

Team AXIS Announcement by AXIS Casterboarding - October 2012

Announcing New Team Riders and 'Coming Soon' - Team AXIS Try Outs. Also keep an eye out for the launch of the C3 (the competitive casterboarding circuit) and more!.... Keep Ridin'

Best of FTA Casterboarding 2015

A montage of our finest clips from 2015, enjoy!

The Best Casterboarding Video of All Time

Team AXIS NY August 2010 (1 week of Filming). Features Andy Veraska, Dan Spencer, Myles Poole, Liza Hickey, Sky Braun, and Tim Fox. Just one week of filming. Casterboarding is on its way...go to for more! If you ride a ripstik, waveboard, timberwolf, or any casterboard, this vids for you and the axis site is for us all to join in the revolution.


FTA Casterboarding Fun 2016

Casterboarding fun with FTA! Enjoy

Casterboarding Magazine Review

Casterboarding Magazine talks with us about their magazine and take a short tour through the Razor company.

Casterboarding (Ripstik AIR)

CASTERBOARDING!, To everyone it's not ripstiking It is casterboarding

casterboarding....the Timberwolf XtreeM casterboard

Timberwolf XtreeM in action at Bowling Green Skatepark, team rider, Brandon Pennington.

(LizaAXIS NEW CHANNEL )Ripstik Tricks - AXIS Casterboarding Rider Liza Hickey

Please stop hating on this video, It's nearly a year old, LizaAXIS is my new channel , I don't like this video.

AXIS Casterboarding Sponsorship Video & Welcoming New Rider Tobias Bjerre

Team AXIS is open for 2 new riders! Make your 'sponsor me' vid and find out September 1st if you are one of the new riders on Team AXIS.

We would also like to welcome Tobias Bjerre to Team AXIS, newest rider to join the crew.


TimberWolf Caster Fest Day 2 caster board casterboarding brownsvill skatepark

Caster Fest monday Day 2. Wind was blowing about 30 mph but it was a nice day of mostly bowl riding. Wish we could have debuted the new ConVert here. There would have faster and better action. Be sure to Check out.
Foxden Episode 10

The Wolf Den
And the other Caster fest vids
Much more to come

also we are festing from texas to maine this summer and the route and date will be posted soon. If we are coming near you be sure to hit us up and fest with us. all skill levels and caster boards are encouraged to take part. Only requirement is the love of caster boarding and a good attitude


i am not pro enough...this the only skill i can do..sorry.. :' (

AXIS Casterboarding Tutorial #1 - 360's - ( for ripstik waveboard timberwolf any casterboard )

#1 in the series of AXIS Tutorials, starting with the basic 360. Hope this helps, please comment and visit for more info, tutorial vids, chats, and a world wide community of riders.

AXIS Casterboarding New Riders! - Welcome to Team AXIS Sept 2011

AXIS Casterboarding - Tutorial # 4 How to GripTape Your Casterboard - ripstik waveboard timberwolf

3 Ways to grip your casterboard with Ryan Wilson. Hope this helps you to grip your board the way you want it done, as there are a few techniques. Be careful with the tools, ask for help if needed, and check out the website where riders around the world are talking. First thing we realized as riders back in the day was the very necessary step of gripping your casterboard...go back years ago on this channel, you'll see us grippin and customizing our decks since day one. Take your ride to the next level and grip your board....casterboard platform/deck griptape sheets avail at


Casterboarding (OLD)

Really Old, Hate it.

casterboarding street by team axis rider paulo vandamme

Slow Motion Casterboarding.

Caster Fest Summer 2010 Vid 4 Casterboarding NATO TimberWolf

It was a great time with great people. We had buckets of rain but made the best of it. Got to meet up with the Growlers Go4 and Jester (Justin Priest) and their families. And FTA and Blue were still with us.
Bowling Green is one of NATOs favorite parks in the world. Blue took us there the first time. The bowl are really fast and well kept and they are three sizes for all skill levels are challenged and even the small one is like greased lightning. People are great too. We Caster Rate it at 3.8 out of 4.
Louisville is a good park too but the bowls are too random and its hard to get good speed because it is so open. But the way they are shaped it can accomadate many riders at once and people are cool there too. It is well kept. The half pipe is enourmous but once again the flow is missing. The long flat between the ramps makes them too far apart so its hard to build up speed. NATO Drops in here and I think this is the highest recorded drop-in on a casterboard to date (14 feet or 4.27 meters). We caster Rate it at 3.2 out of 4 mostly because of its size. We Still more to come as we head southeast and then north up the coast till we meet with the Axis Team in NYC.

Casterboarding on Ice with FTA

A little ice and snow never stops us from enjoying our favorite ride! FTA Shreddin' it up with the BlizIce blades!



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