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The Best Casterboarding Video of All Time

Team AXIS NY August 2010 (1 week of Filming). Features Andy Veraska, Dan Spencer, Myles Poole, Liza Hickey, Sky Braun, and Tim Fox. Just one week of filming. Casterboarding is on its way...go to for more! If you ride a ripstik, waveboard, timberwolf, or any casterboard, this vids for you and the axis site is for us all to join in the revolution.


Best of FTA Casterboarding 2015

A montage of our finest clips from 2015, enjoy!

'How To Ride' The AXIS Casterboard - Official Tutorial

The Official AXIS Casterboarding 'Guide to Ride'. Shows you all the techniques to ride the AXIS Casterboard (patent pending), feels just like surfing and snowboarding. Also includes Tips to keep in mind as you progress. For more info check us out at the links below:

Next Video: Board Maintenance & Action Vids

Use #RIDEAXIS to help spread the word and use the discount code RIDEAXIS during checkout at in the webstore, to get $10off your stock board. Can also check out our 'Build Your Custom' board section where you can choose upgrades, decks, and design.

We are excited for the growing sport of casterboarding, no matter what board you ride, if you are a Caster Addict then you are one of us. Let's continue the progression together. Keep Ridin'


Second time down one of the parking structures on my Ripstik, which I had just bought two days before this video was shot, so no need to comment on how impressive this video isn't, haha. Just enjoy, i

AXIS Casterboarding SQUAD: iCruz Intro Vid ( ripstik waveboard timberwolf any casterboard )

AXIS Casterboarding SQUAD Competition #2 'SQUAD Intro Vid Entry'. iCRUZ is based out of the US. This vid was made by the members(w/some editing help from fox). AXIS SQUADS are about riding and progression at any level of casterboarding and other board sports. Please Refrain from Negative Comments, Nothin' nice to say than don't say it. Much Respect to all the SQUADS who have registered with AXIS and have become a part of the revolution of casterboarding. No matter what board you ride, Ripstik, Waveboard, Timberwolf, Swaveboard, etc....if it's got casters and you enjoy ridin' then welcome to the revolution. and for more info.

Tim Fox Casterboarding - Trick Progression - The Best of THEN

This video is a compilation of footage from the past couple years showing trick invention, progression, and the evolution of casterboarding since day one.

This video is my goodbye and thank you to the 'old powers that be' for their casterboards that brought us to this point.

This video is my goodbye to Windows Movie Maker as I am upgrading my editing program and camera.

This video can be used as a casterboarders reference for tricks, where we've been, and where we're going....can't hold down progression. The tricks have evolved but the board has stayed the same....the riders are takin over and using their knowledge of ridin' to continue the evolution with the board itself.

This video is my highlight vid from 'back then'.....take a trip in the past....rock out

keep ridin'

FTA Casterboarding Fun 2016

Casterboarding fun with FTA! Enjoy

casterboarding....the Timberwolf XtreeM casterboard

Timberwolf XtreeM in action at Bowling Green Skatepark, team rider, Brandon Pennington.

Casterboarding (Ripstik AIR)

CASTERBOARDING!, To everyone it's not ripstiking It is casterboarding

Why Casterboarding?

This is the video i entered in this months contest. I hope it does well. This video just answers the question why do we casterboard? So watch the video to find the answer!
Ride on!

Casterboarding Magazine Review

Casterboarding Magazine talks with us about their magazine and take a short tour through the Razor company.

AXIS Casterboarding's Trick Bounty Series - Introduction & How to Compete.

Download the Bounty List at
Upload your videos to in the Trick Bounty section and keep your eyes on the leader board for your name.

Maiden Voyage Backyard ramp TimberWolf Casterboard casterboarding caster board boarding

We built this ramp earlier this year but made it with a very difficult transition as a workout ramp so that all others would seem easy. We recently calmed dwn the transition to make it similar to common ramps and we are pleased with the results. This is the first sesh with the new transition. This will eventually become a bowl as time and finances allow. NATO has some exciting new ideas he wants to practice on this ramps including some innovative casterboard specific Dropins which we will undoubtedly put in future vids. - Downhill Casterboarding

Team HwH Downhill Casterboarding
Travis Stranded Richards

New Casterboarding Hybrid Board Sport Promo. Street Surfing, Wave Board, Ripstik

The riding is evolving and the boards are beginning to reach their potential. Casterboarding, new hybrid board sport, evolution in progress...Enjoy!


Casterboarding (OLD)

Really Old, Hate it.

The Fox Den - Episode 40 - by AXIS Casterboarding

We're back from our break with some Big ANNOUNCEMENTS in this show. Ep 40 is a sneek peek into the new structure and releases some serious news for casterboarders and riders worldwide! Be sure to follow the clues and enjoy! Keep Ridin', look for some serious action segments in upcoming episodes.

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available only at

Casterboarding: Bowl Riding on the Timberwolf XtreeM

Wolf Pack rider, Brandon Pennington riding the bowl at the skatepark in Manchester Tennessee, the place where he got his start in his casterboarding career. Filmed by: Tim Wilson. Also, this video can be found on the Timberwolf website @ . : Old Footage Humble Beginnings First trip to a skate park

this is old stuff

AXIS Casterboarding Tutorial #1 - 360's - ( for ripstik waveboard timberwolf any casterboard )

#1 in the series of AXIS Tutorials, starting with the basic 360. Hope this helps, please comment and visit for more info, tutorial vids, chats, and a world wide community of riders.



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