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Best of FTA Casterboarding 2015

A montage of our finest clips from 2015, enjoy!

The Best Casterboarding Video of All Time

Team AXIS NY August 2010 (1 week of Filming). Features Andy Veraska, Dan Spencer, Myles Poole, Liza Hickey, Sky Braun, and Tim Fox. Just one week of filming. Casterboarding is on its way...go to for more! If you ride a ripstik, waveboard, timberwolf, or any casterboard, this vids for you and the axis site is for us all to join in the revolution.


A Day in Antigo, WI with FTA Casterboarding

A taste of the Fun, Tricks, and Casterboarding Adventures of FTA as we ride at the Antigo Optimist Skate Park, the new FTA Headquarters, and the Springbrook Trail. A day in the life of Team FTA!

FTA Casterboarding Fun 2016

Casterboarding fun with FTA! Enjoy

FTA Casterboarding Summer 2010

Casterboarding fun in Wisconsin! Featuring Adventures, 4th of July with FTA, Casterboarding Tricks, and Bloopers! Hang tight my fellow Casterboarders, its 10 minutes of Casterboarding footage you don't want to miss!

Casterboarding (Ripstik AIR)

CASTERBOARDING!, To everyone it's not ripstiking It is casterboarding

Casterboarding Magazine Review

Casterboarding Magazine talks with us about their magazine and take a short tour through the Razor company.

2011 WSOP: Casterboarding with Faraz Jaka

When Faraz Jaka isn't playing poker, he's building his company Axis Casterboarding. Kristy finds out what it's all about. - Downhill Casterboarding

Team HwH Downhill Casterboarding
Travis Stranded Richards

FTA Casterboarding Winter 2012/2013

Funtime Antigo Casterboarding group keeping it rolling in the cold Wisconsin snow! With fun, tricks, and Casterboarding adventure!

FTA Fall 2008 Casterboarding

A video of us casterboarding around the country. Our best video yet!

FTA Summer 2014 Casterboarding

Casterboarding summer fun in the fine state of Wisconsin!

Downhill Casterboarding + Flatland Waveboard

FTA Casterboarding Fall 2012

A great end to another year with FTA! With special Axis Casterboard segment and World of Casterboarding clip! Our final video of the year 2012, don't miss this awesome collection of Fun, Tricks, and Adventure!

No Competition - Ripstik/Waveboard/Streetsurfing Germany

Foreign Beggars & Noisia - Contact (Trolley Snatcha Remix)

FTA Casterboarding - Fall 2010

More great Casterboarding Fun, Tricks, and Adventures! To be a part of the progression of Casterboarding join us at and

New Casterboarding Hybrid Board Sport Promo. Street Surfing, Wave Board, Ripstik

The riding is evolving and the boards are beginning to reach their potential. Casterboarding, new hybrid board sport, evolution in progress...Enjoy!

FTA Casterboarding Fall 2013

Another fun season of Casterboarding comes to an end! Featuring our new GoPro camera midway through the vid. Enjoy! :)

Caster Boarding! -

Want to try something new to get your blood running? Put your old skateboard away and move into the future of board sports - caster boarding!

Ripstik Tricks - Casterboarding. (LizaAXIS new channel)

Ripstik Tricks at Geelong Skatepark ft. Jake Thomas & Liza Hickey



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