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Capture the flag


Capture The Flag Hide And Seek In Insane Mansion!

Back with a hide and seek Capture the flag with the 2HYPE House boys

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Nerf Hide and Seek

The bail project

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2ND Channel - JSR


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capture the flag

airsoft playground

Crazy Japanese Capture the flag

Cool crazy sport.

Apparently this sport exists since the 1950 :s lol

Kiteboarding - Animated movie

An excerpt from the animated movie Capture the flag or Atrapa la bandera during the crazy kitesurfing race.
They must retrieve a flag in kiteboarding to be able to win against the opposing team.

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Capture the Flag Challenge

In the studio, you do our Capture the Flag Challenge on a rower. For this #OTAtHomeChallenge, we’ve adapted the idea with jumping jacks, bicycle crunches and more. Finish 30 reps of 5 different exercises. Earn your flag and move on to another round. You’ve got 10 minutes.

Capture the Flag 1 - Vanguard Indoor Playground 12-23-2011


Capture the Flag game on December 23, 2011.

Vanguard Indoor Playground

Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle
Tokyo Marui M4A1 RIS

GoPro HD Hero


Lights Out Airsoft

Capture the flag Jiu Jitsu Style!

Capture the flag Jiu Jitsu Style!

Two teams picked by me. You have to stay on your hands and knees. You CAN NOT touch the opponents flag!!!!!! You crawl to the other side, grab the flag (in this case a ball), and make it to the other side of the room before the other team. You can not throw the ball towards your wall you can not pass side to side, you can ONLY pass backwards, can not bounce it off the wall. To stop a player from advancing towards the flag you can submit them, if you are submitted you have to run back to your starting side and start back on your hands and knees. You do not have to submit you opponents you can just pin or block your opponents. Now go have some fun!

Útiæfing - Capture the Flag

Útiæfing 3.nóvember 2012, Garðabær. Strákar vs stelpur í Capture the Flag með twisti. Veðrið skemmdi heldur ekki fyrir en Björgunarsveitirnar voru að störfum um allan bæ á sama tíma.

Roblox - Capture the Flag *My Game*

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How to play 'Capture the flag' at Laserzone

Learn how to play 'Capture the flag' at Laserzone

OP Great Balls of Fire - Capture The Flag

the real Capture the Flag

This is how you really play capture the flag

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Dekron - Underworld




ラウンド1 30回 グレーフラッグ????️‍????
ラウンド2 25回 ブルーフラッグ????️‍????
ラウンド3 20回 グリーンフラッグ????️‍????
ラウンド4 15回 オレンジフラッグ????️‍????
ラウンド5 10回 レッドフラッグ????️‍????

Ryan Voight South Side 'Capture the Flag'

Ryan Voight doing a high speed strafing pass at the South Side, Point of the Mountain, UT. Thanks to Steve Mayer for the video!

Capture the flag


Capture the Flag Part One

Capture the flag, episode one. Christmastravaganza. Zeke is using a hopper clipped +bow.

Electronic Capture the Flag - Play in the Forest with Virtual Flags

Using Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment, here's how to play Electronic Capture the Flag. Here's what you need:
* laser tag guns with SATR3 software
* battle boxes set as medic / respawn points and that same box also set as a virtual flag
* (optional) other battle boxes set as a supply crate for extra ammo & aids (such as bandages, med-kit, shield boost or boost juice which heals you back to 100HP - or your max -- and gives you max shields)

Capture the flag! Adult class having fun.

Capture the flag Jiu Jitsu style. Two teams, You have to stay on your hands and knees, no standing. If you tap you're out until the next round. You start with a ball on each side of the room against the wall, you have to go across grab the ball and bring it back and touch the wall with it. On the way to the wall you can not throw it or roll it, the only way you are allowed to give the ball to your teammate is to hand it to them or for them to grab it from you. The other team may pin your body on the ball as long as they do not touch the ball. They can lay on your arm if you are trying to hand it off, but can not lay on or touch the ball! The ball that starts on your side is the one you have to protect, but you can not touch. Do Not Touch the Other Teams Ball! Just stop them from getting it to the other side. We usually take the last 10min of a class and see who can score the most pints before we have to leave. It's fun go try and let me know what you think?

#FollowTheFlames: Capture the Flag

#ICC2019, we're coming! ✈

???? Capture the flag ????????
???? Reds vs Blacks ⚫
???? Who wins?

???? Ruba la bandiera ????????
???? Rossi ???? Neri ⚫
???? Chi vincerà?


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Capture The Flag - Fly Like The Wind

From the Go-Kart Vs. The Corporate Giant 3 compilation on Go-Kart Records (2002)



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