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Camping in the Andes | Beyond the Dream Ep. 4

Danny goes to the deepest realm in the southern hemisphere. The Andes. Meet Nick Russell, Dannys life long friend and roommate along with Wyatt Stasnos, the silent assassin when it comes to snowboarding. Learn from the pros what it means and what it takes to climb, dissect and descend big peaks. The adventure, the friend ship, and the risk of yet another chapter of snowboarding in Danny Davis life. Wyatt opens up his heart and we find out he actually has a lot to say and the world has never heard about it. Camping mission one is a success and the crew retreats to the epic cabin in the mountains to prep for the next two adventures of their lives.


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Massive Unboxing! Camping • Hunting • Survival Gear | Largest One Yet!

Unboxing Gear from Condor Atrox, Cold Steel, Heavy Cover Inc, Diaz Sports, Kc Knives, Thrunite, Lighting Strike Fire Starter, Athlon Optics, & Vortex Optics.

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Bushmen pt. 2 - Camping, Trapping and Shovel Throwing!

Koala Grylls and I are picked up by Lamb and we head down south for some camping and trapping. We set some traps and the next day we find some interesting animals in them...
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Survival cooking stove. Renewable fuel camping stove - Kelly Kettle

I love my Kelly Kettle. Unlimited renewable fuel, super versatile, and portable. I use mine all the time for camping and fishing trips but in survival situations access to unlimited renewable fuel makes it far superior to traditional stoves.
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Camping at the Cave - EP. #202

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See my 2017 bike tour packing list ►

After jumping on the bus at the border of Sweden and Finland, I travel for several hours back to the city of Umea, Sweden. Once there, I cycle a short distance out of town and end up spending the night camped out near the entrance of a small cave.

Photos from my bike ride across Sweden, Finland & Norway ►

Bicycle Touring in Sweden, Finland and Norway: 15 Important Things You Need To Know ►


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Truck camping is camping using larger outdoor gear that fits in the truck rather than light backpack camping. This is perfect for many of my fishing and hunting adventures. I’m unboxing a high quality Kodiak Canvas Tent, some Teton sleeping gear, and other items to make it feel like home.



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Kodiak Canvas 12 by 9 Tent $599.00 on Amazon

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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.

3-week Solo Kayak Camping and Fishing in Alaska Heavy Rainfall Issues (part 8)

Part of a 3-week solo kayak camping and fishing trip thru south Alaska. An unusually strong summer storm stranded me for 3 days at this lake. The water level of the lake rose up about 7 feet (2 meters) during the storm and the only exit was down a slot canyon back to the sea. Normally a small creek runs down this slot canyon, but it was a white water river at the time of my exit. I made it out to the sea with all my gear and only hit one rock. Late I would find that this impact with the rock broke through all but one last layer of my fiberglass in my hull, but luckily the kayak did not leak.

Upon reaching the sea again, I catch a 10 pound halibut on my way back to Ketchikan to augment the last of me food stocks and begin the final days of my trip. That halibut was a welcome change from my boring food supply at that point, which consisted of some old tortillas, cheese, sausage and chocolate. Luckily the weather for the final days home are a lot better than most of the trip. In the last part of this video series I make fast progress back to the ferry in Ketchikan and catch a few salmon along the way.

3-week Solo Kayak Camping and Fishing in Alaska one last lake (part 7)

This is Part 7 of a series of videos from a 3-week solo kayak camping and fishing trip thru south Alaska. No extra supplies were available in this remote region on the southern end of Prince of Wales Island. My survival depended on everything that I could pack into a kayak including my food. I paddled from the port of Ketchikan for four days to reach this area. This trip was planned around bushcraft survival skills with fish providing the majority of my food. Although other people visit this area during the summer by boat and float plane at times I did not see another human being for days. The kayak allowed me to portage up into remote lakes with all my gear, and many of these lakes are only accessible by float plane or hiking.

In this video, I am leaving a camp at the Johnson River mouth where black bears feed on salmon day and night for the two days (see part 6). Often times these bears would walk past my tent, but they were interested in fish and not in bothering me or my gear. It made for some unforgettable camping conditions. After hiking for several hours inland to Johnson lake I realized that I would never be able to bring my kayak up to the lake and I pushed onward to the final lake on the trip.

At this point in the trip, I am running low on the food that and I am relying more on fish as my main food source. In this video (part 7) the camp that I leave has abundant salmon and trout, but the camp that I arrive at has almost no fish (part 8). The only fish I am able to catch at the second camp are pink salmon that have been in the fresh water for several weeks or longer. These are poor quality eating fish, and I primarily ate the eggs. Additionally, bad weather is coming in fast at this second camp and the conditions of the passage into this lake make it impossible to leave until after the storm has passed. In the next episode (Part 8) the heavy rainfall forces me to seek refuge in a hunters cabin until the storm passes and the water level of the lake falls.

Make Home: Car Camping with Meg and Charles

Camp Amongst the Redwoods with Meg & Charles
We asked: What does it feel like to camp in one of the world's most beautiful landscapes? Their Answer... You don't want to leave. ‪#‎LetsCamp‬

Learn more at

Solo Wild Camping in Wales

Moments from a solo hike and wild camp in Snowdonia, Wales.


Tricks for Staying Clean While Camping

In this episode of Backpacking TV, Eric Hanson provides some valuable tips on how to stay clean and fresh on the trail.

Sponsored by MSR

Produced by Heliconia

Hosted by Eric Hanson

Portable Camping Shower System | For Better or Bikes

The perfect portable camping shower system for those who live on the road, camp, or just enjoy a good shower after their adventures. We pieced together this system after much research and several extended truck camping adventures. Each item was strategically chosen in order to produce an affordable, compact, reliable, and multi-purpose shower system.

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Hammock camping in areas with bears.

Some tips from my local DEP for camping and hiking in areas with bears. This is not meant to be a guide etc etc as I am just a guy hammock camping. Consult your local officials for more info before heading out. Link to my DIY bug spray video.

Six days winter camping... solo

I spend six days in mid January 2016 winter camping hot tenting in the Adirondacks. Two days were devoted to travel; getting to and setting up camp then breaking camp and returning home. The other four days I ice fish, bushwhack/ski, process wood, and hunt; mostly I just enjoy the solitude that only winter can provide.

YBS Lifestyle Ep 22 - SOLO CAMPING WITH NO FOOD | Living From The Land

The barren remote coast of Australia can be an unforgivable place. Join Brodie Moss and his dog as they explore and survive with limited gear and only a knife to hunt with. Avoiding a potentially painful slow death from the most venomous fish in the ocean (Stone Fish) wrestling monster mud crab, handling venomous spiders and adventuring through the beauty of where the desert meets the sea plus more.

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Modern Bushcraft - Solo Overnight Winter Camping

An overnight winter camping trip with promise of rain, ice, sleet & snow!
A look at Modern Bushcraft.....
Setting up a shelter, building a fire reflector and cooking a great meal.

Discovering - December camping, hunting. Firewood explained.

Re-run. December camping along with deer hunting.
Firewood explained by Bill Cook.

The Gear You Need for the Ultimate Car Camping Setup

Last fall, a group of Outside editors took off early on a Friday and headed into the mountains to test some gear. We tested a ton of car camping gear, including rooftop tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, and camp kitchen setups.

Stealth Camping

In this video I cover basics of stealth camping as it pertains to site selection, along with some helpful tips for in and around your site.

How to Take Dogs Camping

Watch more Camping Equipment & Tips videos:

There's no need to leave your dogs behind the next time you go camping. With a little preparation, your best friends can join you when you head to your favorite campground or park.

Step 1: Be sure your dogs are allowed to camp with you
Contact the campgrounds or park you will be visiting, and be sure your dogs are allowed in the camping areas and on the trails.

Make sure your dogs are in shape to keep up with you while you're camping. If you want to hike, make sure your dogs can handle the distance and difficulty of the trails.

Step 2: Check dogs' vaccinations and ID tags
Check to be sure your dogs' vaccinations are up-to-date. Make temporary ID tags for your dogs and include a phone number where you can be reached while you're camping, and the phone number for the campground or park where you'll be staying.

Step 3: Bring supplies
Bring supplies your dogs will need. Pack food and water, dishes, a towel, a first aid kit, bags to clean up after your dogs, and extra leashes in case your first ones gets broken.

Buy doggy backpacks if your dogs are over 20 pounds and over a year old. Then they can help carry some of their supplies.

Step 4: Decide if you want the dogs to sleep in the tent with you
Decide whether or not you want your dogs to sleep in the tent with you. If you don't, buy lightweight, collapsible crates.

Step 5: Keep an eye on your dogs when hiking
Keep a close eye on your dogs if you go hiking and use a leash to keep your dogs close to you. Inspect their fur and paws carefully for any cuts, ticks, or burrs when you return to the campsite.

Apply sunscreen to your dogs' nose and ears when you'll be in the sun for a long time. If you have dogs with short hair or light skin, you may need to apply sunscreen across their back as well.

Step 6: Respect other campers
Respect other campers who might be staying near you. Keep your dogs from barking, and clean up after them. Never leave your dogs unsupervised outside.

Step 7: Involve your dogs in all your activities
Involve your dogs in all of your activities while you're camping. Take them for walks, grill them some treats, and play fetch around your campsite. Have a great time, and your dogs will be excitedly waiting for your next big camping trip.

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