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Eine Action-Cam mag Action! Volleyball trifft Kamera - Volleyball-TrainerMOOC

- Dieses Video ist Bestandteil des Volleyball-TrainerMOOC, dem kostenlosen Online-Kurs für Volleyball-Trainerinnen und -Trainer.

Tournament casting reel cam mag adjustment on the fly.!

Used 0.35mm although emptied reel but its less than 200m so no big deal ! But for me its great as im no expert caster but to have learnt to turn mag knob continuously is just so exhilarating ! Please visit my many exciting videos in my playlist n dont forget to sucbscribe-thanks so much for visiting my channel.

Cammag 2011 at St John's Isle of Man

The 2011 Cammag match at St John's, Boxing Day.

akios 555 shuttle.wmv

akios 555 shuttle, 0.28 mainline 0.75 shockleader, 125g & 150g lead

Akios 656 MM3 Tourno PMR Bespoke Custom® Re build

Akios scora long cast fixed spool reel

mr. scruff - ninja tuna - kalimba
akios scora long cast fixed spool reel
High strength composite body/rotor
Powerful sealed drag system
8+1 Stainless steel shielded bearings
Instant anti-reverse bearing
Two aluminium spools included
Long cast angled spool lip
Dual strength stainless steel main shaft
Worm drive for perfect line lay
Titanium coated line roller
Anti line drop system
Handle lock

625gr 22oz

gear ratio
4.6 : 1

Max drag
10kg 22lb

line recovery
37 inches
94 cm

line capacity medium spool
lb/yds 12/300 15/270 17/230
mm/m 0.32/270 0.35/245 0.40/210

line capacity Deep spool
lb/yds 12/350 15/330 17/275
mm/m 0.32/320 0.35/300 0.40/250

Akios 656 CTM Bespoke Custom PMR Build with 4 Bearing Speed Upgrade Orange & Gold with Fishermans

Daiwa 7HT Turbo with PMR Bespoke Custom Super Mono Mag

Testing the Akios 666 MML3 Tourno

Surh Fishing reel testing

Emptied akios tourno 555 even on max mag setting !(0.35mm) Look !!!

You can clearly see i had to thumb spool to slow it down otherwise no line left!-its no big deal! used 0.35mm line(under 200m)as i slightly underfill all my reels((everytime !),still for me its great as im no expert caster im just an old joe on the beach ! - thanks for watching

Akios 666 PMR Bespoke Custom® Titanium Beast

Akios MM3 Tourno 555/656/666 Setting Up and Tunning the Mono Mag

Shimano Torium 50 PMR 12mm x5mm N52 Super Mono Mag

Akios Scora 80 PMR Review

Glock Mag Coupler tutorial

Pick one up here:

Josh Tarrant showing YOU how to successfully put together a Taccom Glock Mag Coupler!

Follow Josh on Instagram! Joshtarrant3gun

Abu 6000/6500 Reel Action Cam Mono Mag Adjustment - 6 brake blocks vs no brake blocks.

More casting vids! -

Notice in the 2nd video how I am winding off the mag unit. As soon as I see loose coils I pause until they are cleared. This happens twice in the cast as you can see in the slow motion. I'm sure someone will comment 'over run tho at the end'. This is normal. I was going for distance on my last cast of the day so waited until the weight hit the water before stopping the spool. The over run can be pulled out in a matter of seconds.


Need extra line capacity?

Here's how to convert your Akios 656 S-Line or Shuttle into a 666 Wide Spool Shuttle in less than 5 minutes.

All that's required is a 666 wide cage and 666 wide spool.

We stock various colours of 666 cages and spools - visit our store for more details -

Worldwide shipping available!

Abu 6500 Chrome Rocket PMR Bespoke Total Custom Titanium Extreme Carbon

Akios Green Shuttle Braid Fishing Line Review By PMR

Akios 656STR Kuro - The Inside Story of a Great Beach Reel

An in-depth look at the Akios Shuttle 656 STR Kuro casting reel. Why is it such a great reel for both fishermen and field casters? Does it need tuning and custom parts to improve the performance, or it is just fine straight out of the box? John Holden gets the screwdriver out and show you what's inside this attractive little CT beach multiplier reel.



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