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Cammag 2011 at St John's Isle of Man

The 2011 Cammag match at St John's, Boxing Day.

Cammag, Manx National sport,

a game of cammag played 2009 at st john's,isle of man north against south,

ETS CAM Universal Rifle Magazine Loader

ETS C.A.M. Universal Rifle Magazine Loader Review. Loads AR-15, AK-47, HK MP5, Uzi, CZ Scorpion, AR-10, and a host of other rifle mags and calibers.

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ETS C.A.M. Pistol Mag Loader for 9mm/40 Cal

The ETS C.A.M. Pistol Magazine Loader is a polymer loader designed to universal and make light work of loading a wide variety of magazines in 9mm and .40 S&W.

This unique product provides increased loading speed and efficiency, and reduces sore thumbs after a full day on the range. The C.A.M. Magazine Loader can be used in all conditions and will not become soft or brittle in heat or cold.

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Friendlyfire! lots of action. GUN CAM! Mag changes are slow due to the camera in my hand...honest.

American Speedloader Nest Magazine Loader: Glock 9MM /40 S&W

Field test and evaluation of this nest design magazine for both the 9MM and 40 S&W Glock. Not so smooth. American Speedloaders sent a return label. They are going to break the loader down and give me feedback. I will share here. I have eliminated ads on this video. If you like what you see please consider supporting my channel on my Patreon page at

Ultra Portable AR-15 Mag Loader | Mag Feeder Review

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9MM MagPump How-To Video

MagPump CEO, Peter Crawford, demonstrates how to use the new 9mm pistol magazine loader.

Randesund Planteskole - Ompotting av stueplanter

Se hva du skal gjøre hvis stueplantene din er i ferd med å vokse seg ut av pottene sine.

4 Pistol Magazine Speed Loaders [9mm+]: MagLula, ETS, Caldwell, MagPump

Tired of wasting time loading pistol magazines by hand? Save yourself the hassle as we check out the best pistol mag speed loaders on the market today, including the MagLula UpLula, Elite Tactical Systems Cam Loader, Caldwell Mag Charger, and Magpump Magpump (sort of)!

Peep the full article with for even more mag loader details below!

MagLula UpLula - Best Overall!

Caldwell Mag Charger - Best Leverage!

ETS Cam Loader - Load all 10 rounds at once

MagPump MagPump - Cool in theory, but broke on us!

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9mm GLOCK Guide!

Best GLOCK Triggers

Hottest Aftermarket Glock Parts!

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Sig p365 Speed Loaders - UpLula vs ETS

If you're considering getting a speed loader for your Sig Sauer p365, watch to see which speedloader is the best between the ETS & the Uplula

HKS Speedloader for XD

The use of the HKS speed loader with XD Magazines. To be clear, this loader is NOT specific to the XD but works well with XD magazines.

Brügger & Thomet mp5 speed loading tool small review.

Tldr: It works really well but feels a bit cheap. Hopefully it holds up well.

mag loader Homemade magazine loader one handed

mag loader Hammerhead One handed magazine loader

St John's AFC (ISLE OF MAN) 0-2 OCCITANIA [HIGHLIGHTS] - Tynwald Hill Tournament

Sunday 7th July 2013
Mullen E Cloie, Isle of Man, UK

Tynwald Hill International Football Tournament 2013
St John's AFC (ISLE OF MAN) 0-2 Occitania

1 Jimmy Leban
15 Nicolas Dubois
5 Gérôme Hernandez
13 Nicolas Garcia
3 Aymeric Amiel
11 Brice Martinez
6 Renaud Thomas
12 Ronald Rodas
17 Jordan Patrac
10 Boris Massaré
9 Guillaume Lafuente

8 Julien Cantier
18 Simon Delpech
19 Nicolas Flourens


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pistol mag loader for disabled 1

a pistol mag loader fo the disabled

Randesund Planteskole - Gjødsling av stueplanter.mp4

Se hva du skal gjøre med dine stueplanter for at de skal være grønne og frodige hele året.



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