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Butts Up



My friend and I played a game of butts up in a dug out yesterday and I ended up losing but whatever.

via YouTube Capture


playing butts up bare assed
not a good idea!

Butts Up!!

Some girls playing butts up in Tennis. You lose the other team gets to serve at your butt. On this clip she connects.

21 Butts


Basic BUTTS UP Rules

atv belize

This video is about atv belize with butts up cave tubing co. Belize.

Butts Up Squats

Here is one of our classic exercises that we revisit every so often. It is a new addition to our Triad 300 Challenge too so Enjoy!!!

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Butts Up, ATP Style, Gonzo pegs Stepanek

Fernando Gonzales was irritated with Stepanek's pace between points and pegs him in the butt.


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Headers, Volleys, & Butts Up: Skills from around the World...Cup! | ft. Jodie Taylor - England

England's Jodie Taylor shows us a football game she played as a kid. Headers and volleys and butts up can be played by players of any age and skill level. Here, Jodie explains how to play and wished England luck in Brazil for World Cup 2014.
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BUTTS UP: Our First Game

20 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

YAYYY a new booty workout! // Werbung

No Equipment - No Excuses - No Breaks (expect for one haha). Super super intense, got me dripping sweat & my booty burns like fire while doing this. Make sure to give it a try - you'll hate me during the workout, you might end up loving me afterwards ♥︎

A lot of those movements are kind of challenging - if you need a break - take it! You will get better over time :) just don't quit!

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise. There is one break in between.

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0:00 - 3:14 // R3HAB - Up All Night (Skytech Remix)
3:15 - 6:05 // R3HAB - Radio Silence (Matthes Hill Remix)
6:06 - 9:37 // R3HAB - All Around The World (La La La)
10:12 - 12:09 // R3HAB - How You've Been
12:10 - 14:44 // R3HAB - I Just Can't
14:45 - 16:54 // R3HAB - We Do
16:55 - 18:02 // R3HAB - Hold On Tight (Midnight Kids Remix)
18:03 - 20:49 // Waysons - Kiss Me When You Go

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VIDEO, CUT & EDIT: Emrah Bayka

Challenge 1 - Butts Up


Leicester City players play butts up | FOX SOCCER

Two Leicester City players had a grand ol' time playing butts up.

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Leicester City players play butts up | FOX SOCCER

FOX Soccer

Butts up!

Butts Up!!!

I'm butts up! In this video we did some challenges. Whoever loses goes BUTTS UP!!! Featuring my new Nike Mercurial Vapors 13 from aka my favorite store.

Music gifted to me- I'm Back by Shane Moyer @theshanemoyer on Insta

Butts Up!

Energy FC players celebrate birthdays with a special ritual.

Team USA play 'Butts Up' Practice Game

Davis Cup captain Mardy Fish got more than he bargained for during this 'Butts Up' punishment during Team USA practice!




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