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Highlights of 10 NFR Bull Riding

These are bull riding highlights from the 2010 National Finals Rodeo. Congratulations to J.W. Harris winning his 3rd world championship.

Jim Boyz 4th Annual Bull Riding Challenge

Jim Boyz host their 4th Annual Bull Riding Challenge at Pinon Community Arena. Saturday Afternoon. August 12th 2017. Pinon AZ.

Wooly Riding - (6:04)
Calf Riding - (13:55)
Steer Riding - (15:44)
PeeWee Bull Riding - (17:43)
Women's Steer Riding - (22:02)
JR Bull Riding - (25:08)
Senior Bull Riding - (28:18)
OPEN Bull Riding - (32:00)

Video Filmed & Produce by: Bishara Jim

Worst Bull Riding Wrecks of 2010 (PBR)

The PBR TV Show takes a look at the Top 10 Wrecks of 2010, as chosen by the fans. Check out some more amazing PBR highlights here:

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About the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR)
The PBR is the world's premier bull riding organization. 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the PBR. In just two decades, the dream of 20 bull riders has become a global sports phenomenon that is televised worldwide. More than 100 million viewers annually watch primetime PBR programming on networks around the world including CBS, CBS Sports Network, NBC, and NBC Sports Network. The PBR has awarded over $100 million in prize money and 25 riders have earned over $1 million, including Justin McBride with $5.5 million -- the most of any Western-sports athlete in history. Nearly 2 million fans attend Built Ford Tough Series and Touring Pro Division events each year.

Tags: Professional Bull Riders, PBR, bull riding, toughest sport, rodeo, sports, extreme, danger, athlete, cowboy, bull, Built Ford Tough Series, BFTS

25th Annual WILD THING Championship Bull Riding

WildThing Championship Bull Riding at Red Rock Park in Gallup, NM. Saturday Night Show. The #1 OPEN BULL RIDING in the Southwest is back with it's 25th Annual.

(Note: Due to rainy weather only first half of the show was recorded)

Bull Riding - (9:08)
Bull Poker - (19:47)

Video Filmed & Produced by: Bishara Jim

04-10 NFR Bull Riding Wrecks & Close Calls

It wouldn't be bull riding without its share of wrecks and close calls. Its not nicknamed the most dangerous sport for nothing. Therefore, bull riding's darker side should be celebrated, not swept under the rug.


Take a trip with Monster Energy behind the scenes of the 2017 PBR Iron Cowboy in Dallas Texas

Desidero Memorial Bull Riding

Desidero family hosts the 3rd Annual Desidero Memorial Bull Riding in Tohajiilee, NM. Saturday Afternoon. September 23 2017.

Wooly Riding - (5:40)
Calf Riding - (9:19)
Steer Riding - (12:24)
Pee-Wee Bull Riding - (17:55)
Women's Steer Riding - (27:38)
Junior Bull Riding - (28:30)
Legend Bull Riding - (33:34)
Senior Bull Riding - (37:59)
OPEN Bull Riding - (42:32)

Video Filmed & Produced by: Bishara Jim

Top 25 NFR Bull Rides (1991-2012)

This video shows MY top 25 NFR bull rides from 1991 through 2012. I do not have videos of the NFR before this time period. Therefore, I hope you don't think these rides are of the whole history of the NFR. I claim not to be a former bull rider or I am an expert on bull riding. I tried not to let name and points awarded cloud my judgement. Obviously, this is really impossible. I picked them based on MY personal judgement. Before you start criticizing me, instead, you should post your own top 25 or 10. In the meantime, I stand by my personal opinion.

Bull Riding - 2018 Will Rogers Range Riders Rodeo - Saturday

Cowboys in the bull riding event of the 2018 Will Rogers Range Riders Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas are no match for the for the bulls they draw..

The entire event runs unedited in this video in order to capture all the audio in addition to video to preserve the entirety of the event itself as a historical record.

This video is a part of the CaptiveImage Heritage Preservation Project -

The inclusion of any copyrighted material in this video is subject to use at a public event of which this recording is a public record documenting the event which is now a historical record. Our use of such material falls under Fair Use as a documentary.

The Best Bull Rider of All Time: J.B. Mauney

He’s changing the game. He does things no one else does. There’s not a title in the world that he can’t win. The best bull rider in the world, J.B. Mauney is a throwback cowboy from Moorseville, North Carolina. VICE Sports traveled with J.B. to check out his atypical workouts, his superior technique and unrivaled work ethic that has taken him to unprecedented ground in the bull riding community.

WATCH NEXT: Inside the Life-or-Death World of Competitive Bull Riding —

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CFR 2013 Saturday Afternoon Bull Riding

For the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.

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Pro Bull Riding 2015

The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) tournament came to Colorado Springs, Co. in May of 2015. This is a video compilation of that tournament.

Worst Bull Riding Wrecks of 2017 [NNBRS]

Welcome Navajo Nation Bull Riding Spectators! This is a year end video for 2017! In the video you will witness the Worst Wrecks of the 2017 Bull Riding season! SO ENJOY and MERRY XMAS to all!

Mechanical Bull Riding lesson

Highlights of 05 NFR Bull Riding

These are bull riding highlights from the 2005 National Finals Rodeo.

PRACTICE PEN 4-7-13 (Bull Riding)


Logg's Bull Riding Chute-Out

Logg's Bull Riding Chute-Out at Ralph Johnson Memorial Rodeo Ground. June 25th 2016. Ganado AZ

Senior Bull Riding - (0:04)
Open Bull Riding - (5:31)

Video Filmed & Produce by: Bishara Jim

Circle Y Bull Riding Challenge

Circle Y Bull Riding Challenge held at Rough Rock Community Arena. Saturday Afternoon. July 1 2017. Rough Rock, AZ. Wooly Riding with Top 6 comeback. Steer Riding with Top 7 comeback. Legend Riding. Junior Bull Riding with Top 4 comeback. OPEN Bull Riding with total of $3000 up for grabs. And Trophy Saddles to Short Round Winners.

Wooly Riding - (0:31)
TOP 6 - (5:20)
Steer Riding - (7:56)
TOP 7 - (16:04)
Legend Bull Riding - (19:26)
Junior Bull Riding - (24:03)
TOP 4 - (31:49)
OPEN Bull Riding - (33:00)
TOP 1 - (40:00)
Event Champion - (40:33)

Video Filmed & Produce by: Bishara Jim

2016, Bull Riding, Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo

July 9-10, 2016, Denver, Colorado

Bull Riding Plaza 2018

Buckin' In The Bakken Plaza ND on 7/22/2018. Sheep riding at end of video. Thank you Plaza for the awesome Bull Riding event



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