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2014 Canadian Broomball Championships

A promotional video for the 2014 Canadian Broomball Championships held in Calgary April 9th - 12th 2014 at the new Winsport Facility!

Broomball Highlights: Almonte Spring Tourney 2014

41st Spring Tourney. Featuring the Ottawa Nationals, Quebec Gladiators, Valley Canucks and Valley Gamblers.

2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships, Day 4/Game 5 - Quebec Blitz vs. Quebec Frost

LIVE coverage of the Men's and Women's 2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships.
Day 4
Game 5
Quebec Blitz vs. Quebec Frost

2016 Canadian Broomball Championships | Round Robin: Palmerston Rookies vs Ottawa Nationals

2016 Canadian Broomball Championships

Ice hockey without the skates - Broomball?

Anyone passing Broadgate's open-air ice rink in the City of London may well be wondering why teams of stick-wielding bankers are spending their free time hurtling around in the battle for possession of a puck. Broomball, a sort-of ice hockey without the skates.

A thousand years ago, battle-hardened Vikings engaged in a brutal, often-deadly sport called Knattleikr. Although details of the game are mostly lost to the ages, it’s known that it was played on the frozen Icelandic countryside and that the entire villages got in on the action. Matches would begin at dawn and last until dusk, tournaments could last up to two weeks and it was not uncommon for the field to be littered with corpses when the game was over.

Today, many believe Knattleikr’s closest descendant to be broomball, a markedly less violent version of the sport. Most would agree that our modern-day broomball developed in Canada around the beginning of the 20th Century. US broomball may have originated in Duluth, Minnesota. The old-time photo that you see is courtesy of Lou Campbell the director of the Korbel broomball tourney.

The group of men would gather and play on the ice by the docks in Duluth as early as 1910. Organized broomball in Minnesota started around the 1960s. The first state championship was in 1966. Broomball in the United States started out with 10 players on the ice per team (one goalie, three defensemen, three mid linesmen, and three forwards). By 1967, the number of players was reduced to eight players per team. Some leagues still play eight-person broomball. By 1980, the rules changed to 6 players per team.

Since then, broomball has grown into a popular sport on all levels. Businesses, churches, schools and other organizations have discovered the game of broomball. It is inexpensive to play, easy to learn and fun for everyone.

Broomball is played on a lake, a pond, an ice hockey rink or the gym floor. It is played with rules and strategies similar to those of hockey. Players can wear padded sponge-rubber shoes to enhance traction on the slippery surface. The object of the game is to strike a broomball with specially designed brooms into the opponents net.

Broomball - Rockets

Some top footage from the Rockets and Canadian broomball teams that excelled in the sport in the late 1980s.

2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships - Day 4/Game 7

LIVE coverage of the Men's and Women's 2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships.
Day 4
Game 7
Valley Gamblers vs. Ontario Sting


In my youth group, every now and then we would play a game called broomball. Basiclly it's like hockey but like 100x more hecktic. You'll have to watch this video to fully understand what it is.

International Broomball Championship - March 23rd

Multistreaming with

International Broomball Championship - March 22nd-23rd, 2019

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2018 Canadian Broomball Nationals - Skills Competition


Men's Championship Final - Ottawa Nationals vs Patriotes

2016 Canadian Broomball Championships | Round Robin: Quebec Sphinx vs Manitoba Bisons

2016 Canadian Broomball Championships

2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships - Day 3/Game1 - Quebec Blitz vs. Ontario Sting

LIVE coverage of the Men's and Women's 2018 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships.
Day 3
Game 1
Quebec Blitz vs. Ontario Sting

Broomball Challenge cup in Minnesota.

The broomball world congress in 2006.
The local news of Minneapolis.

Broomball in Prospect Park | In The Zone, Brooklyn Sports

Somewhere in Canada, more than a century ago, someone stepped out on a frozen pond and started slapping a ball around with a broom.
Now, the pond is a rink, the brooms can be $100 sticks made of wood or aluminum, and broomball is now being played in Prospect Park.

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Broomball at Princeton University Spring 2007

Broomball, a popular recreational ice sport, played by co-eds at Princeton University.

Broomball Hits and Goals

Check out this collection of the best hits, goals and saves from .
Used with permission from Broomball NSW and Steve Timmins

Broomball Game

Broomball is a popular intramural sport played at Northeastern University. Six players per team use sticks that look like giant ice scrapers to knock a ball into a goal. The game is played on an ice rink, but no skates allowed!

Broomball Highlights

Short compilation featuring the Bethel Royals.

Ben Brueske

Bruno Midget Axemen VS. Bruno Midget T-Birds Broomball

This is the game the Bruno Boys Midget Axemen played vs. the Bruno Girls Midget T-Birds. The boys won 4-0!
The song is Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell



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