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Brazilian jiu-jitsu


2009 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships - Mundial

Black Belt Men's and Women's recap from the 2009 World Brazilian jiu jitsu Championships from the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach California.

Features highlights from:

Bruno Malficine vs Caio Terra
Samuel Braga vs Guillerme Mendes
Rubens Charles vs Bruno Frazatto
Gilbert Durninho Burnes vs Michel Langhi
Sergio Moraes vs Marcelo Garcia
Romulo Barral vs Tarsis Humphreys
Braulio Estima vs Alexandre de Souza
Roger Gracie vs Ricardo Gonzales
Gabriel Vella vs Rodrigo Cavaca
Roger Gracie vs Romulo Barral

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in a real life fight

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu being used to control a person who threw the first punch. The man had every right to break the attacker's leg.

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Learn about real fighting styles that are more effective and efficient than Kung Fu San Soo.

Best BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Scene in a Movie

Best BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Scene in a Movie

Does BJJ Work in the Street • Martial Arts Journey

BJJ is a brilliant combat sport, yet often times the question is raised whether it works on the street. I sought out to find the answer while consulting with major BJJ and self defense experts, including Matt Thornton, Bruno Orozco and Paul Sharp. What answer I found in asking if BJJ works in the street, you will find in this video.

Sources quoted in the video:
Bruno Orozco -
Matt Thornton -
Paul Sharp -

Second interview with Bruno Orozco -

I personally fell in love with BJJ very quickly. I can easily see why the hype exists up to this day, of people loving it so much, that quite a few announce it as the best martial art in the world. After all, Royce Gracie won the first UFC championship mainly relying on his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and BJJ is a key component in UFC and MMA up to this day. I personally experienced as well, how powerful BJJ is when rolling with a more experienced practitioner. Martial artists who trained without pressure testing and sparring, even for years, can only compare their techniques mainly on a theoretical level, in a never ending debate. In BJJ, if you are not as good as your rolling partner - you will see that as bright as day very quickly, by being submitted multiple times. The effectiveness of its techniques and training methods are undeniable in its own realm. Yet the question is, is it as good for self defense as it is in combat sports?

Having personally practiced one of the least effective martial arts for more than a decade without questioning it enough, believing that it is effective for self defense, when I woke up to the truth, I decided I will not want to fall into the same hole twice, and that before I devote myself to another practice, I will first thoroughly question it. And what better way is to do that, than to find answer by relying on the best experts of their fields.

Hi, my name is Rokas and in this Martial Arts Journey video, I will share what I discovered with the help of self defense and BJJ experts on whether BJJ works in the street.

The question first came to me when I started realizing that martial arts and self defense are two separate worlds. I still had a lurking question on where combat sports are found in between this scale, yet first of all I decided to find the gap between the former two. To find this answer, I interviewed Bruno Orozco, a self defense expert with years of experience based in Mexico, who also has foundation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During our talk Jiu Jitsu naturally came into our conversation. Bruno said: “A lot of brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners say it’s the best martial art in the world. Let’s say it’s the best martial art in the world. Well, self defense and the best martial art is not the same. For example, if I grab a knife and I know how to use it and I attack a brazilian jiu jitsu guy, I kill him.”.

To me that sounded like a fair point. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that I’ve been exposed to did not teach knife defense. Personally, during my BJJ training I even haven’t been introduced to defending against strikes. At that moment, having a desire to become adapt in self defense, BJJ was my first pick. The talk with Bruno made me question my decision. Yet relying only on one source for information will rarely reveal the whole truth about a subject. Luckily, my next talk was with a martial arts and BJJ legend Matt Thornton. For those who do not know Matt, he is one of the first american born BJJ practitioners to receive a black belt in this practice.

When I eventually asked the question of whether BJJ is enough for self defense, Matt replied: “The street vs sports debate is something I consider to be a fallacy. The same delivery system transcend over. It’s the same material and the same training method. [If someone focuses on competition] they are always working on jiu jitsu vs jiu jitsu. Let’s just say for the sake of argument, if while they are doing that, they never put the strikes in and all of a sudden they wind up in a fight and they might potentially put their body and their head in a position where they can take punches because they’re thinking more about tournament situation as opposed to an MMA situation. Having said all that, because of what we do in SBG is we focus more on the fundamentals, what we teach tends to transcend these different environments, because there’s very little change that has to be made.”

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Why EVERY Child Needs Jiu-Jitsu

Every child experiences bullying, but not every is equipped with the tools to overcome it. The Gracie Bullyproof program empowers children with the non-violent techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and the verbal assertiveness strategies to neutralize bullying before it spirals out of control.

A confident child is a Bullyproof child! Find a Certified Training Center near you to begin preparing your child for life, the Gracie way!

BJJ vs Boxing Street Fight!!! What Happens When There's NO Plan How to Fight

When you have NO PLAN HOW TO FIGHT in Self Defence or even in a Street Fight YOU PLAN to FAIL.

This week we examine a real BJJ vs Boxing street fight to compare the approaches to fighting.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a great martial art not because many of the fighters in Mixed Martial Arts rely on this form of fighting, but because it has a comprehensive approach to fighting whether in self defence, mixed martial arts, or in a street fight.

Boxing is also a great practical fighting art that many people prefer to rely on in street fights. Even more so than BJJ. This makes sense since boxing is a striking art compared to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Yet BJJ at it's core has a unique positional strategy that drives it's approach to fighting, and this is what makes it difficult to fight or defend against.

In BJJ, the idea is to close the space to your body, control your body in order to tire you out then ground and pound or choke you. There's a specific plan that every BJJ student knows and follows.

This differs from striking martial arts such as Boxing or even Wing Chun, as they function very differently to grappling styles.

This is a new series of how to fight analysis called FIGHT SCIENCE BREAKDOWN. We’ll be taking real footage and looking at the psychology behind the violence and how this affects your approach to self defence.




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Muay Thai vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | Real contact hits (Sparring )

Fadi Merza, 6x world champion in Muay Thai fights against Lincon Rodrigues, MMA intercontinental champion. Two different Fighting styles meet in the Ring. See boxing styles, fighting techniques and passion for sport. Who is the winner and who is your champion? You decide! Write your comments below and let us know who Fadi should fight against the next time.

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BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fundamentals part 1

Vanderson Pires BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team demonstrates some fundamentals techniques for BJJ.
- Wellington, New Zealand

Techniques include
#1 Classic/Basic pass guard 00:08
#2 Pass partners guard from standing 00:37
#3 Matador pass 01:12
#4 From half guard - pass into mount 01:21
#5 From half guard - pass into kesa gatame 01:50
#6a From guard - arm bar 02:50
#6b From guard - arm bar defense 03:08
#7a From guard - kimura 03:34
#7b From guard - kimura defense 03:48
#8a From guard - omoplata 04:03
#8b From guard - omoplata defense 1 04:27
#8c From guard - omoplata defense 2 04:53
#9a From guard - triangle 05:18
#9b From guard - triangle defense 1 05:38
#9c From guard - triangle defense 2 06:02
#10a From guard - cross choke 06:26
#10b From guard - cross choke defense 06:43
#11a Foot lock from standing 06:59
#11b Foot lock defense 07:16
#12a From mount - ezekiel choke 07:33
#12b From mount - ezekiel choke defense 07:49
#13a From mount - arm bar 08:04
#13b From mount - arm bar defense 08:26
#14a From mount -- americana 08:58
#14b From mount - americana defense 09:21
#15a From mount - cross choke 09:34
#15b From mount - cross choke defense 09:52
#16 From knee ride - arm bar 10:14
#17 From knee ride - cross choke 10:33
#18 From side control - arm bar 10:51
#19 From side control - cross choke 11:08
#20 From side control - americana 11:31
#21 From side control - escape to your turtle 11:44
#22 From side control - re-establish guard 12:05
#23 From side control - upa 12:22
#24 Bridge and Roll defense from kesa gatame 12:52
#25 From partners turtle -- clock choke 13:20
#26 From partners turtle -- crucifix 13:45
#27 From partners turtle -- rolling choke 14:09
#28 From your turtle -- omoplata 14:36
#29 From your turtle -- take the back 14:56
#30 From your turtle -- reversal/inverse 15:13
#31 Sweep from guard -- scissor 15:33
#32 Sweep from guard -- kimura 15:56
#33 Sweep from guard -- pendulum 16:17
#34 Sweep from guard -- double leg reap 16:38
#35 Sweep from guard -- balloon 17:06
#36 Sweep from guard -- omoplata to sofa 17:30
#37 From butterfly guard -- hug sweep 17:57
#38 Basic delariva sweep 18:25
#39 Sweep from guard -- knee squeeze 18:48
#40 From your half guard -- under hook sweep 19:13
#41 From your half guard -- grab the foot sweep 19:45
#42 Any four Judo throws, eg:
#42a1 Judo takedown -- kouchi gari 20:15
#42a2 Judo takedown -- deashi harai 20:28
#42a3 Judo takedown -- tomoe nage 20:43
#42a4 Judo takedown -- uchi mata 20:57
#42a5 Judo takedown -- ippon seionage 21:11
#42a6 Judo takedown -- kata guruma 21:25
#42a7 Judo takedown -- morote seionage 21:42
#42a8 Judo takedown -- tai toshi 22:00
#42a9 Judo takedown -- o-uchi gari 22:14
#42a10 Judo takedown -- o-goshi 22:29
#42a11 Judo takedown -- o-soto gari 22:44
#42b Biana/Double leg take down 22:58
#42c Single leg take down 23:16
#S1 Self defense - double hand choke 23:40
#S2 Self defense - one wrist grabbed 23:48
#S3 Self defense - bear hug from front 23:58
#S4 Self defense - bear hug from back 24:18
#S5 Self defense - standing rear naked choke 24:56
#S6 Self defense - standing guillotine 25:10
#S7a Self defense - back on wall double hand choke 25:35
#S7b Self defense - back on wall single hand choke 25:48

Las Vegas POLICE Officer Uses JIU-JITSU to Control Larger Suspect (Gracie Breakdown)

A police officer without training is an accident waiting to happen! Here is an excellent example of how proper ground control defensive tactics training gives an officer the ability to control the suspect without having to resort to deadly force. Plus, Ryron and Rener teach a critical transition from armbar to handcuffs that every jiu-jitsu trained police officer must know!

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5 BJJ Submissions You Should Know: Chokes & Locks

Here are 5 BJJ chokes and locks that everyone should know how to do. Certain grappling submissions require little strength, and can be executed on bigger opponents. Stay safe, everyone!
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Brazilian JIU JITSU - Technique Wins Power

Brazilian JIU JITSU - Technique Wins Power. BJJ motivation 2018

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Conor McGregor Competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu Tournament

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Top 20 Submissions in UFC History

There's no denying that the art of submission has had a role in the 20 years of UFC history, which is we are showing you the greatest ground game wins in the Octagon!

Jiu Jitsu For Dummies - An Introduction To Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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An introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with professor Gustavo Gasperin, BJJ Black Belt under Fabricio Werdum.

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NABBA Bodybuilder Matt Smedley Vs. BJJ champion J.T Tenacity strength war.
2 diciplines, 3 exercises each.



My first jiu Jitsu class | What they DONT Tell you!!


This class what really fun. I think I'm going to love going to the jiu jitsu classes during the week.

This is what they dont tell you!
It was my first time doing jiu jitsu with a gi. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Please only attempt exercises from this video if you physically can. If you’re not sure, consult your health care pro first!

Pan Kids BJJ 2017: The Ultimate Highlights

The Pan Kids IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017 was held on Feb. 19 at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California. These are the highlights we put together to honor these children who are representing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so well. Enjoy!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Highlights

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport, that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the opponent.

Combate Jiu Jitsu Brasileño

I Interclubs de Jiu Jitsu Brasileño que tuvo lugar el dia 27 de febrero de 2010 en Pilar de la Horadada. Combate entre Sérgio Schiavon y Victor...

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