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How To 0Play Bowlliards

Bowliards Pool Practice at Fred Matzke's (fredm4315)

One rack bowliards runnout during practice session. Bowliards is scored similar to bowling. 10 frames/racks per game. Runnout in 1 inning = strike. Runnout in 2 innings = spare ect.. Ref BCA rulebook. Shooter is Fred Matzke.

billiard (bowlliards)

me playing bowlliards with my left hand as a practice. originally I'm right-hander.

222 Bowlliards Score

Me in (drunken) practice scoring a 222 in a game of Bowlliards.
Score is: X - X - 9/ - X - X - X - 09 - X - X - X 5 / :(

The Crucifix

Who is "Buzzy"? Part 2 with Jaclyn Rosato


Rail Drill

Give to

Alex Pagulayan Best Shot & Run Out 2013

Alejandro Alex Salvador Pagulayan (born June 25, 1976) is a Filipino Canadian professional pool (pocket billiards) and snooker player. His nicknames are the Lion and the Killer Pixie. This latter nickname was given by none other than the great Cliff the Grinder Thorburn, former World and Canadian Snooker champion. Alex has a third, more recent nickname of Mungo (a favorite Filipino dish) given to him by Rick McCallum, former Wayne State University Pocket Billiard instructor and friend from the Hall of Fame Billiard room in Warren, Michigan. Alex was born in Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines and was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2004, Pagulayan returned to the Philippines, and is a dual citizen of Canada and the Philippines.[1]

He is known for his relaxed demeanor during competition, and is a crowd favorite, well liked because of his humorous interaction with the audience.[2] His impressions of other pool players are especially entertaining.


1 Early days
2 Professional career
2.1 Lawsuit
3 Personal life
4 Achievements
4.1 Open Snooker finals: : 2 (2 titles)
5 References
6 External links
Open Snooker finals: : 2 (2 titles)
Outcome No. Year Championship Opponent in the final Score
Winner 1. 2011 Canadian Open Snooker Championship Canada Floyd Ziegler 6–0
Winner 2. 2012 Canadian Open Snooker Championship Canada Tom Finstad 6–3

2017 U.S Open 8-ball Champion
2016 Canadian Pool 9-Ball Champion[19]
2016 U.S. Open One Pocket Champion[22]
2013 Derby City Classic 9-ball Champion
2012 Canadian 9-Ball Champion
2012 Canadian 8-Ball Champion
2012 Jay Swanson Memorial champion
2011 Jay Swanson Memorial champion
2008 World Pool Masters, Las Vegas, Nevada
2007 World Summit of Pool
2006 Philippine National Championship
2005 Philippines Snooker Team Gold Medal, SEA Games
2005 US Open Nine-ball Championship
2005 Derby City Classic Ten-ball Ring Game Champion
2005 SML Entertainment Nine-ball Champion
2004 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
2003 Joss Tour Grand Final Winner
2003 Carolinas Open Nine-ball Division, Goldsboro, North Carolina
2003 IBC Western Canadian Open
2002 World Pool Trickshot Champion


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Christopher Clark (April 22, 2016). Alex Pagulayan crowned 2016 U.S. Open One Pocket Champion. On Cue News. Retrieved 2016-04-08.

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ラスベガス行きの切符を争うKanto Area Team Championship 2010が本日(5/29)開幕!!


Practice 10-ball break Sir John Philippines Spat billiard


Bowliards and else - Practice 3-15-19

Bowliards rules are fairly simple: a throw is a ball in hand, a dropped pin is a potted ball, order does not matter. Each frame is a 10 ball break, the player is given ball in hand for their first throw, and they run until they miss, then they are given a second ball in hand. If they miss again, the frame is over and the next frame is played. Scoring is ruled like bowling, strikes and spares included.


Ein Spare in der Trainingsdisziplin Bowliard


I tried but I fail...

Sports Fest 2008 - UPEC

Sports Fest 2008
Universal Pro English Club

American Institute for English Proficiency

+632 893 1566

9-ball run-out workout to 11. 60 ball run shooting balls in rotation.

I am running these out in ascending order (lowest ball first) as the rules intend in 7/9/10-balI. I accidentally did 5 balls twice, lol. No this is not a true 60 ball run because of the (fucking) wall in my house. Yes, I know it is completely my fault that I ended up on it but there was no way I would have gotten that shit leave on 9, or missed the 9 that easy shot if the walls didn't force me to jack way up, so I counted it. A few sloppy outs; but outs nonetheless. Thanks for watching.


Strike beim Bowliard



Raw Pool 263. Bowlard. 3 of 12




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