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Boffer fighting


Airsoft Sniper Gameplay-Scope Cam + BOFFER FIGHT | TriggerHappy

My apologies for the cam alignment, will be fixed in the next video, forgot to clean my barrel so shots were inconsistent. I will look into the audio bugs. Overall fun day
p.s- Joey is a monster

Rifle: TM VSR-10
Secondary: Tm mk23

Upgrades: Action Army Hop up chamber
Laylax 6.03 550mm barrel(bridge cut off for
maple leaf buckings)
Maple leaf delta
Maple leaf concave nub
Airsoftpro cylinder & internals- Laylax m170
Airsoftpro Z-trigger
Mk23: Silicon mod on the hop up arm for use of .33s, but the rest is stock
Cameras: Panasonic HC-W580k & Mobius with brainexploder mount

Boffer Fighting

This is me fighting someone (his names Tony)

All skills seen in video are because of WillGray42, check out his vids.

Boffer Fights

This is me much fighting WillGray42 's former second in command.

Check out WillGray42 for awesome swordfighting videos!

Boffer Fighting

Keeping in fighting shape with the help of Steve.

WiTH Boffer Fighting

Wargames in Twisted History, family-oriented boffering group here in Keizer, OR

This was this latest battle and swords tournament. My video camera is malfunctioning right now so it's just a set of stills set to an over-the-top tune. Enjoy! Video coming soon, I hope!

Boffer fights # 67,89037457934

Sparring with padded weapons.

Boffer Fight | Epic Nerd Camp 2017

At ENC 2017, many of our campers participated in boffer battles (read: fighting with foam swords).

Don't know how, but curious to learn? Come to Epic Nerd Camp. We provide a safe space for adult geeks to explore their passions. Choose your own camp adventure!

Learn more at

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Ich unterrichte je nach Level unendliche Arten von Waffen zur Selbstverteidigung, als Kampfkunst oder zur sportlichen Weiterentwicklung. Ich lehre keine komplizierten Techniken oder komplizierte Bewegungsaubläufe. Prinzipien, Diziplin, Mentaliät und Leidenschaft zusammem mit Erfahrung garantiert das eigene Überleben in Extremsituationen und Schutz der dritten Person.

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Boffer sword fighting 10/15/08

fight with boffer swords

SCA Aarnimetsä heavy fighting training in 1994 and boffer tournament

We had one training session per week, in a rented sports hall. Good times. This was the transition period from boffer fighting into heavy fighting. Once people got into armour the boffer fighting quickly died out.

(A Tastefully Edited) Boffer Fight, 06/03/2016

Attention, future peanut gallery: the camera can hear you :D

Sworplay/Boffer - Shino x Caos

Um pequeno duelo com Caos o dragão voador, pena que o cel parou de filmar quando rolou os melhores golpes.

Swordplay/boffer - Roda de combates - Magnus Legio

Vários combates aleatórios durante um treino da Magnus Legio Campinas.

KBA invades MBFC on a rainy spring afternoon!

Video footage from our friendly invasion of Marysville Boffer Fight Club! KBA has had a long time relationship with them dating back to the Tri-City Tournament in 2011. We had another great day of fighting!

Check out Marysville Boffer Fight Club's channel here:

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#KingdomBofferAssociation #PNWBoffer #FoamFighting

Music: VNV Nation - Retaliate
Music: Funker Vogt - Arising Hero

Kids Boffer Fighting at Gamestorm 2011


WiTH Boffer Fighting to Python

Finally got my video camera to upload the 5 minutes of video I got before it died, and decided to set it to the Black Knight scene from Monty Python. Enjoy!

Boffer-fight 2006

Aki versus Jykee

chicken fight boffer

Longsword Fighting (3), 2010.12.19. Kyuckgumyeonguhoi, Seoul, Korea.

England Kim (kendo, 3rd degree) vs Mr. Yang (Kali master, blackman)
Using Heavy Boffer(1kg, 100cm) of CHEONG-EUNG-MUN

Grumio's Spear Fighting 102

This video covers the two main shot styles and how to block a javelin.



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