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Boffer fighting


swordplay/boffer - treino estilo corpo a corpo.

Uma das bases fundamentais para utilizar dual de machados e o corpo a corpo, aonde consiste em movimentos compactos.

uber does swordfighting: Boffers! 10/12/2015


Boffers are awesome! Boffers are friendly! Boffers have enough of a sting to let you know when you've done something stupid! Best of all - boffers don't require so much crazy hot protective gear!

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Swordplay/Boffer - tutorial de machados - defesa.

Essência defensiva na utilização de dois machados.

Michael Buffer: Let's Get Ready To Rumble!! Starrcade 97

Michael Buffer Presentation. Main Event Starrcade 1997.

TGS: Boffer Fight 7

David vs Markus (white helmet).

Swordplay/Boffer - tutorial base de machado

Vídeo piloto passando um pouco da minha experiência como dual de machados. Já peço desculpa pelo áudio baixo.

Sparta boffer group tournament Sotahuuto 2015

Here are our games from Sotahuuto 2015 boffer group tournament (10 versus 10). As a bonus there is also some footage of our summer practice in the end.

Boffer Battle 2011 - University Pines

We created 60 boffers in University Pines' taditional boffer battle. Epic!

Boffer battle in the green fields

a boffer battle with no edit or cuts except when we went off screen or switched weapons, we had no camera man so this video is different from the rest of our videos, the boffer at greenfield videos, we haven't battled in months so that explains our out of shapeness lol but oh well, enjoy

LARP, Boffer e HEMA


Swordplay/boffer - Roda de combates - Magnus Legio

Vários combates aleatórios durante um treino da Magnus Legio Campinas.

Kids Boffer Fighting at Gamestorm 2011

Zombie Boffer fight 4/24/10

zombie battle

(A Tastefully Edited) Boffer Fight, 06/03/2016

Attention, future peanut gallery: the camera can hear you :D

Boffer sword fighting 10/15/08

fight with boffer swords

Fandemonium Boffer Battle 2006

A boffer battle tournament at Fandemonium 2006.

SCA Aarnimetsä heavy fighting training in 1994 and boffer tournament

We had one training session per week, in a rented sports hall. Good times. This was the transition period from boffer fighting into heavy fighting. Once people got into armour the boffer fighting quickly died out.

WiTH Boffer Fighting to Python

Finally got my video camera to upload the 5 minutes of video I got before it died, and decided to set it to the Black Knight scene from Monty Python. Enjoy!

WiTH Boffer Fighting

Wargames in Twisted History, family-oriented boffering group here in Keizer, OR

This was this latest battle and swords tournament. My video camera is malfunctioning right now so it's just a set of stills set to an over-the-top tune. Enjoy! Video coming soon, I hope!

Boffer Fight | Epic Nerd Camp 2017

At ENC 2017, many of our campers participated in boffer battles (read: fighting with foam swords).

Don't know how, but curious to learn? Come to Epic Nerd Camp. We provide a safe space for adult geeks to explore their passions. Choose your own camp adventure!

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