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Boffer fighting


Boffer Fight | Epic Nerd Camp 2017

At ENC 2017, many of our campers participated in boffer battles (read: fighting with foam swords).

Don't know how, but curious to learn? Come to Epic Nerd Camp. We provide a safe space for adult geeks to explore their passions. Choose your own camp adventure!

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Boffer Wars in the Redwoods

Boffer Wars in Redwood Park Eureka, Ca.

WiTH Boffer Fighting

Wargames in Twisted History, family-oriented boffering group here in Keizer, OR

This was this latest battle and swords tournament. My video camera is malfunctioning right now so it's just a set of stills set to an over-the-top tune. Enjoy! Video coming soon, I hope!

WiTH Boffer Fighting to Python

Finally got my video camera to upload the 5 minutes of video I got before it died, and decided to set it to the Black Knight scene from Monty Python. Enjoy!

(A Tastefully Edited) Boffer Fight, 06/03/2016

Attention, future peanut gallery: the camera can hear you :D

SCA Aarnimetsä heavy fighting training in 1994 and boffer tournament

We had one training session per week, in a rented sports hall. Good times. This was the transition period from boffer fighting into heavy fighting. Once people got into armour the boffer fighting quickly died out.

This is Kingdom Boffer Association!

For over two decades we have been bringing a fast paced boffer combat sport to the State of Washington! Enjoy this trailer showing some of the action! Kingdom Boffer Association - Everyone needs a place to rule!

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Kids Boffer Fighting at Gamestorm 2011

Boffering at Clagget Park

Every other Saturday morning in the summer a group of church kids, teens, and adults meet in Clagget Park here in Oregon for a little sport they call boffering. Pretty much you dress up in ren. fair clothing and stage battles between teams and play games. The weapons are pvc pipes wrapped in a ton of foam and duct tape. All of them have to meet a certain requirement before they can be brought into the field. The game here is the conclusion of a 3-man tournament. 7 teams of three people fought until there was one team left standing. The final team, this one named The Dragons, had the option of keeping their title and claiming a reward, or fighting all the teams at once for the title of battle titans and a larger reward. To put it short, they took us all on and it was a slaughter. Red, one of the dragons, is the guy seen fighting the lot of us. Axel's my little brother, the awesome little blonde guy, and I'm the weirdo with the fluffy hair running everywhere. XD Enjoy.

Boffer sword fighting 10/15/08

fight with boffer swords

Turkey Bowl 2018! Foam fighting on a muddy field!

Footage from our first ever, very impromptu, Turkey Bowl! We got lucky and the rain stopped for Saturday. After a month of down time our KBA members were ready to get some serious boffer fighting in! Great day was had!

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Original music was Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin and A Beast I Am by Amon Amarth, but YouTube doesn't like that, so you get stock music that had been slowed down.

Random Boffer Battles 4/22/10 and 4/24/10

Free for all, zombie,1 vs 1 and team battle boffer fights. Thumbs up, comment, subscribe.

Zombie Boffer fight 4/24/10

zombie battle

uber does swordfighting: Boffers! 10/12/2015


Boffers are awesome! Boffers are friendly! Boffers have enough of a sting to let you know when you've done something stupid! Best of all - boffers don't require so much crazy hot protective gear!

Check out Stoccata School of Defence:

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Youth Fight Choreography with Mya Ren

Little Mya aka Mylo Ren vs everyone. Her first multi person fight scene.

Welcome to Kingdom Boffer Association, where everyone has a place to rule!

We're blowing up across Washington State! Enjoy this trailer of slowed down kill shots, then check out the rest of our videos here on YouTube, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, too! Everyone needs a place to rule. If you like the content help us out with a like, comment and share! If you're local come down and join in!

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Sparta boffer group tournament Sotahuuto 2015

Here are our games from Sotahuuto 2015 boffer group tournament (10 versus 10). As a bonus there is also some footage of our summer practice in the end.

Cold Steel Classic II - Round One (Blur - Song 2)

Round One of the Cold Steel Classic event from September 14th, 2019! Enjoy the fights! The Cold Steel Classic is held at the end of Summer, it plays host to our Tandem Tournament, a pot luck table and battle games. It is open to all boffer groups in the region as long as they are willing to play by the KBA rule set.

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Music: Blur - Song 2

TGS: Boffer Fight 7

David vs Markus (white helmet).

Longsword vs Shortsword & shield fighting (5), 2010.12.19. Kyuckgumyeonguhoi, Seoul, Korea.

England Kim (kendo, 3rd degree) vs Mr. Jeon (Shortsword&shield Master)
Using Heavy Boffer(0.9kg, 90cm, 0.5kg, 60cm) of CHEONG-EUNG-MUN



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