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Snowboard cross Finals Pyeongchang 2018 ft. Michela Moioli | Throwback Thursday

Watch the Snowboard cross final from the Olympic WinterGames 2018 in PyeongChang. We'll focus on Italy’s Michela Moioli who clinched the gold medal at the end of a dramatic tournament at the Phoenix Snow Park.

Watch more about Michela Moioli and her incredible come back after her injury from Sochi 2014 where she crashed and tore her ACL:

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Amazing Big Final - Pierre Vaultier Wins Snowboard Cross Gold | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

The Big Final of the Men's Snowboard Cross takes place as France's Pierre Vaultier claims victory for the gold medal in a fantastic race at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

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Freeride session - Boardercross 2010
Boardercross is a snowboard competition in which four snowboarders race down a course in which it is not uncommon for racers to collide with each other mid-race*.
This video shows the best moments of the 2010 competition.

Real skill, xtreme attitude, extreme sports:

*Source: Wikipedia

Men's Snowboard Cross - Final -Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games

The tension builds as the men prepare to battle it out in the final of the snowboard cross event at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

Athletes featured in this video :
WESCOTT Seth, United States of America :

ZIDEK Radoslav, Slovakia :

DELERUE Paul-Henri, France :

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Snowboarding: The Art Of Boardercross

This is my VCE Media final.
A short documentary about 'The Art Of Boardercross' starring former olympian Belle Brockhoff.
Special thanks to:
- Mollie Fernandez
- Belle Brockhoff
- Ski and Snowboard Australia
- Chumpy Pullin
- Cam Bolton

Snowboarding Tutorial: Boardercross Training Tips

Professional U.S. snowboarders Nate Holland and Alex Deibold joined us to share some their boardercross training secrets. How should you start a race, and what's the best way to get out of the gate quickly? How can you improve your rhythm so you're able to generate speed for those nasty rollers? If you're a beginner, Nate and Alex have got you covered!

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rider luca matteotti

Inside the mind of a world snowboard cross champion

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Australian world snowboard cross champion Alex Chumpy Pullin shows us what goes into his training regime in the lead up to a major event. Pushing his body -- and mind -- to its limits, gain exclusive insight into his racing technique and what it takes to be a champion in the world of snowboard cross.


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Cam Bolton - Australian Boardercross Athlete

Australian Winter Olympian and X-Games competitor Cam Bolton, shows us what it takes to be a professional Boarder-Cross athlete and some of the obstacles he's faced competing at the highest level of his sport.

Editing/Cinematography - Jonno Kelly

Additional Footage: Hugo Wood, Andrew Glover
interviewer: Jed Bertalli

'Oliver Tank - Up All Night'
'Odesza - Bloom'

DSV-Experten-Tipps: Boardercross (Snowboard)

Worauf es beim Boardercross ankommt - Niveaubestimmungen für die Mitglieder des DSV-Bundeslehrteams Snowboard.

Musik im Video:
Band: Formosa
Titel: Death is Decay
Album: Metaformosa
Formosa bei Facebook:

Final Historica Boardercross Spanish Team

2ª Final consequtiva en Veysonnaz (Suiza)de Lucas Eguibar acompañado por Regino Hernandez. Ayer Lucas Eguibar 1ª Posicion. Hoy 2ª posicion y 5º puesto de Regino Hernandez.Es algo historico pero en España no saldra ni en las noticias.

Eva Samkova Wins Gold In An Amazing Snowboard Cross Big Final | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Full coverage of the Big Final in the Ladies' Snowboard Cross event at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games as the Czech Republic's Eva Samkova wins the gold medal in a spectacular final race.

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GoPro Hero 3, BoarderCross à Formiguères, le 22 décembre 2013

Session ski au Boardercross de Formiguères (entre copains). Merci à Fabien, Mika, Guillaume, Fabrice pour cette journée fort sympa sous le soleil. En tout cas nous avons bien rigolé. De bonnes rigolades, des belles chutes, batailles de boules de neige, repas en terrasse... Au plaisir de vous lire :)

Snowboarding - Snowboard Cross - Full Replay | Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games

Heats: 4:33
Semi-Finals: 1:39:13
Finals: 1:57:23
Medal Ceremony: 2:24:57

Watch the full replay of Men's and Women's Snowboard Cross from the 2016 Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway.

Between February 12th to February 21st, the best young athletes from 71 nations will compete in 15 winter sports at Lillehammer 2016.

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Snowboard highlights:
The medal winners of Lillehammer 2016:
Lillehammer 2016 highlights:

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Boardercross du fort La Rosière


This is TT:R Boardercross ! #YOGDNA

📅 It's less than one year to go until the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Find out more about Buenos Aires 2018 and the kiteboarding competitions for Boys and Girls, and how to make your way to the Olympics at Next event coming up is the Youth Worlds from 26 November to 1 December 2017 in Brazil 🤙🤙🤙

#twintipracing #ikaboardercross #youtholympics #yogdna #yogjourney #buenosaires2018

Boardercross Déborah Anthonioz (Les Gets)

Le Boarder Cross Déborah Anthonioz est une nouveauté du domaine skiable aux Gets pour 2010-2011.
Le boardercross est l'un des seuls en France de type permanent capable de recevoir des compétitions internationales. Il est accessible au grand public (niveau minimum 2e étoile recommandé) tout au long de l'Hiver.

Il a été dessiné sur les conseils de Déborah Anthonioz, Vice-Championne Olympique de Snowboard Cross lors des Jeux de Vancouver 201O et ambassadrice des Gets.

Le tracé en chiffres
Longueur: 523m
Largeur (ruban): 10m
Dénivelé: 124 m
Virages: 6 banks
Hauteur: entre 3 et 6m
Rayon: entre 48° et 79°
Inclinaison: entre 30° et 45°
Modules: 17 Whoops, 2 Step down, 1 Step up, 2 tables de 8m, 1 table 10 ou 12m, 1 transfert jump, 1 step down to step up, 3 plats inversés.

La Conception
La conception du Boarder Cross Déborah Anthonioz a été confiée à la société SnowConcept qui est le leader de la réalisation de projets liés à la neige en Europe.
Le parcours a été dessiné et supervisé par David Ny, shaper officiel des Jeux Olympiques de Vancouver 2010.

On the Chavannes slopes, it is now possible to follow in Déborah's steps, our very own Vancouver Olympics champion.
A new boardercross has been built on the Les Gets slopes so that everyone can become familiar with this new and growing sport. Moreover, this is one of the very few permanent boardercrosses that can greet international races and competitions.

Practical information concerning the Déborah Anthonioz's boardercross
• The making of this boardercross was done by the SnowConcept Company, the leading European company when it comes to projects similar to this one. It was designed by David Ny, the official designer for the winter Olympics in Vancouver.
• On the Chavannes slopes (Grands Champs zone)
• To get there, take the télécabine des Chavannes and follow the « Gentiane » slope.
• Minimum level recomended : 2nd star

Technical information :
• 523m long
• 10m wide
• 124m of difference in altitude between the top and the bottom of the slope
• Curves : 6 banks (between 3 -- 6m high, 48° - 79° radius, 30° - 45° slope)
• Equipement : 17 whoops, 2 step downs, 1 step up, 2 8m tables, 1 10m or 12m table, 1 transfer jump, 1 step down to step up...
• Artificial snow makers have been installed all along the boardercross to insure proper snow all throughout the season

Ménil'Descente III - Boardercross de Paris 2016

La vidéo officielle du 3ème boardercross de Ménilmontant organisé par Riderz le 2 octobre 2016.
Merci à Andrés Caldera pour la vidéo, Babak et Lotfi pour les images en embarqué

Pour en savoir plus sur l'événement :

Plus de vidéos d'Andrés :

Snowboarden mit Boardercross Profi Konsti Schad | Team Deutschland | PyeongChang 2018

Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt. Daher hat sich unser Fanreporter Philipp heute nochmal fachmännische Unterstützung geholt und ist mit Boardercross Profi Konsti Schad aufs Snowboard gestiegen. 🤘😎🙈

Verfolge den Weg von Team Deutschland zu den nächsten Spielen
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2019 Nissan Supergirl Snow Pro Boardercross

2019 Nissan Supergirl Snow Pro Boardercross



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