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Board track racing


Billy Lane 1912 Indian Motorcycle Boardtrack Racer Daytona Speedway 2019

Warming up his antique motorcycle racer at AFT races in Daytona 2019

Sons Of Speed Antique Motorcycle Boardtrack Races #3 march 2019

100 year old antique motorcycle racers out at speed!

1920s & 1930s Board Track Racing

A misc. collection of board track racing from the 1920s and 1930s.

Another Board Track Racer ...slideshow

I put together a slideshow of pictures that were taken during the building of this bike.

More photos on FLICKR

Sons of Speed Antique Motorcycle Board Track Racers

What's it like to race a 100 year old motorcycle with no brakes, transmission or clutch at over 70 mph?

Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Sean Edwards Onboard VLN 5.Lauf 2011 Nürburgring Nordschleife Onboard Classix / VLN 5. Lauf 2011
Track: Nürburgring Nordschleife
Car: Porsche 997 GT3 Cup
Drivers: Sean Edwards

Long Version of this Onboard Video (about one hour):

1920's Auto Racing on Altoona Raceway Wooden Track (16mm 1080i ProRes)

16mm film transferred at CinePost in Marietta, GA. Features cars racing on at Altoona Raceway's wooden track.

Go-Ride Session 13.05.2014 - On board track footage


Harley Race 1 Sept 8th 2012 Costa Mesa Speedway Harley Night

Harley Race 1 Sept 8th 2012 Costa Mesa Speedway Harley Night

80 mph on 100 year old motorcycles with no brakes!

March 2019 Sons of Speed Antique Boardtrack racing #1

Sled-Works Board Track Racer - First Run

First run of a scratch built board track motorcycle.

18 + Race fatal car crashes.HD! (WARNING: FATAL CRASHES 18+ ! )

this video isn't my...respect author !

Short Track Racing New Hampshire Style

5-23-18 Vlog #3 of 2018. Short track racing in New Hampshire. Spotting for Brian Tagg in the ACT Late Model series at Lee USA Speedway. Loaded up his racecar with on board cameras and in car audio.

Black Flagged Productions Presents "ON BOARD RACING HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO"

Black Flagged Productions Presents ON BOARD RACING HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO

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Vintage footage of the board track in Tipton, Pennsylvania, during the 1920's.

American Flat Track 2019: Yamaha Atlanta Short Track | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Motorsports on NBC

Look back at all the action from the 2019 Yamaha Atlanta Short Track, including Brandon Robinson's win. #NBCSports #AmericanFlatTrack #AFT
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American Flat Track is the most historic form of American motorcycle racing. The series boasts two diverse and highly-competitive classes and is headlined by powerful, twin-cylinder motorcycles in the AFT Twins class, with spirited single-cylinder machines battling it out in AFT Singles.

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American Flat Track 2019: Yamaha Atlanta Short Track | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Motorsports on NBC

1910 Indian Board Track Racer based off a original look. (Rat Rod Bikes Winter Build-off 2015)

My 80cc Indian replica. Built from a French Monet Goyon frame.Modified and re-welded.With many added doodads. Based on a 1910 Indian board track racer. All parts collected from all over the world...

Pusherman Racing ~ Boardtrack Insider

Boardtrack Insider takes you inside the oval at Davenport 2010

Chevrolet Co-Founder In First Ever Recorded Motor Racing Accident (1919) | Sporting History

This is rare footage of Louis Chevrolet (co-founder of Chevrolet Motor Car Company) racing at Coney Island, NY in September of 1919. Louis is driving the number 7 Frontenac. The images have been reversed, and the footage shows the cars racing clockwise around the track, instead of counter-clockwise. This was one of the last races he ever competed in. He dropped out when his car caught on fire.

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Motorized Bicycle Board Track Racer Part 1

Hi Folks,

This is My Hommage to old school Boardtrackers like the INDIANS - EXCELSIORS - HARLEYS - and others for example.

I built this Bike within one week only - but with many emotions and preparings to make this Project succsessful.

Anyway, here ist the Pic and Vid.

Video Quality is poor (320P), sorry for that - HD Video also a running mode of the bike are following soon as possible.

Please take a look to the Pics also - because they can give you a lot more details of the bike.

Today in very hot temperatures outside, the bike starts after 10m of pedaling and unlock the clutch immediately and runs very well.
My heart beats like a drum, but this is normal in this situation.
The Maiden run was very impressive for me!

Some short Carburetor idling tuning, and all is OK! - Thank God ;o) !!!

Some Information-Specs:

Frame: KCP Aloah-Cruiser Frame
Tires: KENDA
Engine: 80cc (or 66cc US/EU real measure) Stock 2-Stroke Kit
Lights: Front 9 Volts-5xSMD Bulb - rear 3 Volts Cree LED)
Dual right Brake Lever
Brakes: 2x V-Brake with Ceramic Pads
Engine Chain: DID Japanese high Quality 415 STD
Cycle Transmission: Shimano 6-Speed Revo & KMC Chain
Pedals: UNION Classic / german Fabrication
Bike Stand: Original HEBIE/Germany for heavy (E)-Bikes
Gasoline: A special mixture of SHELL 95 Octane and very high Quality 2-T Full Synth Oil. Ratio is 1:30

If anyone have a question, post it down below - i will answer you.

Greets and happy engineering ;o)




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