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Snooker Black Ball Battle Unbelievable Missing - Ding Junhui Almost Broken His Stick

Snooker Black Ball Battle Unbelievable Missing - Ding Junhui Almost Broken His Stick
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Snooker Break Building Black Ball Shot Technique

How to improve break building techniques snooker. Tutorial practice routine tips and tricks. Spin types of Snooker Shot black ball. Break From Life shows you how to break build around the black spot. Including what spin to apply to the cue ball from every position around the black spot. High on the black, low on the black or straight on the black this video shows you what to do and what you should try to do.

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Bloody Pumpkin by SIRPRICE
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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8 Ball Pool: Blackball vs World Rules

In this video Gareth Potts talks us through the key differences between Blackball and World rules, for 8 ball pool. In 2013 the IPA Tour has changed over to Blackball rules, so the tactical differences will be interesting to watch.

Gareth refers to the Chinese 8 Ball format, which Stephen Hendry has left Snooker to join. Gareth won the first Chinese 8 Ball Tournament, played in January 2013. For more details see our blog:

Gareth also compares these two sets of rules to the Chinese 8 Ball rules which he played when winning the International Chinese 8 Ball Masters competition in January 2013 - he feels these are the best combination of rules, removing the element of fluke from the game.

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Blackball Training Drill #59 from the PoolShot's book 103 Training Drills

Blackball Training Drill from the PoolShot's book 103 Training Drills.
It's a Cue Ball Control exercise.
Setup: 1/2 ball sight on the red ball.
Apply top spin on the Cue Ball to have a natural rejection that will allow replacement by two rails.
The goal is to make the Cue Ball stop into the target area for easy pocketing of the black with a cut-shot between full ball and half ball hit.
The exercise is repeated with Cue Ball positions farther and farther apart.

103 Training Drills workbook is available in 3 different formats :
- PDF file to read on smartphone, tablet or computer.
- DRL file to read with PoolShot software
- Color printed book
This book of 120 pages contains all the exercises practiced in school billiard I deal with my club, and this over an entire season or about 10 months. This workout book contains 103 exercises about Cut Shots, Follow Shots, Draw Shots, Bank Shots, Kick Shots, Position Control, Aiming Systems, Combo Shots, Carom Shots, Safety Shots, Run Out, Training Games and Pool Ability Tests.
There are in order of difficulty and in chronological order where we practiced them. 2-3 exercises per week is a good pace. The average time is 30 minutes per exercise. If we do not succeed fully in those 30 minutes, it is better to move on and come back another day on exercise which would not have been fully understood or realized. Each session should be fun, so no overdose.
An exercise is considered successful when the score achieved reached the number mentioned as the Target. Recording scores will help to measure skill progress. It is advisable to practice the exercises in order of the book pages.

Some exercises were videotaped and you can view videos on Youtube Channel

All exercises can be practiced on Blackball table with Red and Yellow Balls or on Pool Table with Solid and Striped Balls. You can replace Red Balls with Solid Balls and Yellow Balls with Striped Balls and vice versa.

All drawings have been designed with PoolShot software downloadable at

Order the PDF version of this book at

BLACKBALL STAR - Christophe Lambert vs Gareth Potts

web tv sport associative LSEI

Finale des championnats du monde Blackball à Limoges - 2010

Finale entre le Français Sébastien Ramier et l'Écossais Jayson Shaw

Geoff Allen Vs. Chris Gill | £16,000 Pot | Blackball Pool.

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Les règles du billard Anglais ou Blackball

Film pédagogique sur cette discipline du billard

TR6 2012-2013 Bretagne Blackball - Sébastien Ramier vs Yannick Geay

Finale de la 6ème étape du championnat de Bretagne de Billard Blackball le 24 mars 2013 à Pluzunet (22) opposant Yannick Geay (Quimper) à Sébastien Ramier (Noyal-Pontivy).

Blackball Rules

Brief explanation on the Blackball Pool Rules

World Rules to Blackball Rules in 7 minutes

Break & Runout, 8-ball pool, Craig Marsh, Blackball

- Craig Marsh knocks in another quick fire break and run at the CueSport TV £50,000 Pool Series in the Isle of Man. Played to Blackball rules.



Mathew Collins v Stephen Downing Blackball Rules Race to 18 for £200

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World Blackball Pool Championships - Perth 2014 - Day 2 - Oct 31st


Both On The Black Ball - Pool Tutorial | Pool School

In this video we look at what to do when both players are on the black ball in a game of eight ball pool. We look at the dangers of taking an aggressive approach and then what tactics to use in playing safe and waiting for your opponent to make a mistake.
The shots are carried out on a 7ft Supreme Winner UK 8 ball table

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World Blackball Championships 2020 Overview

Information about the World Blackball Pool Championships to be held in Geelong, Australia in 2020.
There's more on the Blackball International website...

Dramatic Black Ball Decider - Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Shaun Murphy

It was the 7th frame of world snooker championship in which ronnie was going for a safety shot but instead he pot the white ball in the corner pocket and shaun murphy pot brown and blue and miss the crucial pink where ronnie pooted the pink and then at last murphy won the frame by potting the final black.

Squash: CIB Black Ball Squash Open 2018 - QF Roundup

Roundup coverage of QF of the CIB Black Ball Squash Open 2018. Free, extended highlights available at:

[4] Simon Rösner (GER) v [6] Paul Coll (NZL)
Saurav Ghosal (IND) v [2] Ali Farag (EGY)
[1] Mohamed ElShorbagy (EGY) v [7] Karim Abdel Gawad (EGY)
[8] Mohamed Abouelghar (EGY) v [3] Tarek Momen (EGY)

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Kian Monaghan vs Nathan Beevers | EBPF Tour Grand Final | Murphys Donacaster | Blackball Rules

Kian Monaghan vs Nathan Beevers | EBPF Blackball Pool Tour | Murphys Doncaster
Race to 5 Winners Rounds Race To 3 Losers Rounds

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