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Benchrest shooting


Shooting Sequins at 50 yards with 22 long rifle

Once a month I go to the small bore benchrest match at Bayou Rifles gun club. We shoot three bench rest targets then for added fun we shoot aspirins at 50 yards. 22-Plinkster calls this drug abuse, maybe that is why we switched to sequins this time. This was going to be camera experiment part 2 but since this was a real shooting match I figured it deserved a better name. It was a cold rainy day with wind blowing in from the left then the front then the right and back again. When I remove the camera to insert the bolt you can see the rain drops on my rifle stock. I tied for first place with 8 hits. I am not sure of this count, maybe something fell off while I was carrying the wet target so leave a comment as to what you think the count is. The rifle was custom made in Houston by
Evelio Mc Donald
EMcD Precision
4119 Chasewick circle
Houston, Texas 77014

EXTREME 2014 - Airgun Speed Shooting - Air Rifle Extreme Bench Rest 2013

Air Gun Speed Shooting - Air Rifle Extreme Bench Rest 2013 - This is the one I enjoyed filming, taking part in and watching the most. Simply awesome to watch the shooters and the speed they load the air guns, I did try but my time was 4mins, which was awful, but I had never tried anything like that before. I will be practising for next year I can tell you.
He did a fantastic job keep everything organised and running smoothly.
In this we also Ted from Ted's Holdover - edgunusa - Ted had a great idea, but the judges had a different idea, have a look what do you think?

Teds Channel is -

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F-Class Shooting a Modified M1917 Enfield

This is a practice match I shot a few months back getting everything back in tune after mounting a new scope and a rest modification.

Shooting Tip | Shooting Bench Techniques

In this shooting tip Aaron Davidson walks us through some important techniques to learn when you are shooting from a bench that will prepare you to shoot in the prone position. Make sure to subscribe to the Gunwerks Youtube channel for more great long shots, tough shots, shooting tips, DIY & Ballistics.

Precise shooting with the RangeMaxx Zero Shooting Rest

For more, visit:

Shooting Air Rifle Benchrest WRABF 25 Meters

Shooting Air Rifle PCP Weihrauch for Benchrest shooting 25 Meters range.

25 Meter Airgun Benchrest @ Extreme Benchrest

Each year at Extreme Benchrest we include an official 25 Meter Airgun Benchrest match, complete with 3 target sheets. This event is a lot of fun, extremely competitive and definitely numerous shots on paper to test your skill!

For details on the competition, head over to for information.

John Paul's Benchrest Techniques

John Paul is at the range today to cover some benchrest techniques to help you get your precision rifle on target.

JP Handguard Benchrest Adapter:

Rimfire Benchrest Shooting ARA

ARA Champ J. Friedrich shoots his Myers Custom 22LR Rifle.

CTK Precision Gun Vise Review

Fun Gun Gear Reviews Presents: The CTK Precision Gun Vise Review. This is there P3 Ultimate Gun Rest plus Vise attachment. A great addition to your range gear.


Windicator Benchrest Shooting Wind Flag

We are taking a detailed look at the amazing Windicator Wind Flag system. From ease of setup and storage, to the quality of the parts and bearings, we are excited to showcase this design. The ground turbulence gauge is unique and most helpful. Follow along and see why the Windicator is the best wind monitor and shot placement indicator on the benchrest market!

Bench Rest Greenpeace_HQ.wmv

Cameraman Hjalti Stef. shoots groups at 100 meters with his BRS 6PPC Heavy Varmint rifle (called Greenpeace). Gunsmith was Birgir Rúnar Sæmundsson.
Video shot in East Iceland.
Music: Royalty Free from Footage Firm.

Railgun Benchrest Shooting an 0.018" 5 shoot group @ 100 yards

Bench Rest shooting Intro Motivation part 1

Me shooting a 3 - shot string with our 6.5x300SAUM Benchrest rifle.

Precision Bench Rest shooting Motivation part 2


BenchRest Dedcation shooting video

The Rookie BenchRest LEGEND Shooter

Bench Rest Dedication shooting video part 2

BR Dedication shooting bein out there shootin in windy codit now thats what i call dedication .

Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest

This video showcases the Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest. Learn more here

Champ's Tips on 600-yard Benchrest

Sam Hall, IBS 600-Yard Nat'l Champion shows how to shoot a 16.5-lb Benchrest gun fast and accurately. Very helpful tips on technique. In extreme 20 mph winds, Sam shoots a 1/2 5-shot group at 200 yards. Caliber is 6mmBR Norma, .268 neck.

2018 FFTir Monique LENDORMI Championne de France Bench rest

Varmint for score 100 mètres et com



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