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Benchrest shooting


Indoor 25y Air Rifle Benchrest 250 17x

One indoor card on the international target at 25y. I had a hard time seeing very well. It was an iPhone 5 on a scope holder that I made. This was the lowest of 11 cards shot this day. Thomas BR LV rifle shooting AA 8.4's.

Record-Setting Rimfire Rifle with 100,000+ Rounds

Joe Friedrich set an ARA benchrest shooting Aggregate record using a rifle with a very special two-groove barrel. With well over 100,000 rounds this barrel still shows world-class accuracy. The rifle also sports a muzzle tuner, Bix 'N Andy Trigger, and March Scope.

Air Rifle Benchrest Action

In this video i am shooting BR on the official BR25 target half sized from a distance of 12m. I am shooting my Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting rested on a Caldwell Cadcu.

In diesem Video seht ihr mich Ziele aus 12m beschießen. Ich verwende die offiziellen 25m BR-Ziele, auf halbe Größe ausgedruckt. Mein Pressluftgewehr Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting ist eines der präzisesten Gewehre die man sich kaufen kann.

Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting 7,5J (5.5ftlb)
Hawke AIRMAX 8-32x50 SF
Caldwell CADCU Rest
JSB Exact Heavy 4,52mm

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Kelbly Rifles - Super Shoot 2012

Footage of our Super Shoot 2012!
Kelbly Rifles - A Higher Level of Accuracy


Caldwell The Rock Shooting Rest



The Caldwell The Rock is the best way to determine the accuracy of your rifle and ammunition. With precise repeatability of shots as your goal,The Caldwell The Rock Deluxe Front Rest is the right tool for the job. The Rock helps eliminate the “human factor” in shooting and will help you shoot tighter groups.

The Rock offers a wide and stable footprint dispersed over 5 1/2 lb. rest
1″ diameter steel post provides smooth and quick elevation adjustments up to 7 1/4″ height
Use the 3 leveling feet to level your rest on most any surface
Forend stop ensures consistent stock placement from shot-to-shot
Forend cradle is designed to accept all Caldwell Deluxe Universal Front Rest Bags
Filled Medium Varmint front bag included

Product Specifications

Weight: approx 5.5 lbs
Base Size: 13″
Base Material: Cast Aluminum
Adjustment Component Material: Coated Steel

New Products: WieBad Shooting Bags

Brownells head of product acquisition Paul Levy tells us about the line of innovative shooting bags and rests from WieBad. These bags are geared primarily toward PRS (Precision Rifle Series) shooting, but many of them can also be used in bench shooting or even in the field. WieBad bags come in a HUGE variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Innovations include designs like the Mini Fortune Cookie and the Pump Pillow, plus features like panels of non-slip material sewn into the tops to keep the rifle's forend in place. Most WieBad bags come pre-filled with a lightweight yet moldable material. Put a WieBad under your PRS rifle and better scores are in the bag!

Learn more:

DIY Squeeze Bag/ Bench Rest Bag/ Shooting Bag

Quick and cheap way to make shooting bags for when you need to zero your firearm

Bullet Central Portloader for Farley Rest

Chris Harris talks about the benefits of the Portloader and Loading Block for your Farley Rest, a product that every benchrest shooter should have.

Shop -

The Best Shooting Rest For Sighting In Your Gun

Designed to increase stability while reducing felt recoil and muzzle jump. Please subscribe, like and comment. You also might like to watch

Fine Adjust Tensioners for Farley Rest

Chris Harris talks about a new benchrest product now available at Bullet Central. These tensioners are perfect for customizing your Farley rest, so you can concentrate on shooting.


Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting indoor

Ein Video von meinem 2. Benchrest Training

Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting
Hawke Airmax 8-32x50 SF
JSB Exact 4,53mm
Caldwell Cadcu Shooting rest

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Sinclair Heavy Varmint AP Rest

Sinclair Heavy Varmint AP Rest - Learn more here

Windicator Benchrest Shooting Wind Flag

We are taking a detailed look at the amazing Windicator Wind Flag system. From ease of setup and storage, to the quality of the parts and bearings, we are excited to showcase this design. The ground turbulence gauge is unique and most helpful. Follow along and see why the Windicator is the best wind monitor and shot placement indicator on the benchrest market!

Athlon Argos BTR Gen 2 10-40x56 Bench Rest Long Range Rifle Scope

Athlon Argos BTR Gen 2 10 40x56 Benchrest Long Range Rifle Scope

John Farbrother - 2018 BFTA & WFTC Springer champion- takes a look at the Athlon Argos BTR Gen 2 10-40x56 Bench Rest Long Range Rifle Scope.

Stay tuned for some more in-depth Quickfire reviews over the next couple days!

You can find the Athlon range here:

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Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest

This video showcases the Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest. Learn more here

2018 FFTir Monique LENDORMI Championne de France Bench rest

Varmint for score 100 mètres et com

Luftgewehr Benchrest schießen 12,5m

In diesem Video zeige ich meine ersten Gehversuche im Benchrest schießen. Eine wirklich anspruchsvolle Art des Luftgewehr schießens.

Verwendet habe ich einen selbst gebauten Benchrest Tisch, meine Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting, ein Hawke AIRMAX 8-32x50 SF, JSB Exact 4,53mm mit 0,547g. Als Benchrestunterlage habe ich die Caldwell Cadcu verwendet. Nur der Schaft wurde aufgelegt.

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Kelbly Rifles - Competition Stocks

Kelbly Rifles
A Higher Level of Accuracy

Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest

This video showcases the Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest.

Rear Coaxial Joystick Rest for Benchrest Heavy Gun

This brilliantly designed Rear Coaxial (Joystick) Rifle Rest was built by Forum member Straightpipes in his home workshop with simple tools. It provides 10 MOA left, 10 MOA right, 5 MOA up, and 5 MOA down elevation at 100 yards. The unit is very simple and compact. It can support a 40-lb Heavy Gun with half the weight in the rear. The rifle butt sits in a Cordura sandbag inside the movable rear cradle. Straightpipes also built the rifle stock and the heavy-duty front rest. In a match, the front rest is only used for gross adjustment, while precision aiming is done with the rear joystick. The rifle uses a Savage action. The whole system tracks great, and yes the gun is very, very accurate.



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