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Benchrest shooting


2018 FFTir Monique LENDORMI Championne de France Bench rest

Varmint for score 100 mètres et com

25 Meter Airgun Benchrest @ Extreme Benchrest

Each year at Extreme Benchrest we include an official 25 Meter Airgun Benchrest match, complete with 3 target sheets. This event is a lot of fun, extremely competitive and definitely numerous shots on paper to test your skill!

For details on the competition, head over to for information.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Field Target and Big Bore Airgun Competition

We are pleased to complete the first day of the 9th Annual Extreme Benchrest competition in Arizona! Over 150 competitors had a great time competing in American Field Target and Extreme Big Bore as well as sighting in for the rest of the competition. Enjoy the highlight video!

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Shooting Tip | Shooting Bench Techniques

In this shooting tip Aaron Davidson walks us through some important techniques to learn when you are shooting from a bench that will prepare you to shoot in the prone position. Make sure to subscribe to the Gunwerks Youtube channel for more great long shots, tough shots, shooting tips, DIY & Ballistics.

Outdoor Speed Silhouette @ Extreme Benchrest

Fast and full of action, the Speed Silhouette competition is an exciting event filled with extreme competition! 16 shots from 30 to 60 yards, the event is timed and the timer stops whenever the shooter finishes their final target by knocking it down. This event is a blast to shoot, and may even be more fun to watch live, as the results unfold within seconds of each relay start!

For details on the competition, head over to for information.

Windicator Benchrest Shooting Wind Flag

We are taking a detailed look at the amazing Windicator Wind Flag system. From ease of setup and storage, to the quality of the parts and bearings, we are excited to showcase this design. The ground turbulence gauge is unique and most helpful. Follow along and see why the Windicator is the best wind monitor and shot placement indicator on the benchrest market!


Extreme Big Bore Competition @ Extreme Benchrest

Big bore, solid slug airguns compete for the Extreme title! One of our newest additions to the Extreme Benchrest competition, Extreme Big Bore is a combination of long range paper scoring and varying range reaction metal targets. This event keeps the competitors on their toes and combines target practice with hunting simulation to fully challenge the shooter and the equipment!

For details on the competition, head over to for information.

Extreme Benchrest Mexico Airgun Competition 2019

Extreme Benchrest expanded its competition in 2019 to include an event in Mexico. Partnered with Sun City Airguns, Extreme Benchrest has gone International and the event was a huge success! Check it out and if you are in Mexico or want to travel to a fun event, keep an eye on 2020 for the next competition.

Also, be sure to make plans to come to the 9th Annual Extreme Benchrest in Arizona in Oct 2019!

Precise shooting with the RangeMaxx Zero Shooting Rest

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2019 Extreme Benchrest Day 2 - 50 Yard and 75 Yard Extreme

Day 2 of the 2019 EBR takes our competitors out to 50 yard for benchrest, and then further out for 75 yard for Card 1 of the Extreme Benchrest main event.

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Extreme Benchrest 2019 Speed Silhouette and 75 Yard Qualification Rounds and 10 Meter

Day 3 of the Extreme Benchrest Competition starts off with our 2nd Qualifying card at 75 Yard Benchrest and then heads into the Outdoor Speed Silhouette qualification rounds. We end the night with our Airgun Social dinner and fun! Enjoy!

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2014 US Airgun Benchrest National Championship

Airguns of Arizona sponsored the 2014 United States Air Rifle Benchrest National Championship in Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix Airgun Benchrest and Silhouette club hosted this fine event and it was well attended by shooters from throughout the world.

Overall Match Sponsor -

Hosting Club -

Extreme Benchrest 2015 - OFFICIAL VIDEO

As we open registration for the 2016 Extreme Benchrest event, we take a look back at the full review of the 2015 competition in Arizona. Check out all of the fine people, amazing events, huge prizes and good time had by all! Then, head over to and signup for this years event!

Shooting Tip | Shooting Bench Construction

In this Shooting tip Aaron Davidson breaks down some basic dimensions for constructing your own shooting bench. Shooting off a bench provides a great base to practice from for shooting long range and helps you learn the basics before going prone.
Make sure to subscribe to the Gunwerks Youtube channel for more great long shots, tough shots, shooting tips, DIY & Ballistics.

Bipod Shooting

Aaron Davidson instructs on shooting with a bipod

New Scopes from Hawke Optics at Extreme Benchrest!

Brad from Hawke Optics brought with him all the new gear to our Extreme Benchrest competition. Check out all of the Hawke line of goods on our site.

Hawke Optics:

Shooting Sequins at 50 yards with 22 long rifle

Once a month I go to the small bore benchrest match at Bayou Rifles gun club. We shoot three bench rest targets then for added fun we shoot aspirins at 50 yards. 22-Plinkster calls this drug abuse, maybe that is why we switched to sequins this time. This was going to be camera experiment part 2 but since this was a real shooting match I figured it deserved a better name. It was a cold rainy day with wind blowing in from the left then the front then the right and back again. When I remove the camera to insert the bolt you can see the rain drops on my rifle stock. I tied for first place with 8 hits. I am not sure of this count, maybe something fell off while I was carrying the wet target so leave a comment as to what you think the count is. The rifle was custom made in Houston by
Evelio Mc Donald
EMcD Precision
4119 Chasewick circle
Houston, Texas 77014

American Aigunner TV 2019 Ep 1 | Extreme Benchrest Shooting Competition

In the first episode of an all new season of American Airgunner, Rossi is attending the “Super Bowl of Airgunning Events” the Extreme Benchrest shooting competition. The Extreme Benchrest event takes place every year in Mesa, Arizona where competitors are shooting for a $5,000 grand prize! This competition draws shooters from all over the world. Tune in as Rossi interviews some of the top competitors and breaks down the 5 things you need to be an Extreme Benchrest speed silhouette shooter.
5 Things You Need To Be a Good Speed Silhouette Shooter
1.) A good gun… Rossi recommends the Brocock Commander Hi-Lite
2.) A great scope… MTC Cobra F1 Scope
3.) Great pellets… JSB Jumbo Monster .22

4.) You must have a good attitude!
5.) The last thing you need to be a good speed silhouette shooter is TALENT! Which Rossi is lacking!! Lol

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Benchrest for Score Shippensburg Groundhog Shoot

This video will give you and idea about what it is like to attend a groundhog shoot. These are a little different then the very revered IBS benchrest matches. They are however more accessible to a wider set of shooters of different classes.

Texas Varmint Benchrest & Rimfire World Shoot | Shooting USA

This time, it’s small varmints shot at long ranges in the Lone Star State. It’s precision shooting with benchrest rifles in the latest version of two traditional sports becoming a new challenge: silhouette and benchrest. And John Scoutten also tries the challenge of knocking down 1-MOA Coyotes with his Precision Rifle.

Then, families compete together with .22-caliber pistols and rifles. It’s the Rimfire Challenge World Championship, with hundreds of competitors ringing steel for time on the ranges in Alabama, including a six-year-old hot shot!

And, one of the most popular rifles in the world for military, police hunters and enthusiasts. The Remington 700 is one of History’s Guns.

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Jim Scoutten, America’s Most Watched Firearms Reporter, has been on the beat for 25 years, reporting the stories of the Shooting Sports and the firearms Industry. The show produces a series of popular segments focusing on historical guns, the personalities in the sport and industry, insider reports from gun tests, and practical tips from shooting sports pros. The show appeals to shooting sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels by providing practical tips on safely handling, modifying and repairing their favorite guns.

Shooting USA airs every Wednesday on Outdoor Channel.

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