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Beagling on a cold January Day

Adjacent to a golf course (Farview) near Avon, NY, a pack of hounds is introduced to a woods full of rabbits, deer and fox. We could hear, but not see, them in hot pursuit. After about an hour and a half they are loaded back into the truck and everyone goes to tea.

Fox Hunting Thirsty Work

Thirsty work for hounds.

open beagling

rain soaked ground,no great speed

National Beagle Club Results Video Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Beagle SPO Trial

Sally Middle Alabama Beagle Club

field trials Middle Alabama Beagle club 13 inch beagles

1000 Yard Cast Bullet Zombie 7 MAG

1000 Yards Powder Coated Cast Bullets
Remington 700 7 MAG

Walker (13" Males) Win Northern WV Beagle Club

Walker (13 Males) Win Northern WV Beagle Club May 4th. 2006

Beagling in VA, the meeting with the landowner and gift presentation prior to the hunt.

wet lane beagling Cork

on a wet windy lane,clash bogs

woodland beagling

line doubling back,fast turn all hounds together

Beagling: Part 2

Beagling. SO much fun! This was the Survivor's hunt on Valentines day.

Jack's Game - Hare

Yorkshire Television production 1983 with Jack Charlton. Taken from VHS.

Imperial Beagle Club Gun Dog Brace Trial Big Males`

April 15th 2011 with Jed Reed's Benny.

Release of about 50 13 inch female beagles.

Just about to release 50 beagles for a trial at Northfeild beagle club inVermont. What a rush!!!!

Squeezing up behind a fox

Kerry hunt festival. Fox turned in infront of us. Carrigshan driving on hard . Great voice but checked at the top of the cover . Hit the line again a few moments after i switched the camera phone. These guys are mostly harrier X beagle. Only 1/4 of the hounds are pure harrier . Super drive.

Beagling: Part 1

Beagling. SO much fun! This was the Survivor's hunt on Valentines day.

Running Beagles with the legendary Gary Brown Pt1

Beagle Hall of Fame inductee Gary Brown(Stamping Ground KY) along with Michael Wright(Birdseye IN) and Tony Froley (Corydon IN) came to the farm to run beagles for the day. Fortunately, we were in good weather and good rabbits all day long. It was a pleasure being able to run with these guys and pick their brains. You will be hard pressed to find any finer stewards of beagling than these men. They are very passionate about the sport of beagling.

Beagling with friends...

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 16

beagling video

Fun with the Chagrin Valley Beagles

Beagling: Part 4

Beagling. SO much fun! This was the Survivor's hunt on Valentines day.



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