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Baton twirling


Baton Twirling - Laney Puhalla 2018 World JR Champion

2018 WBTF World Baton Twirling Championships
World Junior Champion
Final Round performance

How To Twirl A Baton For Beginners | Baton Twirling Tricks and Tips | Thumb Throw Toss |Twirl Planet

This video teaches twirlers how to throw a baton with proper technique. A thumb toss is one of the baton twirling basics that is not very difficult to learn. When you learn how to toss a baton correctly, you gain wonderful control and accuracy of both small flips and high, spectacular aerials. This video is for baton twirlers, as well as staff spinners and jugglers who are interested in creating unique tricks and series. The tutorial includes demonstration with both a staff and a juggling club. Staff spinning tricks and techniques are similar to twirling and this basic release is a great way to add variety to your repertoire.

Twirling a baton can be fun for all ages and we look forward to bringing you more baton twirling videos.

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Twirl Planet offers a wide variety of top notch batons from the best U.S. Manufacturers. We have a full selection of batons from Star Line Baton, Sharp Baton, Kraskin Baton, Susan Orr Baton Twirling Unlimited, and World Twirling. The large variety of styles includes the Super Star, Lite Star, Starlet, Venus, Comet, Skinni Star, Sensicore, Super Rocket, Champion, Challenger, High Flyer, Angel, and Heart batons. We also offer many novelty batons including lighted and hoop batons.

Our baton bags and cases are fantastic with an easy to carry shoulder strap. They are available in 2 different styles and in many colors. We are also proud to offer instructional DVDs for baton twirlers of all skill levels, and for staff spinners as well.

Cindy Hamilton, Twirl Planet's CEO and Founder, is a former state and regional twirling champion, judge, and she has taught baton twirling throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Twirl Planet has become the ideal way to continue to support the sport of baton twirling, by making available best quality, made-in-the-USA twirling batons and supplies. Twirl Planet also aims to increase the public's awareness of baton twirling, it's talented athletes, and the value that learning to twirl offers to both young people and adults.

Baton twirling Regional Champion in 2009.

Mei Maruo
Solo twirl Regional Champion in 21 June 2009. Elementary school high grade.

Sisters claim 15 national titles for baton twirling

Two Northern California sisters may be young, but they are powerhouses on the baton twirling stage. They have won 15 national titles in the sport. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more:

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Baton Twirling - Savannah Miller - 2018 World Silver Medalist

2018 WBTF World Baton Twirling Championships
Savannah Miller
Sr. World Silver Medalist
Semi-Finals Round



Keisuke Komada (Japan) - 1st place World Championship Twirling 2014

Keisuke KOMADA (Japan) World Champion (Gold Medal) Senior Men 2014 Baton Twirling
Keisuke KOMADA (Japon) Champion du Monde Masc. Senior 2014 de Twirling Bâton

Notation : perfect 10

Nottingham - England

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Worldbaton2018-Keito Iwabuche(Japan)1st place

Jr Men - Keito Iwabuche(Japan)1st place

Savannah Miller, 3 baton FINALS, 2017 Madison, WI, US National Baton Twirling Championships

Savannah Miller, 3 baton FINALS, 2017 Madison, WI: WINNER
Kurtis Hubbell 2nd

World Baton Twirling Championships 2018 | Team Japan

I do no own the rights to any of the music or choreography. All credits to Team Japan and the Cinematic Orchestra

4 Finger Twirl - Novice Baton Twirling - How to Twirl a Baton - Baton Twirling Tutorial

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I continue the How to Twirl a Baton series with the Novice Baton Twirling segment by teaching the first steps to learning finger twirls, in particular 4 finger twirls, in the right and left hand. This move is great for new twirlers because it starts working on basic hand eye coordination and wrist/finger flexibility with twirling. This twirl is also the starting point to learning more difficult moves in the future.

I go over this trick step by step making sure to go over proper body work and technique.

If you have any questions, comment below and I will respond as soon as I can! Also, feel free to post a video response of you doing this trick! I would love to see your progress!

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Filmed With the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Twirl on!

Music - Kairo Kingdom - One Two (BioBlitZ Remix)™ is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Baton Twirling Lesson (Learning Fishtails)

Annetta Lucero teaches how to learn fishtails from the very beginning stage.
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Five Minute Expert: Baton Twirling

Our Five Minute Expert Harrison Baldwin met up with expert baton twirler Haylee Castagna for a quick lesson in baton twirling.

Baton twirling

Mei Maruo Solo twirl Regional Champion in 2008.

Greystones Baton Twirlers Alanna

Greystones Baton Twirlers

Toni Cox - United States Baton Twirling National Championship

Senior Elite Freestyle Finals, Stockton, CA

Baton Twirling Team USA Syndication at USTA Nationals in Ft Worth, TX

Command performance from Team USA Syndication. This was filmed in Fort Worth Texas at the USTA National Championships in 2001. They went on to win a silver medal in the World finals that year.


When I co-founded this holiday a few years ago, I never dreamed that it would explode to become as big of a celebration that it has today. Seeing this yearly social media blast of love for our sport means more than ever right now. Although we each sport our own country's colors, we are united by our passion for the artistry and beauty of baton twirling. Happy World Baton Twirling Day! #APARTBUTTOGETHER #HOPETOBEBACKONTHEFLOORSOON #WBTD #WORLDBATONTWIRLINGDAY #WBTD2020

Twirling Baton FINALE N2 : Maëva benjamine au SASS

VERSION LONGUE - avec encore un peu d'échauffements, le passage en lui-même puis les notes. La version courte sur facebook ne montre que le passage.
Nota: SASS = SA Saint-Sever



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