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Basque pelota


Basque Pelota - Biarritz, France - HD

A change of video from the technology one. Here is a game I went to see while on holiday in France. This was filmed with the KODAK Zi8 in 60fps

The Rules of Jai Alai - (Cesta Punta) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Jai Alai (Cesta Punta) – Is an all-but-forgotten sport in the USA, but is still played professionally in the Basque region of France and Spain.

Specific to International Jai Alai Rules - watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Jai Alai is played, Jai Alai rules and guidelines, and how to play Jai Alai.
Learn about cesta, pelota, 4 and 7 line, 11 line, round robin, set, gambling and more..

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Video: Internationaux Cesta Punta, Sports Valley Jai Alai (I do not own any footage and claim fair use!)
Images: Google (Various)
Music: ‘High Roller Casino’ by Capcom
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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Pelota 2010 finala, Martinez de Irujo - Xala

Pelota mano, Frontón Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe

The pelota mano is a modality of Basque pelota, tanto in progress Register fronton (pediment of 36x10x10 meters) as in foremast, as well as in libre plaza (the latter modality is very extendida in the French Basque Country). It juega sin herramienta golpeando the pelota, which is leather, directly con la mano, which market only PROTEGE with esparadrapos and fabric. A great characteristics is a sport that can play by couples or individual, and that consiste in a player of pareja has to Golpe la pelota (before that two boots in suelo the fronton) con la mano y debe playing in the front and then jump in the area bounded by the court. It is the modality of pelota that has more than extendido ninguna otra, alcanzando as the highest level professional sport in Spain and France. Usually they play two or four people (one against one or two against two). If they play four people, two teams, which are usually blue and red are made; the Colorados team will be the one the person older. Players are distributed by the pediment so that there are two players in front (front) and two behind (back row), one from each team. To find out who is cast starts taking lots usually with a coin; striker team whose turn it take catches the ball leather (these balls are somewhat smaller than tennis, but tougher and heavy) and is in line 6 starts running forward until you reach the line 4 or remove, at bouncing the ball on the ground and immediately hit it with the palm of the hand, pushing the ball towards the front wall of the pediment, so that the ball bounce on the wall and away from it. Once the front has removed a player from the other team hit the ball back towards the front wall and so on.

The Fastest Game in the World - Jai-Alai

One of the best Jai-Alai players in the world is featured in this 3min 31 sec video produced from a Nikon DX-CMOS sensor transfer in digitalization at 720dpi

Basque game of Hand-Pelota San Sebastian. 

Basque game of Hand-Pelota video I recorded during the summer in San Sebastian. 

'Basque Ball' hopes to have a shot at Olympics

Athletes in Idaho are hoping to bring the game of Basque Ball, a combination of racquetball with tennis to the Olympics.

Jai-Alai,Miami, Spinner Game 9 Singles,Goes Perfect

Played December 23rd,2015
Game 9 singles 7 points --Have you ever seen a jai alai game?If not,you are missing!It's absolutely amazing!In fact,only the best athletes can play jai alai professionally because it requires more skill,stamina and playing nerve than any other sport in the world.


MIAMI VS. DANIA 2003...GREAT ACTION CLIPS AND SOME GREAT SAVES!! ONE ESPECIALLY NICE ONE BY DENNIS OF MIAMI !!! BOY AND ANNOUCING ON HERE IS TOP QUALITY TOO, WE SURE MISS IT NOW!! If you want to learn more about the sport check out Benny Bueno's upload of jai alai History here-

Finale cesta punta saint jean de luz

Finale du tournoi du mois de juillet 2008 à saint jean de luz.
Après un mois de parties éliminatoires, la finale des internationaux professionnels de cesta punta de saint jean de luz oppose Embil/Olha et Alliez/Baronio.
Images tournées par Euskal Telebista et retransmises par Canal+ Sport

Basque Pelota Winners and Losers

Battle of the jai alai right sides- Irastorza or Lopez? 2017

Lopez has improved his right side with overhead pica that he didn't use much in Miami. Irastorza still has a wicked right side.


Speed challenge contest semifinals at Dania Jai Alai on 11-24-17, Ibon breaks old guiness record of 188 mph and throws one 187 mph and then another 190mph. Featuring Zulaika, Leke, Ubilla and Ibon Aldazabal

Miami Jai-Alai January 16,2017 SPINNER

A much improved #10 Spinner @ Miami Jai-Alai

Hit me with your best shot

Not thee, but one of the reasons I retired

Jaialdi 2010 Pelota

Jaialdi 2010 week kicked off with action-packed women's pelota during the World Pilota Council championship tournament at the historic Boise fronton on the Basque Block. Team Euskadi, from the Basque Country and one of the tourney favorites, took on a squad from Boise representing NABO, or the North American Basque Organizations. Euskadi won 30-5.

JaiAlaiUSA World Tour Final Doubles Championship Goiko-Erkiaga II

Played in Gernika Spain October 2015 Two Sets for the Doubles Championship Goikoetxea-Erkiaga II and Diego-Ibon

1990 pelota court part2


Magic City Jai-Alai

Live Jai-Alai from Magic City Casino! #LivetheJaiLife

Magic City Jai-Alai showcases the best features of the sport, combined with a state-of-the-art court and the talents of our very own homegrown athletes for a Jai-Alai experience unlike anything else!

If Jai-Alai is new to you - don't fret - we guarantee you will LOVE the sport!!! The exciting, fast action will leave you wondering why you've never seen this game before.

Enjoy the fastest sport in the world - played with the most lethal ball in sports - from the comfort of your home or catch the games played LIVE every Wednesday - Sunday at 3pm & 7pm!

Most lethal ball in sports, really? - YES, it's true!

*Jai-Alai • /hi-e-lie/*



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