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Basque traditional weightlifting


LEVANTADORES - The Basque Strongman - A documentary film

In the mountains of northern Spain, farmers and laypeople have competed in rural Strongman sports for generations. Stone lifting, wood cutting, bale tossing — the sports themselves carried over from years of manual labor, of daily life surviving off the land. LEVANTADORES introduces this rich culture which has helped influence a generation of modern day Strongman who are doing what they can to keep this heritage alive.

Still Images:
- Author: Indalecio Ojanguren, Source: Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundiko Kultura eta Euskara Departamentua, Title: 03_sendia.jpg, Adapted
- Author: Indalecio Ojanguren, Source: Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundiko Kultura eta Euskara Departamentua, Title: 07_laiatzen.jpg, Adapted
- Author: Artberri, Source: Title: Trontzea, Euskal Herria.jpg, Adapted
- Author: Indalecio Ojanguren, Source: Gipuzkoako Artxibo Orokorra (GFA) Title: IngudeAltxaketa.jpg, Adapted
- Author: Indalecio Ojanguren, Source: Gipuzkoako Artxibo Orokorra (GFA) Title: Laiariak.jpg, Adapted
CC-BY-SA-3.0Images from GureGipuzkoa

Remainder of still images used with permission by the owner(s)

Thanks to all who participated in the creation of this film -- all the families and individuals who let us into their homes and shared their culture with us.

Special Thanks:
Jan and Terry Todd
Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports
Lucio Dolcel
Additional thanks to Maite and the Rural-Mañe family for use of family photo archive

STONELAND: An Original Film by Rogue / 4K

There are few places on earth as intimately tied to historic feats of strength as the Highlands of Scotland. There are countless stories of local warriors and clansmen training for battle. Of castle bodyguards proving their strength by carrying heavy weights over long distances. An often cited tale dates back to the 11th century when King Malcolm III summoned his countrymen to compete in a foot race that would determine who would become his royal messenger.

All over Scotland are remnants of these ancient tests of strength — lifting stones, formed over the centuries by wind and river erosion, each with its own history and local lore. A relative few still know about and seek out these ancient stones. This is their story.

Daniel Mckim ( World Champion ) Caber Toss ... The clock strikes 12

( SAAA State Championship ) Costa Mesa, CA Scotsfest 2011

Traditional Sports from Mongolia | Trans World Sport

We travelled to Mongolia to find out more about the thriving traditional sports scene in the country.

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The Rogue Strongman Sandbags with Steve Slater

Stone Expert and Ohio Strongman Steve Slater introduces the Rogue Strongman Sandbags. Ranging in loadable weights from 100 to 300 lbs. (100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 lb. sizes), the Rogue Strongman Sandbags are a great training tool for a variety of traditional strongman events. Each Sandbag has a built-in filler bag with an additional zipper and hook-and-loop closure—ensuring filler material stays fully contained as you work through your regimen.

Because Sandbags can be emptied and then re-filled at another gym, field, park, etc., they function as uniquely portable Strongman training tools for athletes of any experience level.

Designed and manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, Rogue’s Strongman Sandbags deliver a versatile, go-anywhere alternative to heavy slam balls and stones.

Basque Strongmen in Bakersfield

Basque Weightlifters flex their muscles at the 2015 Kern County Basque Festival

Donnie Thompson and the Rogue DT Tempering Rollers

Rogue’s DT Tempering Rollers were co-developed with powerlifting legend Donnie Thompson—creator of the Thompson Fatbell, the Fat Pad, and the Belt Squat Belt—among many other innovations. In his South Carolina gym, Thompson has helped introduce “body tempering” as a heavy-duty upgrade over traditional foam rollers, utilizing weighted cast-iron cylinders to break up trigger points and relieve tightness in the joints, muscles and fascia. Rogue has refined those original prototype cylinders into our 24 DT Tempering Rollers, available here in 50LB and 80LB increments.

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Natural stone lifting- up to 500lbs

Jono Mac goes to visit the Kiwi Stoneman.

Making the EU Rogue Birch Jerk Blocks - 4k

In the small town of Kuortane, Finland, 200 miles north of Helsinki, woodworker Jukka Vähämäki crafts birch wood into bomb-proof Rogue EU jerk blocks for training the olympic lifts. Using a combination of modern wood-working tools and traditional hand tools, Vähämäki himself builds each and every block for these high-quality sets.

These blocks are sold in our EU store only. The U.S. versions are made in Columbus, Ohio.

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Episode 197- Mark Jamison- Fly Wheel Training To Increase Transfer of Training

“When we train for traits we go on the kBox.”

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This week we are joined by Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s Assistant AD For High Performance Mark Jamison to discuss the implementation of fly wheel training. After a quick intro, Mark dives right into how they got connected with Exxentric and what brought them to start to implement the kBox. This leads us down the rabbit hole of evaluating athletes, KPI’s, and how using the fly wheel has impacted these in a positive way. We finish off discussing the event that they’re hosting, The Exxentric High Performance Clinic, on August 9th. Make sure you check out all the info about this awesome learning opportunity here:

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Saltwater Fishing Seminar: How to catch big striped bass, bluefish, bonito, false albacore and more.

This is a saltwater fishing seminar about the most effective techniques to constantly catch big striped bass and all saltwater fish. I will discuss my experience as a full time guide, someone that makes there living from fishing. I will discuss fishing techniques and strategies that consistently catch fish day in and day out.

Some of the techniques I discuss are fishing top water lures, zara spooks, poppers, soft plastics, vertical jigging with diamond jigs and shimano colt snipers. What rods and reels to use. Finesse fishing tactics. How to use your electronics to locate fish. What to do when you find fish that are not aggressively feeding. What is a reaction strike and how to get a fish to react to your bait or lure. How to fish live bait including live bunker, pogies, menhaden and eels. What is the best tide to fish.

Basque rural sportshow. Shanta susa, 8kgr anvil lifting

82 liftings in 90 seconds. 2nd

307 atlas stone lifting with some Higa Monsters

Rocco, Steve, Tyler, and Zack lifting one of the stones at the warehouse for reps. and like real strongmen... no tacky 8/23/08 8:30am

Double 50 lb scale weight lift.wmv

A nice little lift I did a few years ago. Two 50 lb scaleweights held together and lifted.





Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling at Ambleside Traditional Sports 2012

Youths take part in Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling at Ambleside Traditional Sports on 26th July 2012. The traditional dress is usually long white pants (Long Johns),embroidered velvet trunks and a singlet or vest. Each bout is judged over the best of three falls.

Kelly Starrett talks the new M|Wod Mobility Stick

Look we hear you. Lugging a barbell around in your backpack to mobilize your janky tissues just isn't practical. Moreover, we know that explaining away that barbell in your living room during parties gets old. Yet, some times nothing else gets to the source of your tacked down sliding surfaces like a good ol' chunk of beautifully handcrafted barbell. That's why we've created the M|Wod stick. First of all, it's gorgeous. Second of all, you know it works. And nothing screams responsible, mobile, dedicated and legit athlete like a piece of hand crafted metal alloy in the middle of your quads (in the middle of your living room). We know the TSA is gonna hate it. But they don't squat anyways. The M|Wod stick is the next level, hand held, one way ticket to PR-town.

Atomic Athletic Warehouse History

Working out in the right place is key. At Atomic Athletic we love our warehouse gym and fill it with all sorts of Strongman history and memorabilia. It's not your cookie cutter, full of shiny machines and mirrors gym. Instead we rely on old fashioned iron and pay tribute to the history ofthe iron game.

Q&A natural stone lifting

Is natural stone lifting and carrying the best thing for building overall strength?

Stone Clean and Press w/ Zach Even-Esh

The Encyclopedia of UNDERGROUND Strength & Conditioning

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