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Sherlock Holmes Bartitsu arte marcial ingles (Robert Downey jr y el wing chun)

Sherlock holmes el detective creado por sir Arthur Conan Doyle era un experto peleador en el arte marcial bartitsu. Robert Downey jr entreno wing chun pero en Sherlock Holmes película es el bartitsu que utiliza el detective sherlock holmes interpretado por Robert Downey jr. El detective Sherlock Holmes sabia Bartitsu. Robert Downey jr sabe wing chun. En la película Sherlock Holmes del año 2009 Robert Downey jr pelea con técnicas de Wing Chun pero es el Bartitsu o Baritsu el estilo del original detective Sherlock Holmes.

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elfarraon - elfarraon - elfarraon

Tony Wolf Bartitsu

A class taught at CombatCon

Bartitsu Cane Freeplay at Alte Kampkunst

Some impressions from our Bartitsu Cane Freeplay

Bartitsu - kata 1

the first and most basic kata that I'll be sharing and adding to for bartitsu

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Bartitsu Basics - Pugilism 1.wmv

A few basic moves of the Pugilism section of Bartitsu: left and right lead-off to the head and their first defence.

Bartitsu – Historical Self-Defence with a Walking Stick according to Pierre Vigny

Now available on DVD and Vimeo on Demand: Bartitsu – Historical Self-Defence with a Walking Stick according to Pierre Vigny“

DVD in Europe: (Germany) or (UK)
DVD in the USA:


Find a review at:

Edward Barton-Wright was one of the first Europeans to learn Ju-Jitsu in Japan. Back in London, he founded a club where he taught the upper class in self-defence. He combined the most effective martial arts of his time: Canne Vigny, boxing, Savate and Ju-Jitsu. In doing so, he pioneered Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). His art of self-defence was named Bartitsu.
The teacher for stick fighting in the Bartitsu Club was Pierre Vigny. He adapted the techniques of classical french stick fighting („La Canne“) for self-defence.

Running time: approx. 2 h 50 m


- Historical background
- Types of canes and walking sticks
- Basics and mechanics
- Attacks
- Defences in classical La Canne and Canne Vigny
- Additional techniques and tactics, like locks and throws
- Countering armed and unarmed attacks
- Practical application in self-defence situations
- Drills, exercises and free fencing


Alexander Kiermayer
- Long-time teacher for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)
- Long-time teaching experience in various Asian martial arts
- State-licensed trainer
- Police trainer

Christoph Reinberger
- Long-time teacher for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)

Bartitsu Sparring at WSG

Bartitsu cane sparring at Waterloo Sparring Group

Bartitsu Distanzüberbrückung für Hebel und Würfe

Historische Selbstverteidigung mit dem Spazierstock nach Pierre Vigny
Hier erhältlich:

Edward Barton-Wright war einer der ersten Europäer, die in Japan Ju-Jitsu erlernten. Wieder zurück in London gründete er einen Club, in dem er die gehobene Gesellschaft in Selbstverteidigung unterrichtete. Dabei kombinierte er die effektivsten Kampfkünste seiner Zeit: Canne Vigny, Boxen, Savate und Ju-Jitsu. Barton-Wright wurde so ein früher Pionier der Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Seine Selbstverteidigungskunst nannte er Bartitsu.

Lehrer für Stockkampf im Bartitsu Club war Pierre Vigny, der die Techniken des klassischen französischen Stockkampfes für die Selbstverteidigung optimierte.

Geschichtlicher Hintergrund
Stocktypen und ihre Verwendung
Grundlagen und Bewegungslehre
Angriffe mit dem Spazierstock
Verteidigungen aus dem klassischen La Canne und dem Canne Vigny
Ergänzende Techniken wie Hebel und Würfe
Bewaffnete und waffenlose Angriffe erwidern
Drills, Übungen und Freikampf

heavy strikes: bartitsu with big al:

a recap on light strikes and grip and then a demonstration of how to deliver heavy strikes on two different types of canes

Bartitsu stick sparring

A short video showing some technical stick sparring from the 2012 Bartitsu School of Arms.

In this type of sparring, the mask, gloves, forearms, thighs and calves are all legal targets. Stick strikes and thrusts as well as unarmed strikes, weapon traps/disarms and standing grappling may all be employed.

Fighters are encouraged to experiment with variations on the standard high guards, for example by lowering the guards as positions of invitation. They may acknowledge hits verbally and/or gesturally, but the emphasis is on continual action.

The weapons are 3/4″ diameter, 36″ rattan sparring canes from Purpleheart Armory, equipped with solid rubber ball handles to simulate the steel ball handles of real Bartitsu canes. The asymmetrical balance of the cane is a key factor in Bartitsu stick fighting.

Music courtesy of -

Bartitsu Workout Stick-Fi(gh)t Dupla Botos páros gyakorlat

Bartitsu - Sherlockon 2017 - Klub L'Extrême Est

27 maja 2017 roku, w warszawskich Hybrydach, Klub Savate L'Extrême Est dał pokaz Bartitsu - autentycznej sztuki walki, którą miał posługiwać się Sherlock Holmes.

Klub Savate L'Extrême Est

Sherlockon Polska


Zapraszamy na treningi - Boks Francuski (Savate), La Canne de Combat (walka laską spacerową), La Lutte Parisienne (walka w parterze).

Zajęcia odbywają się w szkole tańca SalsHall Ortodox - ul. Kleczewska 38/40, wtorki i czwartki: 20.00 - 21.30 (grupa mieszana, można dołączyć w każdej chwili).

Bartitsu stick sparring

Urban Combat JKD Presents Bartitsu: The Gentleman's Martial Art - Best of British

Urban Combat JKD Presents Bartitsu: The Gentleman's Martial Art | Best of British

Showcasing the deadly Nunchaku's -

Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years 1898–1902, combining elements of boxing, jujitsu, cane fighting, and French kickboxing (savate). In 1903, it was immortalised (as baritsu) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories.

Up & coming international Urban Combat - Jeet Kune Do seminars coming soon 2019

For more information contact:


Emil Martirossian Close Quarter Unarmed Combat Specialist. Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2001 - 2019 in recognition of his commitment to gain martial arts practice greater popularity both in the United Kingdom and around the World.

Do not attempt any of the martial arts techniques, unless in a fit state of health or with a professional martial arts instructor. EM is not liable for any persons injured.

WMAW 2011 - Bartitsu Demo

Tony Wolf and Mister X demonstrate Bartitsu on WMAW 2011

WMAW Grand Assault 6 Bartitsu

WMAW Grand Assault 6 Bartitsu

Bartitsu Workout Stick-Fi(gh)t Dupla botos páros gyakorlat

Bartitsu Workout Stick-Fi(gh)t felső kereszt védés bemelegítő rávezető gyakorlat

Egyéni két botos gyakorlat

Grappling: bartitsu with big al

Learning how to use a cane in self defence up close and personal against grabs holds and grappling techniques. Remember always try to keep your range

Bartitsu~playing with techniques from Self-defence with a Walking-stick(1901)

We're using 3 stick fighting stances: Left guard (also called the back guard), Left guard - stick lowered, Right guard (also called the front guard.) (full description on p.184-5, Bartitsu Compendium vol.I, ed. Tony Wolf.) We've tried to spar techniques which were designed for Self Defence , the following are all on the video somewhere (page refs are for Bartitsu compendium vol I): the Guard by Distance (p.226), shin hit (p.232, Mr. Barton - Wright has this as an attempt to hit the knee to disable which misses, we can't do that in sparring,but cane on shin bone is still effective), p.234 circling guard we use it not against a kick as in the book but here against low backhand cane strike flipping the wrist over to block and counter strike as in p.245 (the middle picture is incorrect , it's reused from another sequence), p.239 bayonet strike from left guard stick lowered (to be strictly accurate left arm is forward, but left foot is back, in the original weapon in crowd scenario.) We're on facebook, as Battersea Bartitsu Club, or you can write to us at BM Battersea Bartitsu, London, WC1N 3XX, England.



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