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Bar billiards


Let's Play: Bar Billiards

Bar billiards is a little-known British pub game. And in the tradition of video game let's plays -- only in the real world -- I got some folks together for a match.

THE RULES: Pot the balls in the holes. Each hole's worth some points. Red ball's worth double. Don't knock over the pegs. And you only score those points when you play a legal shot that doesn't pot anything. Don't worry, you'll work it out soon enough.

MATT: - @standupmaths
IZZY: @izkirk
JIM: - @jamesgrime
TOM: - @tomscott

MATT GRAY on camera: - @unnamedculprit
MICHELLE MARTIN editing: - @mrsmmartin

THE PEMBURY TAVERN in Hackney. (They accept Bitcoin.)

Guernsey Bar Billiards Pairs Open Final - Game 1

Roy Le Page & Terry Kenny vs. Mark Trafford & Ian Gordon

Game Score: 5,680 - 3,270

How to play Bar Billiards

A short explanation of the game of Bar Billiards

Guernsey Bar Billiards Singles KO SemiFinal 2013 - Match 1 - Game 2

Ian Champion vs. Bob Chapple

Indoor League 2

This great old northern pub games show presented by Fred Trueman, with bar billiards, then the darts using a typical yorkshire board with no trebles. Next back to the bar billiards, after Fred tries to smooth talk Vera before we return to more non stop bar billiards action. Ah'll see thee then!

Guernsey Bar Billiards Singles KO Final 2013 - Game 1

Paul Dyer vs. Bob Chapple

4-pin Bar Billiards an East Anglian speciality!

There are two forms of Bar Billiards; 3-pin and 4-pin. In East Anglia we predominantly play 4-pin so have a look at a game being played 'solo'!

The red is worth double of a white. The holes along the top are worth 10-20-30-20-10. The middle front is 200 BUT, you lose every point you've earnt if this falls! The one ahead is worth 100 and the left and right pair are worth 50 each and ifany of these fall it is 'end of break'. Only in the old Newmarket and BSE league (closed in 1996) did we always use the red on the D as the cue ball, all other leagues use the white. 'Our' league is now defunct, half the pubs have gone and there are no tables left anywhere.

I added a pink (as a second red) to keep the game moving, the holes are bigger BUT square edged so no rimming = about the same chance of getting the ball in but it doesn't keep rolling around the top. The skittles are weighted and the top 5 holes are further apart then normal for reverse shots into the 50, 100 and the 200. it is far harder than a normal table to play the top 5 as the gaps are so big but the reverse shots are easier!

Everyone who plays the game absolutely loves it and wonders why they never see it! So i hope you enjoy it too. The game is slightly blighted by a repetitive break shot which is tedious to both do and to watch.

IN THIS GAME, there are one or two 'nice' shots...and some horrors! 11,000 is the points scored. Look out for another game of over 15,000....I will put up.

This is the East Anglian Open Champion2018 practicing on his home table.

Bar Billiards at The Cock Inn Cider

A hot summer evening down the pub shed The Cock Inn Cider, playing bar billiards.

2017 US Bar Table Championships 8-Ball: Shane Van Boening vs James Aranas Finals-Set 2

2017 US Bar Table Championships
December 10-16, 2017
Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Cyclop Balls, Iwan Simonis Cloth, Bad Boys Billiards Productions, Magic Ball Racks. Diamond Billiards, WestGate LV Resort & Casino

BAR BILLIARDS GAME british vintage pub games (cue sport)

Check out a video called indoor league 2 by a guy called Tony Ross to pick up the rules of bar billiards or watch this vid.

Guernsey Bar Billiards Pairs Open Final - Game 2

Roy Le Page & Terry Kenny vs. Mark Trafford & Ian Gordon

Game Score: 2,840 - 0
Total Score: 8,520 - 3,270

Sams Bros Bar Billiards Table

The Games Room Company specialise in vintage & modern games specialists, selling, making & restoring games & jukeboxes. Experts in the rare & whimsical with a focus on quality & excellent service.

Guernsey Bar Billiards Pairs Open Round 1 - Series 1 - Game 1

Martin Friend & Bob Hall vs. Roy Le Page & Terry Kenny

Game Score: 1,980 - 2,290

Guernsey Bar Billiards Pairs KO Final 2013 - Game 1

Roy Le Page & Terry Kenny vs Trevor Gallienne & Barry Osborne

Guernsey Bar Billiards Pairs Open Round 1 - Series 2 - Game 1

Roger Taylor & Martin Smith vs. Bob Chapple & Nick Ogier

Game Score: 1,440 - 4,150

Nottingham Bar Billiards - 2020 County Cup final - Joe Foxon v Dale Prime

The long-awaited last game of the 2019/20 season. Division 1 champion Joe Foxon takes on Division 2 champion Dale Prime in the final of the first ever Nottinghamshire County Cup.

Frame 1 - 0:00
Frame 2 - 21:44
Frame 3 - 42:30
Joe high break - 48:05
Frame 4 - 1:04:23
Frame 5 - 1:24:23
Frame 6 - 1:43:31
Dale high break - 1:48:40
Frame 7 - 2:04:22

Round billiard and unique tables in Spinn Bar Cebu

Worst ever bar billiards break fail?

Tony managed a score of over 6000, with a couple of excellent recovery shots - before knocking over the mushroom which wiped the score out completely.

More bar billiards at The Cock Inn Cider House

It's 30 degrees in the shade, so time to cool off in The Cock Inn Cider House with a pint and a game.

Nottingham Bar Billiards semi-final: Joe Foxon v Matt Thomas

A few teething problems with the video, but here's our first attempt at filming a full match!



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