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Banger racing


Unlimited National Banger Championship of the World 2018 - 06/10/2018

Highlights from the 2018 Unlimited National Banger Championship of the World.


Fast and Fearless Britains Banger Racers Episode 2 b03ywxjs default

The best TV documentary I have ever seen about the best banger racing meeting I have ever seen...

Standlake 1800cc Street Banger Open Championship 14/10/18

Best of Mendips Raceway Banger Racing

Enthrall action from Mendips Raceway including thrills and spills from the Mendips Raceway 2017 Season - Bangers, Hot Rods, Special Rods, Reliant Robins, Heritage, Brisca F2, Stock Cars, Heritage, Junior Rods, Caravans, Caravandalism and lots more. Copyright Content - please do not copy, embed or re-distribute without permission from

Arlington Unlimited Bangers 'Banger World Series' Finale - 05/09/2018

Highlights from the final round of the 2018 Banger World Series.


Micro World Cup 2018

Mirco banger racing #bangers #lochgelly #stockcar

Arlington Domestic Bangers 'Gold Rush' Round 7 & 1300cc Stockcars - 19/0/2018

Highlights from the penultimate round of the 2018 Gold Rush series.


Standlake Unlimited Old Boys & 1800cc Non Mondeos 9/9/18

bus /Coach banger race buxton raceway 21st april 2014 (heat 2)

bus /Coach banger race buxton raceway 21st april 2014 (heat 2)

July 21, 2012 banger racing xx


wscc 28-12-08 junior banger race heat 2

Second race with the kids.. 28-12-08

Buxton Raceway Bus Banger Race 17-4 -17

Buxton Raceway Bus Banger Race 17-4 -17
heat 1,2 final-DD

dont worry driver in 69 wasnt badly hurt just broke a thumb

north cornwall motor racing club two day banger meet

The white and blue cars
UNFORTUNATLY because chucklevision go out to please the crowd non of us made it into the final cause the cars were no lnger running after heat 3 and only 1 chuckle made heat 3

Banger Racing Race #3 Boston Stadium 1984

Jaguar banger race

Wimbledon Jag racing

Firecracker XXI Unlimited Banger & Robin Reliant Racing, 04.11.2012

Heres my highlights from yesterdays unlimited banger Firecracker XXI featuring Unlimited bangers and robin reliants at Arena Essex.

banger racing 1970 remastered my first race 499 yellow morris

BANGER RACING 1970 REMASTERED Arlington raceway

my bus got destroyed || Arlington Stadium banger racing

School Bus Project website:

when I was 19 I bought a bus from my neighbour with dreams of building a radio studio in it (I know, I’m so predictable). but the bus lay neglected at the bottom of my parents’ garden for 7 years, until it got a new lease of life as a banger racing contestant. I was expecting it might gain international notoriety, but instead it lasted one short afternoon and then got totally smashed up into little bits. enjoy!

(oh by the way for banger racing nerds, this one's the Spedworth National Bangers Big Vans race at Arlington Stadium in Eastbourne, from 5th May 2018)

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Stockcars 18: Banger Chain Race 18

Footage from the 2018 Banger Chain Race at Onchan Raceway.
Visit for info on future meetings and special events.
There is now a two week break, the next meeting is Sunday 24th June 2018 at 2pm gates open at 1pm

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Banger racing compilation

quick vid I chucked together as I was bored



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