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Banger racing


CIVIL WAR 21, Crashes/Highlights, Banger Racing, Hednesford, 12/1/20

With Birmingham Wheels bastardized by bureaucrats it was off to Hednesford for the 1st meeting of 2020, with the venue standing alone as the sole operating track in the midlands. This was a good one. Even if it did take a million years to shift the cars off the track.

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Mendips August 25th 2019 -National Banger Championship of the World - Part 2


INSANE!!! RAMP RACE!! Destruction Derby! Outlaws banger racing at scarborough autograss 12.8.2018

Outlaws Banger racing back to basics banger's. Theses guys put on an amzing show with some insane jumps, crashes and smashes. the golttop event was held at Scarborough autograss club track.

Foxhall Ipswich: Banger Racing May Day Weekend

Some fast banger racing to set up the May Day Bank holiday weekend 2017
Ht 1
84 385 471 98 191 70
Ht 2
400 422 385 511 76
386 104 385 141
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Standlake Heavy Metal Classic 5/1/20

Banger Racing. Man Of The Midlands Championship 2019. Hednesford Hills Raceway. 3/11/2019.

#BackToBasics #BangerRacing #ManOfTheMidlands
Back To Basics Banger Racing. Man Of The Midlands Championship of 2019. At Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday the 3rd of November 2019.
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Crasharama 13, Unlimited Banger Racing, Smeatharpe Raceway, 30.05.2011

Arena Essex: Firecracker XXV Reliant Robins

If Carlsberg did motor racing, this is how it would be. These Robins keep bobbing along even after they've been on their roofs over and over.....and over again.
Exciting entertainment from Arena Essex Firecracker XXV

All Granada : The Best Banger Meeting EVER

The best banger meeting EVER! The all Granada, Olly Moran Memorial. You will not see better banger racing than this. Over 200 Granadas entered and the drivers which included many current and former World champions went full on, to raise funds in memory of Maya Ford for the Meningitis Research Fund. At Arena Essex 20th October 2013. Boxer Jack 331 won.

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Fast and Fearless Britains Banger Racers Episode 2 b03ywxjs default

The best TV documentary I have ever seen about the best banger racing meeting I have ever seen...

Banger racing angmering arena essex

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Vidio ini adalah olahraga balapan dan pemenangnya adalah mobil siapa yang masih bisa bertahan hingga akhir

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Arlington Unlimited Bangers 'Banger World Series' Finale - 05/09/2018

Highlights from the final round of the 2018 Banger World Series.


Bus/Coach Bangers buxton Raceway 21st April (FINAL)

buxton raceway 21st April 2014 easter monday Bus/Coach BANGER race Final/DD

wimbledon figure 8 1982

over the 8 at Wimbledon

Buxton Raceway Bus Banger Race 17-4 -17

Buxton Raceway Bus Banger Race 17-4 -17
heat 1,2 final-DD

dont worry driver in 69 wasnt badly hurt just broke a thumb

St Day Blockbuster, Unlimited Banger Racing, 28.08.2011

26/05/2013 Mendip Raceway banger race heat 2 - AMBULANCE NEEDED

Big hit at the top corner knocks driver out ------ DRIVER IS OK ! and appears from the car after a few min's

BEST of Birmingham Wheels Raceway 2019 (Crashes/Action) #SaveBirminghamWheels

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All the best action from Birmingham Wheels Raceway that we covered in 2019, including some from the Gala Night that was tragically cut short with the death of Colin North and never uploaded. Sadly we've also lost Champion of Champions and New Years day race meetings after the recent a sudden shock of impending closure after some really dodgy moves by Birmingham Council, which may also mean this could be the last ever video of Birmingham Wheels Raceway that we make, which would be a truly shocking loss and leave UK Oval racing on it's knees.

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Standlake Small Vans & 1800cc Street Bangers 14/4/19

Demolition Derby. Unlimited Banger Racing. 27/10/2019. Last Time EVER In Stoke!

#BangerRacing #StokeOnTrent #DemolitionDerby
The last ever banger racing to be held at the Stoke Speedway Stadium, Loomer Rd. Chesterton.
An awesome action packed day full of bumps, bangs, sparks, smoke, and fuel emissions that would send Greta Thunberg back into meltdown mode!
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