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Banger racing


Banger Racing UKR I 2013

Banger Racing am Uhlenköper Ring April 2013 (Bangers 1000)
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All Volvo and Granada Banger Final into DD at Kings Lynn


Standlake Arena Big Van Banger Racing, 27.08.2012.

heres my highlights from yesterdays big van banger meeting at standlake arena.

Unlimited Banger Racing. Shaun Buckley Memorial. Stoke 27/10/2019.

#BangerRacing #Stoke #LoveStartrax
The Pit Walk and Shaun Buckley Memorial Final with Unlimited Banger's at Loomer Rd. Stadium, Stoke on 27/10/2019.
This was part of the final ever laps for banger's at Stoke before the stadiums closure.
Please enjoy, and thanks for watching.
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Wimbledon London Open 20.02.2011, 1600cc Banger racing

Banger Racing Ipswich 1982

Arena Essex: Easter Banger Racing

The PRI Bangers entertain us again for Easter 2017
Final result
1st 929 Matt Lewis
2nd 165 Charlie Barwell
3rd 508 Harry Hunt
- 724, 82, 105, 930, 550, 506, 128.
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Mildenhall Stadium Iain 'Steamer' House Memorial, Unlimited Banger Racing, 11.08.2012.

Here's my highlights from saturdays unlimited Suffolk Open 2012 and Iain 'steamer' House memorial at mildenhall stadium.

Arena Essex: PRI Banger Racing

PRI Bangers at Arena Essex 2nd April 2017. The best way to spend Sunday afternoons.
1st 59 Tom Greenstreet. 536, 105, 550, 998, 210, 197, 929.
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Wimbledon: 1300 Stock Car Racing - Final Season

The 1300 Stock Cars took the crown for the most exciting formula in The Final Farewell event at Wimbledon. No holds barred as everybody wanted to win for one last time ever.
Ht 1 29 George Morphey. 161, 23, 46, 371,
Ht 2 240 Ian Trapmore. 23, 713,371, 229,
Final 161 Billy Smith, 29George Morphey, 713 Ian Beaumont,
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Wimbledon: National Banger Racing - Final Season

THE TADLEY PET SUPPLIES Unlimited Plough Lane Classic. The driver that has the honour of being the the last ever winner of a banger race at Wimbledon goes to.......114 Liam Lake
Heat 1 - 331 Jason Jackson, 570, 204, 114, 415, 528, 249, 362, 733, 82.
Heat 2 - 382 Tommy Hutchings, 169, 714, 211, 688, 341, NOF.
Heat 3 - 787 Marc Key, 632, 506, 122, 17, 242, NOF.
Heat 4 - 114 Liam Lake, 362, 733, 169, 415, NOF.
Heat 5 - 528 Alan Hunt, 514, 17, 382, 688, 632, 614, 242, 624, NOF.
Final - 114 Liam Lake, 382 Tommy Hutchings, 169 James Rushton, 514, 732, NOF.
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Spedeworth Stock Car, Superstox, Stock Rod, Super Rod & Banger Racing at Foxhall Stadium 1970's

I have footage from several support races at Ipswich Spedeweekends. 1970's and 1980's. When I have reached 1000 subscribers I will upload the full races and some others, so please subscribe. Thanks.

Bangers World Final @A38Raceway 2017 RC banger racing

After 4 Quali rounds and a semi final 16 cars made up the grid for the third 1/10 drift bangers World Final.

Unlimited Banger Racing. AFTERMATH FOOTAGE From Stoke 27/10/2019.

#BangerRacing #CarWrecks #Stoke
Aftermath Video. A montage of car wrecks taken from the last ever meeting at Stoke.
This is a new style of video for me, so please let me know what you think in the comment box below. I aim to please and always value any advice or constructive criticism.
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Arena Essex Oval Racing Expo: Banger Racing

Loads of good nudge and spins for the connoisseur here at The Oval Racing Expo 2017 with the Bangers
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Arena Essex: National Banger Legends

The 2nd annual Ronnie Martin memorial Banger Legends. These drivers are old enough to Know better, many of them were racing in the 70's. Here they are back again entertaining us and raising money for charity. (Links below)
#188 Dean Page is the winner.
#140 Dave Ricketts is 2nd and
#175 John Steward is 3rd

Crasharama 14, Unlimited Banger Racing, Smeatharpe Stadium Taunton, 05.06.2012.

Highlights from this years Crasharama at Smeatharpe Stadium in Taunton featuring unlimited bangers.

Ringwood Raceway - All Jaguar National Bangers 2017

Highlights from the all Jaguar National Bangers meeting, held at Ringwood Raceway on Monday 17th April 2017.

UK Banger racing - Summer season starts under the cloud of the Coronavirus outbreak.

As global sport falls victim to increasing cancellations as a precautionary measure with the Corona Virus outbreak, it is the community based non-mainstream sports that are still continuing to operate and draw the crowds.

On Sunday 15th March 2020 it was the start of the Summer season? race calendar at Angmering circuit in West Sussex, England.

UK Banger Racing may lack the glamour and prestige of Formula One, whose first 4 races this season have already been cancelled, but this grassroots sport is full of adrenaline-fuelled racing and a real crowd-pleaser. Operated on an outdoor arena, spectators can still enjoy this form of motorsport.

Depending on an evolving government strategy, even this type of gathering may come under tighter controls in the near future although with some 150 spectators for this early season meeting it is a long way from a mass gathering.

Before the meeting, organisers made a special effort in cleaning the circuit and facilities. Their biggest challenge seemed to be replenishing supplies of toilet roll, which seemed to be disappearing at the same speed as in supermarkets. The mood from racers and the public appeared very laid back with some degree of scepticism around the severity of the risk the virus presents.

INSANE!!! RAMP RACE!! Destruction Derby! Outlaws banger racing at scarborough autograss 12.8.2018

Outlaws Banger racing back to basics banger's. Theses guys put on an amzing show with some insane jumps, crashes and smashes. the golttop event was held at Scarborough autograss club track.



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