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Sweden grabs World Bandy Championship

The Swedish national squad has reclaimed the World Bandy Championship after beating Russia 6-1 in the final in Sweden. Bandy is played on ice not with a puck but with a ball.

The Rules of Bandy - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Bandy. A beginner's explanation of Bandy Rules and how it differs from ice hockey, field hockey and football.
Watch this short tutorial video guide on how to play Bandy under Olympic and FIB rules.

Learn about goals, free stroke, corner stroke, offsides, penalty shot, overtime, penalty shootouts and more.

Ninh Ly explains all!

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Video: Copyright FIB (I do not own any video footage).
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Music: ‘Paul Phoenix’ by Namco
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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Försäsongens Mästare - Bandy avsnitt 3

❃World Cup Bandy❃2016/16/10/❃Highlights❃1/2finala❃«Villa Lidköping»-«Neftyanik»-6:3(2:0)

❃World Cup Bandy❃2016/
«Villa Lidköping»-«Neftyanik»-6:3(2:0)
Målen: 1–0 (6, hörna) Martin Johansson, 2–0 (22) David Karlsson, 2–1 (34) Yury Shardakov, 2–2 (38, straff) Pavel Ryazantsev, 3–2 (45) Johan Esplund, 4–2 (53) Axel Ekholm, 4–3 (60+2) Pavel Riazantcev, 5–3 (60+3) David Karlsson, 6–3 (60+4) Daniel Andersson.

Bandy Goalkeeper - Summer training on the beach or grass

Here is several drills for goalkeeper trainings in the summer time.

My gear for the training:
-Rebounder, which bounces the ball back to different directions
-Tennis balls (It is possible to use bandy balls, but i recommend softer tennis balls)
-Football shoes to grass so you don't slip
-(Fences for additional drills)

Notice that almost every drill contains the same saving tehnique. When doing this enough, it should improve your tehnique and movement on the ice also.

Comment if you have questions.

Bandy Goalkeeper - Saves from february 2017

Short video of few saves after 1,5 months injury.

Skutskärs bandy målen

Cup i Sandviken 2011 12 18 Möter Sandviken / Saik Edsbyn Broberg och selånger

Final-World Cup-2018"Villa Lidköping"-"Sandviken"Highlights

Final-World Cup-2018Villa Lidköping-SandvikenHighlights

Försäsongens Mästare - Bandy avsnitt 4

❃World Cup Bandy❃2016/16/10/❃full match HD❃1/2finala❃«Villa Lidköping»-«Neftyanik»

❃World Cup Bandy❃2016/

16/10/❃full match HD❃1/2finala❃

«Villa Lidköping»-«Neftyanik»

❃World Cup Bandy❃2015❃Final❃«Sandviken»-«Jenisej»-0:5(0:1)

❃World Cup Bandy❃2015❃

Кубок мира Финал-2015г. «Сандвикен»-«Енисей»-0:5(0:1)

Sandvikens AIK bandy highlights 2016-2017

Höjdpunkter från SAIK bandys säsong 2016-2017 som slutade i en femte avgörande match i semifinalserien mot Edsbyn.

Låt: The streets of Sandviken (

Bandy Goalkeeper - Glove making process

This is the video many people have asked from me so here it finally is!

Shortly the process consists of 6 phases:
1. Getting the equipment
2. Gluing the gloves
3. Cutting the outlines
4. Hammering (Use at least 2-4 hours time)
5. Cutting the fingers (not yours)
6. Finishing.

Of course this is the not only way nor perhaps the right way to make gloves. If you have comments of questions, please right them below!


Раскрути свой денежный депозит с помощью нашего сайта :

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Bandy goalkeeper - saves from November 2016

Some saves from practices in November.

Bandy. 2013.01.31. World Championship 2013. Group A. Sweden - Russia

Jett Bandy 2017 Highlights

MLB owns the videos used.

2017 Stats - .207 .287 .349 .636, 60 G, 188 PA, 35 Hits, 6 HR, 18 RBI

Career Stats -

❉Svenska Bandy❉SM GULD«Västerås-SK»Bandy-2016 BAKOM KULISSERNA!!!! SM ЗОЛОТО "ВЕСТРОСА" 2016

❉Svenska Bandy❉
«exklusiv video»-Более месяца назад команда по хоккею с мячомВЕСТЕРОС выиграла свою 20-ю золотую медаль. Здесь вы увидите эксклюзивное видео, сделанные внутри команды.

Koniec "Bandy Świrów" 1/3 | Leszek Ojrzyński - dziękujemy!

Zapraszamy do obejrzenia pierwszej z trzech części serii, pt. Koniec Bandy Świrów. Pierwsza z nich poświęcona jest trenerowi, który stworzył tę drużynę - Leszkowi Ojrzyńskiemu. Film powstał trzy dni po zwolnieniu z funkcji szkoleniowca Korony.



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