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The Rules of Bandy - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Bandy. A beginner's explanation of Bandy Rules and how it differs from ice hockey, field hockey and football.
Watch this short tutorial video guide on how to play Bandy under Olympic and FIB rules.

Learn about goals, free stroke, corner stroke, offsides, penalty shot, overtime, penalty shootouts and more.

Ninh Ly explains all!

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Video: Copyright FIB (I do not own any video footage).
Images: Google (Various)
Music: ‘Paul Phoenix’ by Namco
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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Säsongens 20 snyggaste bandymål 2018-2019

De 20 snyggaste bandymålen i Elitserien säsongen 2018-2019. Bilder från Bandyplay och SVT. Låtar: Everybody wants to rule the world - Lorde, Towards the sun - Rihanna och Glorious - Macklemore.

SM Finalen i Bandy 1975 Ljusdals BK - Villa Lidköping

Highlights från första halvlek och hela andra halvlek av SM-Finalen 1975, Ljusdals första och hittils enda SM-Guld

Sweden grabs World Bandy Championship

The Swedish national squad has reclaimed the World Bandy Championship after beating Russia 6-1 in the final in Sweden. Bandy is played on ice not with a puck but with a ball.

Bandy. 2013.01.31. World Championship 2013. Group A. Sweden - Russia

RUSSIA team World champion bandy. All goals of the final RUSSIA - SWEDEN - 6:5


Раскрути свой денежный депозит с помощью нашего сайта :

Bandy för alla | Skirö AIK

Bandy för alla | Skirö AIK

Almaz Mirgazov Highlight Video

A highlight video on Almaz Mirgazov when he plays in HK Jenisej in the Russian Super League

Bandy Goalkeeper - Saves from february 2017

Short video of few saves after 1,5 months injury.

My Bandy Goalkeeper Equipment

My gear:

-Protection downstairs: Kosa player's protection
-Extra knee protection: Bauer goalie's knee protection (earlier volley ball protection)
-Pants: Bauer supreme S29
-Skates: Bauer S170 Goalkeeper skates with bandy blades
-Pads: CCM Premier R 1.9 34+2 inches
-Neck Protection: Bauer neckprotect shirt
-Chest and shoulder protection: Bauer Nexus Ice hockey player's protection (Underneath my old Kosa chest protection)
-Elbows: Bauer Supreme Ice hockey player's protection
-Mask: Wall mask
-Gloves: Self-made

My advice for buying new stuff:
-Don't buy completely new gear middle of the season. Try to get them during summer
-If it's possible to test them, always do that
- Don't buy too many new stuff at the same time. You will need time to get familiar with new equipment.

Video about glove-making process:


NM Bandy Kvartfinale (3/3) Herrer Stabæk - Drammen (høydepunkt)

NM Bandy Kvartfinale (3/3) Herrer
Stabæk - Drammen
10.2.2020, Stabekkbanen

1-0 - 77 Tobias Tinius Mofjell
2-0 - 8 Magnus Høgevold - Målgivende: 6 Petter Yngve Løyning
3-0 - 67 Jørgen Hannar Akeren - Målgivende: 17 Andreas Haugo Killingstad
4-0 - 77 Tobias Tinius Mofjell
5-0 - 24 Christian Randsborg
6-0 - 10 Björn Henning Buskqvist - Målgivende: 6 Petter Yngve Løyning
6-1 - 33 Even Lervåg Thiseth
7-1 - 10 Björn Henning Buskqvist - Målgivende: 8 Magnus Høgevold
8-1 - 89 Markus Ingvaldsen Fremstad - Målgivende: 11 Jan Olav Løyning
9-1 - 8 Magnus Høgevold - Målgivende: 6 Petter Yngve Løyning
9-2 - 33 Even Lervåg Thiseth
10-2 - 6 Petter Yngve Løyning - Målgivende: 8 Magnus Høgevold
10-3 - 87 Håkon Atle Løken - Målgivende: 71 Mathias Farnes
11-3 - 89 Markus Ingvaldsen Fremstad
11-4 - 10 Stian Hansen Stærkeby - Målgivende: 9 Patrik Døhlen Holm


Ремонт крюка клюшки,для хоккея с мячом(bandy)

В продолжение темы про bandy(хоккей с мячом)
Группа в контакте-
я в ВК-
Инстаграм мастерской-

Bandy goalkeeper - saves from November 2016

Some saves from practices in November.

Säsongens 20 snyggaste bandymål 2016-2017

De 20 snyggaste bandymålen i Elitserien säsongen 2016-2017. Bilder från Bandyplay och SVT. Låtar: My Way - Calvin Harris och Air Is Free - Johnossi.

Kosa Open 2017 - bandy

I den første episoden av Neste Generasjon Bandy følger vi verdens største bandyturnering for juniorer. Kosa Open 2017 på Rud/Hauger kunstis.

“Production Music by

Skutskärs bandy målen

Cup i Sandviken 2011 12 18 Möter Sandviken / Saik Edsbyn Broberg och selånger

Karlstad Bandy-Tillberga/Köping (SM-Finalen P16)

11:e Mars 2016

Highlights day 9 I Bandy Men Bronze Game NOR vs FIN | Winter Universiade 2019


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