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Ball badminton


TIES 2013,BALL BADMINTON WOMENS FINAL @ Adhiyamaan College of Engineering,Hosur-PART-1

Ball badminton court easy marking plan

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very sensitive game


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I Guys
Here is a compilation of Amazing Lucky shots and funny moments in badminton .
Incredible rallies with Crazy shots / Block net shots / Amazing dive and much more ...

Lucky shots With lots of badminton players :

- Lin Dan vs Lee Chong wei
- Hu Yun Vs Nguyen Tien Minh
- Christo Popov
- Carolina Marin Vs P.V Sindhu
- Riichi Takeshita Vs Lin Dan
- Thomas Vallez Vs Tanguy Citron
- Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan
- Marc Zwiebler Vs Kenichi Tago
- Julien MAIO Vs Romain EUDELINE

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Syed Modi International Badminton C’ships 2017 | F M5-WS | Pusarla V. Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska

Syed Modi International Badminton Championships 2017
Grand Prix Gold
Match 5 - WS | Pusarla V. Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska

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Badminton Training Videos Using A Tennis Ball

One of the simplest tools I carry in my bag to help develop Badminton players at all levels is a tennis ball. Here are a few simple exercises for you to try.

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Explosive Power Drive - Badminton

Badminton: Hitting Skills

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Top Indian badminton players

Here is a list of 10 top badminton players. This is primarily a list of singles players and doesn't feature the doubles, apart from Jwala Gutta, who can't be missed in any list that talks about Indian badminton.

The second video will enlist the new doubles pairs who are slowly making waves in international badminton and also give a glimpse of the upcoming young shuttlers of India, who have the potential to India forward in future.

Badminton Beginners - Introduction of Basic Shots in Badminton

Introduction of basic shots in Badminton:
1. Grip in Badminton
2. Serve
3. Clear shot
4. Drop shot
5. Smash shot
6. Drive shot
7. Lifting shot
8. Net shot
9. Backhand shot



第五回 スマックバドミントン編




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Smack Ball(スマックボール)なら、キャッチボール・ピッチング・バッティング練習も室内で可能。自宅でできるインドアベースボール。教室、会議室、宴会場などスペースがあればどんな場所でも。静かで安全。変化球も簡単に習得でき、本格的なゲームも楽しめます。

Saikyo+ Labo.は野球を応援します。


Badminton Lesson # 7 - Basic Drop Shot

* Drop shot is an offensive shot, used in singles and doubles game.
* Drop shot is to hit the shuttle soft and gentle downwards from the back side of the court in to the front side of the court of the opponents service line.

* Is to move their opponent run to the front court or to force the opponent to hit the b'die below the net level, that way you can have the opportunity to gain the attack
* Drop Shot also can be used when intercepting the opponent clear shot, by applying a quick tap drop, this allow you to recover to the center court quickly and get ready for the next shot

There are many type of drop shot in Badminton.
1. Basic drop shot
2. Slice drop shot
3. Deceiving drop shot/fake drop shot.

But in this video coaching No. 7, I will cover the Basic Drop Shot.

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Junior District Ball Badminton Tournament | Ravinder | A S Rao Nagar |

Junior District Ball Badminton Tournament | Ravinder | A S Rao Nagar |

#JuniorInterDistrictStateBadminton, #Ballbadminton, #63rdJuniorNationalballbadminton, #JuniornationalballbadmintonChampionship, #ASRaonagar, #Junior Badminton, #Batminton, #Ballbatmentiontournament, #Ballbatmentiontournamentcoaching

63rd Junior District Ball Badminton Tournament was held in Anupuram ground. All the Telangana district teams participated in the event provisional selection of best teams will be competing in the sports meet that will be held in September 2017

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More then 1400 spectators was watching this grand final

Badminton: Doubles Flat Control Drill

Hey everyone check out my blog for more Badminton Drill and Fitness ideas:

Junior District Ball Badminton Tournament | Nizambad VS Ranga Reddy | A S Rao Nagar |

Junior District Ball Badmintion Tournament | Nizambad VS Ranga Reddy | A S Rao Nagar |

#JuniorInterDistrictStateBadminton, #Ballbadminton, #63rdJuniorNationalballbadminton, #JuniornationalballbadmintonChampionship, #ASRaonagar, #Junior Badminton, #Batminton, #Ballbatmentiontournament, #Ballbatmentiontournamentcoaching

Watch young boys teams belonging to Nizamabad and Ranga Reddy enganged in tough contest in the inter district Ball Badminton Tournament which was organized recently.

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Badminton specific training (6) - Drop shots

Slow drop shots involve hitting an opponent’s clear to the back of your side of the court downwards to the front of your opponent’s side of the court.

More videos of badminton coaching

ball badminton(OBBC)Srirangam.AVI

This Match is played by OBBC(Old Boys Ball Badminton Club)Srirangam in Srirangam Boys higher secondary school




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