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BaguaZhang Basic(Eng sub)-Bát quái chưởng Căn bản

Here are the basics of Bagua seen through the lens of the Cheng style. Though all styles are, ultimately, Bagua each branch has its special skills and requirements. In this DVD Sun himself shows basic hand positions, leg positions, locomotion and each, in the final section basics of the Bagua sword. The basics are, of course, essential but the bonus here is to listen to those little details informed by a lifetime of Bagua experience. These are the questions that you would ask an instructor over and over for exactness and structure. Of particular interest is the Cheng style of movement with a gliding steps and, in some instances, a very low to the ground leg position..

Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang

Former Beijing Wushu Team member and world champion, Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang at the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine 10 Anniversary Gala event.

Bagua Zhang Kung Fu concepts for MMA

Bagua expert and MMA practitioner, Linji demonstrates some Bagua kung fu concepts that he uses for mixed martial arts.

Baguazhang basics and applications

Hans Menck demonstrates some baguazhang (chinese martial art) footwork and basic palm applications in Sweden Nov 2014.

Muay Thai vs Bagua Zhang

Style v Style Match

Bagua Zhang - Old Master

Here we are in Wudang at Yu Xu Gong Temple and an old master practice some Bagua Zhang.

Hier sind wir in Wudang am Yu Xu Gong (Tempel) und ein alter Meister übt sich im Bagua Zhang.

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Bagua Zhang Kungfu vs Kickboxing: live sparring with commentary

Linji and I do some stand up sparring in the ring. While we are both mixed martial artists, in these rounds, we're both making a concerted effort to represent specific styles we have trained under. Linji is a Japanese mixed martial artist with a background in several Chinese gongfu styles including Bagua Zhang and Taijiquan. He also practices Muay Thai, BJJ, and of course, trains for MMA. In this video, Linji showcases some of his Bagua skills in the context of kickboxing- even though many Bagua techniques are meant to be performed open handed rather than with a closed fist, and much of the martial art is based on grappling concepts. In this video, you can see some of Bagua's hand fighting and trapping techniques at work.

Linji and I have trained together for 6 years, so we tend to predict each other's movement and cancel each other out quite a bit, so this is very much an exercise in adaptation to the familiar.

Baguazhang online course trailer

Baguazhang/Bajiquan - A New Era

Archives courtesy of He Jinbao, Uncle Ma, and the Baji people.

Certified Raw & Factual 100% Opera-free,
content rated by Feudal Historians-

Training programs for the SCHOLAR, WARRIOR ATHLETE, or WARRIOR» IRFS specializes in historical accuracy and restoration of Baguazhang/ Shaolin/ Taijiquan/ Bajiquan before commercialization from the Peking Opera (late 19th century) & China Reforms.
IRFS is among the world's only Feudal Internal Martial Arts Academia that immerses enthusiasts in the full range of Raw and Factual Kungfu- backed by military science and historians.

八卦掌要訣應用法 Bagua Zhang Tips & Applications

彰化武術誠明會 總教練
陳林建一 Chen-Lin,Jian-Yi 教學

Baguazhang Kung Fu vs MMA - Another Fail?

Baguazhang Kung Fu vs MMA - Another Fail?

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This video shows and explains a challenge fight between an MMA guy and a Kung Fu guy. Watch and enjoy!

Music: Chinese Traditional Bamboo Flute Music

Liang BaGuaZhang Fixed 8 Palms: Hold Heaven Palm.

The Liang BaGuaZhang DingShiBaZhang (or Fixed Eight Palms) is one of the oldest forms in the BaGua Kung Fu. In this series we are going to take a brief look at the eight transitional throws and how they begin to take shape in application.

In this video we examine the Hold Heaven Palm application through several phases of practice.


Baguazhang (YMAA Eight Trigrams Palm Kung Fu) Liang, Shou-Yu

DVD available:

Grandmaster Liang began his training in Kung Fu at the age of 6, and was taught the esoteric skills of the Emei Mountain sect, including Baguazhang.

Baguazhang (8 Trigrams Palm) is famous both as an ancient internal martial art and for improving health. It develops upper body flexibility, leg strength, and lighting-quick hands and feet.

Baguazhang training generates a strong flow of Qi energy to energize your muscles for increased strength. This Qi flow also nourishes your internal organs and improves health and vitality.

In addition, Bagua emphasizes circular movement, employs both defensive and offensive strategies, and trains at all three fighting ranges - short, middle, and long.

Course 1 contains basic training and body conditioning, teaches Bagua Qigong, and demonstrates the famous Eight Palms sequence with martial applications.

Course 2 instructs the intermediate level Bagua Swimming Body sequence, named after the swift and agile movements of a swimming dragon, with martial applications.

Course 3 presents the unique Bagua Deer Hook Sword, which is specially designed to disarm opponents. Learn hooking, seizing, controlling and cutting techniques, and the complete sequence, with applications against the long sword.

The authors have put as much as possible into this DVD in order to offer a clear and comprehensive overview of the subject. Because Bagauzhang is such a vast art, this three-hour DVD consists mainly of demonstrations of each of the techniques, sequences, and applications so that the student may see the proper movement. For detailed instruction of each movement, the student must refer to the text book Baguazhang - Revised Edition by Master Liang, Shou-Yu, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and Mr. Wu, Wen-Ching.

DVD on Amazon:

Baguazhang - Application and appropriation

Baguazhang Fight.avi

This clip title is Shanghai Wang style imperial baguazhang Master Fa Ma Gua in real fight. I have a good laugh when the 2 opponent engage. Enjoy it.

"Women Masters of BaGua Zhang"

Women Masters of Ba Gua Zhang Observe the continues flowing movement power and grace of female warriors of the art of BaGua Zhang. The martial art of BaGua Zhang utilize in combat employ the practitioner whole body with smooth coiling and uncoiling actions, utilizing every part of the body and palm striking techniques, fast stepping and throwing tactics which are applied through quick transitions of changing of postures. Rapid-fire palm striking drawing energy from the center of the abdomen. The circular footwork develops centripetal force, allowing the practitioner to maneuver quickly around an opponent in combat.
Now available online downloadable instructional Jiang Rong Qiao BaGua video. change practice. Now teaching private lessons and adult classes in JRQ BaGua. If interested contact 718 297 4818
Ask for coach Novell/ Now available online downloadable instructional Jiang Rong Qiao BaGua video.

Sun Zhijun Bagua Zhang Fighting Techniques 八卦掌打法

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Bagua Zhang Kung Fu - Jiangstyle Bagua Tui by Li Laoshi 李建民

Li Jian Min showing the rare indoor student teachings of Jiang Rong Qiao. Num
Quzhou, China 2017

Bagua Zhang 16 palm changes - Hans Menck

Hans Menck teaches martial arts in South Africa (Cape Town and Stellenbosch).
He demonstrates two sets if Cheng style bagua palm changes from the Liu Jingru lineage. Hans studied bagua with Liu Deming in Australia and Han Yanwu in Beijing.

Wudang Baguazhang 武当八卦掌

Wudang Jiang Rongqiao's Baguazhang performed by Zī Xiǎo 资晓 (Alex Mieza). Wudang 2017.



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