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Cheng Style BaguaZhang 8 turning palms(Eng sub)-Bát lão chưởng

The Eight Turning Palms set is also called the Eight Old Palms. Here is a very short and easily learned form based on the eight mother positions where you essentially walk a circle with holding each of the primary positions for Cheng style Bagua. Demosntrated by Li Chun Ling one of Sun's top student, she gives very clear and straight forward explanation for each position and movement. We strongly suggest that people who might be serious about Bagua pick up a set like this or the Old Palms of Kang Ge Wu. It adds a real foundation to the rest of the palms you will learn later.

Багуа чжан Гао ши / Baguazhang Gao shi

Багуа чжан Гао ши / Baguazhang Gao shi
Мастер Лао Дэсью 1 и 2 части

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Wudang Kung Fu - Bagua Zhang 武当八卦掌

Wudang Bagua Zhang - Performed by Xiao Yun 肖云.
Wudang Bagua comes from Dragon Gate master Liu Cheng Xi 刘诚喜
Bagua Zhang (aka eight trigram palm) is based on the changes in Yin and Yang and the interaction among the 5 elements. It's moves are primarily circular, utilizing the palm. Its characteristics are swift, reacting to changes, combining soft and hard, and continuing without pause. Through its basic training, one would develop flexibility, speed and stamina and the strength of lower limbs would be greatly enhanced.

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Baguazhang (Ba Gua) Demonstration, Palm 5 of the 7th Set of the Cheng Style 64 Palm System

One of the Cheng Style Ba Gua (Baguazhang) 64 Palm system. The 64-Palm is the main content of the Cheng Style Ba Gua system.

#Baguazhang #BaGua #kungfu #Montreal #wudang

Bagua Zhang Kung Fu concepts for MMA

Bagua expert and MMA practitioner, Linji demonstrates some Bagua kung fu concepts that he uses for mixed martial arts.

[14th WWC] Women's Baqua - Jing Duan - 1st - 9.57 [CHN]

14 World Wushu Championships - Women's Baquazhang

Baguazhang 8 Palm Form of Master Jiang Rong-Qiao

Shi Dan-Qiu performing the Baguazhang 8 Palm Form of Master Jiang Rong-Qiao

BaguaZhang FootWork To Make Your Body Light

Baguazhang Pakua Bagua Circle Walking Footwork and techniques for correct stepping and effeciency of motion during combat and self defense.
The moving and stepping exercises is also very good for your health, weight loss. Weight maintenance while boosting your energy level to stay youthful and vibrant.

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Yin Baguazhang 8 Rotating Palms by Wang Shangzhi

Wang Shangzhi performs Yin Baguazhang 8 Rotating Palms
This is a sampling from a Chinese teaching VCD. See store

Sun Lu Tang Swimming Dragon Baguazhang

2003 - Sifu Joshua Brown demonstrating Sun Lu Tang's Swimming Dragon Baguazhang form. Philadelphia, PA.

Luo Dexiu - Gao style Baguazhang, Practice and Application

One of Luo Dexiu's old videos put out in conjunction with Dan Miller from the Pa Kua Chang Journal

Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang

Former Beijing Wushu Team member and world champion, Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang at the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine 10 Anniversary Gala event.

BaguaZhang(Eng sub)-Bát quái chưởng

Starring: Yu hongqin
Eight Diagrams Palm is also named Eight Diagrams fist (Ba Gua Quan),Eight Diagrams Interlink Palm (Bagua Lian Huan Zhang) and youshenbaguazhang.It is created by Dong Haichuan from Hebei province in the middle of Qing dynasty. The basic form contains eitht palms,of which each can be divided into eight palms, so totally there are sixty-four palms. This combines with the variety of Eight Diagrams (Ba Gua) and was named Eight Diagrams Palm (Bagua Zhang).It moves freely when exercising. For eight directions, they are four sides(Si Zheng) and four corner(Si Yu),which is similar to the Eight Diagrams in (Zhou yi).The main characteristic of its technique is the movement of body and footwork is flexible, the steps are various,the motion is mixed with strength and softness, every movement joins smoothly,avoid the main forces and strike the weak point.

Women's Baguazhang 女子八卦掌 第1名 安徽队 王 雪 9.05分 2019年全国武术套路冠军赛(传统项目)

2019 National Wushu Routine Championship(Traditional)

Bagua Zhang 16 palm changes - Hans Menck

Hans Menck teaches martial arts in South Africa (Cape Town and Stellenbosch).
He demonstrates two sets if Cheng style bagua palm changes from the Liu Jingru lineage. Hans studied bagua with Liu Deming in Australia and Han Yanwu in Beijing.


Baguazhang (Bagua Palm) Form and Applications 八卦掌套路及應用

Sifu Wei-Chung Lin (林維中), a disciple of the Yizungyue (易宗岳) School and the Chief Instructor of the Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association ( )in Skokie (a northern suburb of Chicago) Illinois, demonstrate a Baguazhang (八卦掌) form and its applications.

The body mechanics employed in the execution of the movements are based on the Pre-Heaven Power Method. More information on the Pre-Heaven Power Method can be found on the website

BaguaZhang Basic(Eng sub)-Bát quái chưởng Căn bản

Here are the basics of Bagua seen through the lens of the Cheng style. Though all styles are, ultimately, Bagua each branch has its special skills and requirements. In this DVD Sun himself shows basic hand positions, leg positions, locomotion and each, in the final section basics of the Bagua sword. The basics are, of course, essential but the bonus here is to listen to those little details informed by a lifetime of Bagua experience. These are the questions that you would ask an instructor over and over for exactness and structure. Of particular interest is the Cheng style of movement with a gliding steps and, in some instances, a very low to the ground leg position..

Wudang Baguazhang 武当八卦掌

Wudang Jiang Rongqiao's Baguazhang performed by Zī Xiǎo 资晓. Wudang 2017.

2 Bagua Masters FIGHT - Pa Kua COMBAT

2 Bagua Masters FIGHT - Pa Kua COMBAT. Bagua or Pakua is one of three main internal fighting systems of Chinese Martial Arts called Kung Fu! Baguazhang or Pa Kua Chang is a Taoist Martial Arts Style which walks the circle and is a sister art to Tai Chi. Enjoy these Bagua Fighting Applications and Form Training. Practice them everyday safely with a partner! Consistent practice is key! :)

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Baguazhang basics and applications

Hans Menck demonstrates some baguazhang (chinese martial art) footwork and basic palm applications in Sweden Nov 2014.



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