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Artistic cycling


2016 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships / Artistic Cycling - Day 2

Watch the best moments from the artistic cycling competition in Stuttgart during day 2 at the 2016 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships.

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2016 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships / Artistic Cycling - Day 1

Highlights from the first day of artistic cycling competition at the 2016 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Miss Peaches on the Road: Artistic Cycling

Miss Peaches, aka Nina Gutenhaler from Austria, hit the road and we kept an eye on her! On her first stop, the downhill enthusiast will meet and greet an unusual athlete, German-born Viola Brand, who’s an artistic cycling champion. Follow Nina’s adventurous journey, made possible by ŠKODA, covering 8 different stunning spots across Europe, meeting with 8 talented sport’s professionals along the way. Read more

Artistic Cycling Tricks by Viola Brand | People Are Awesome

Check out these awesome artistic cycling tricks by Viola Brand!

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All you need to know about Artistic Cycling

Discover all the secrets and rules of Artistic cycling.

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2016 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships / Artistic Cycling - Day 3

The best Artistic cycling moments from Day 3 at the 2016 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Slovakia's Nicole Frybortova and her artistic cycling bike

Artistic Cycling rising star Nicole Frybortova from Slovakia introduces you her artistic cycling bike.

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2018 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships - Liège (BEL) / Artistic Cycling Day 1

Watch the best moments from Artistic Cycling performances during the first day of the 2018 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships in Liège, Belgium.

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World Championship 2009 - artistic cycling - Pairs open- Rauch Stefan / Egert Ann-Kathrin

World Championship in Artistic cyling 2009 Tavira / Portugal, Pairs open - Rauch Stefan / Egert Ann -Kathrin - World Champions 2009!!!

Artistic Cyclists at Seattle Bike Expo

In 2014 world-class artistic cyclists Stefan, Lukas and Corinna returned to Seattle to perform at the Seattle Bike Expo.

Carla and Henriette EM 2009 artistic cycling

Carla and Henriette Hochdorfer performing their show at the european championship 2009 in Heerlen NL.
Winner of the European Championship 2008 and 2009.
Holder of World Record in artistic cycling and Guinness World Record

artistic cycling

Württembergische Meisterin 2014 /2015 /2016

UCI Indoor Cycling Best of Clip

Indoor Cycling comprises both artistic cycling and cycle-ball.


The first official artistic cycling World Championships were held in 1956. This sport is most popular in Germany, where there are no fewer than 10000 licence holders.

This sport is comparable to ice-skating and artistic gymnastics. The competitors (individuals or pairs) present a 5-minute programme set to music. The jury awards marks for the quality of the performance.


The first World Cycle-Ball Championships were held in 1930.

This is an exclusively male discipline. Two teams of two players each (who act as both goalkeeper and outfield player) compete in a match. They strike the ball with the front or rear wheel or their body. As in football, they must place the ball in the goal of the opposing team. Fouls are penalised by awarding free kicks and penalties.

Artistic Cycling Is One of the Weirdest and Hardest Sports You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed

Artistic cycling is like gymnastics on bikes. It's not a very well-known sport but it retains a dedicated following in Europe, in particular Germany. Some of its younger athletes are popularizing the niche sport using Instagram.

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Flatland vs Kunst (Artistic Cycling)

NOTE: Not filmed/edited by me.
A great juxtaposition between two versions of an inherently related sport: A mix of German artistic cycling and modern flatland.

The Industrial Artistic Cycling

This is a movie about a breathtaking display of artistic cycling! Combining light with a unique industrial hall, our goal was to show the passion, precision and real beauty of the artistic cycling sport. It was a very tough but also fun night doing this job together with those four talented girls from 4er Kunstrad Sirnach. Enjoy and feel free to share if you like it!


locations | Winterthur (SUI)

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Artistic Cycling Team VfH Worms

Artistic cycling

Wunderschöne Kür von der 3 fachen Württembergische Meisterin

Artistic Cycling Demo by Corinna Hein in Hong Kong

Artistic Cycling Demonstration by Corinna Hein from Germany, she is the first runner-up in the world championships of Artistic Cycling 2003 & 2004

Artistic Cycling - New World Record - André Bugner / Benedikt Bugner

2er Kunstradsport Elite offene Klasse
Neuer Weltrekord mit 168,68 Punkte
1. Swiss Austria Masters 2015 in Gisingen/ AUT
Artistic Cycling pairs open
New wolrd record with 168.68 points
1. Swiss Austria Masters 2015 in Gisingen/ AUT



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