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Arena football


Greatest Arena Football League Plays

Top 10 Greatest Arena Football League Plays.

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The Rules of Arena Football (Indoor American Football) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Arena Football. A beginner's explanation of Indoor American Football Rules.
Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play AFL Indoor Football by Arena Football League, rules.
Learn about touchdowns, interceptions, fumbles, penalties, offense, defense, mac and jack linebackers, rebound nets, downs, fouls and more!

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Images: AFL, Philadelphia Soul, Google
Music: ‘Cephalapod’ by Kevin MacLeod
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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EA’s Arena Football – Retrospective

EA Sports' Arena Football games, Arena Football and Arena Football: Road to Glory, were fantastic for their time and hold up well today. Both games are full of unique animations, hard hitting fun, and are simply a unique fresh bresh of air compared to other sports games. While the Arena Football league is no longer around, these video games still play great today and can be found for a cheap price.
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2019 NAL Playoffs - Massachusetts Pirates vs Carolina Cobras


Understanding All of the Arena Football Leagues

There are 3 main arena leagues in the US: Indoor Football League, Arena Football League and the National Arena League. I break them down and tell you which teams are in each league.


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Arena Football - Arena Bowl 15 - Nashville Kats at Grand Rapids Rampage - (Complete Game)

Hello friends -
Here is Arena Bowl 15 between the Nashville Kats and the Grand Rapids Rampage on 8-19-2001. Brent Musburger and Gary Danielson call the game. More games on the way, hope you enjoy!

Arena Football League Highlights 1987-2019

Arena Football League Highlights 1987-2019

Thank you to everyone for all the great memories.

Arena Football Demo Tape (1986)

This tape from 1986 demonstrates the new game of Arena Football. It includes rare footage that was filmed before the Test game, rules explanation, the development of an upcoming tour and much more.

Game courtesy of Tom Goodhines' (@ArenaFootballTV) collection, with assistance from Tim Capper (@reppact).

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Arena Football League Shuts Down! Last Chance U's Malik Henry STILL Suspended and More!

News on Malik Henry and other Last Chance U Players. Arena Football League shuts down.
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Life In The Arena Football League...Yeah It Was Like That.

Ever Wonder What Life In An Alternate Football League Was Like? A Lot Like What you Expect And A Lot Different.. I'll Tell You How.

Whenever I tell people that I played in four leagues, seven teams over 11 years, and I tell him that I played in the Arena Football League they ask, did you play with Kurt Warner? Yes, I played against Kurt Warner and actually Kurt and I were both rookies coming into the league the same season. He played in Iowa at that time. I played in Miami and then ended up playing in Albany eventually. I played for three different teams in the league.
In 95 I got a call from a guy that I knew when I was playing in Tampa Bay named Bob Hewko. He had become the GM down in Miami with the Hooters. He asked me to come down and play Arena Football. I really didn't know anything about the league. Immediately after that, I got a call from the Orlando Predators. That started a bidding war back between the two and as a guy who had been in several camps, a couple different teams been cut a couple different times. It was kind of refreshing to actually be the commodity out there.
When I got down to Miami our first day of practice we were literally practicing on a sand lot next to a High School parking lot. There were no boundaries, no lines, no walls. We had nothing simulating the AFL field. As a quarterback trying to understand the Arena Football League, I had no marks to go by. I had no reference in terms of what the field was going to be like. On top of that, we didn't have film. This was the first time in my football career since high school, that they didn't have somebody there to film practices. Film study, in terms of what you're doing, is really important to correct mistakes and get on the same page. In Miami we didn't even have meetings.
It turns out that the Miami Hooters was the worst team in the history of organized football. A team's success has everything to do with management. No matter what level of football, you're playing. The team, the character of a team, everything is all about management. That team was horribly managed. The whole time I was there, they were actually trying to get a former player who had been three striked out of the NFL for substance abuse. He was homeless. They were trying to find him to bring him back to play for the team.
About game 10 we played Tampa up at their place. This is when Jay Gruden was the quarterback for Tampa. I literally got hit 32 times, but only threw 27 passes. After that game, they decided that it was my fault the team was so bad and they released me which was a blessing for me because it saved my body.
I got the chance to play for one of my favorite all time coaches, Mike Daily, in Albany New York. I was one of his very first calls to ask me to come back and be the starter in Albany. So I went back to the Arena Football League as a starter in 1997. I absolutely fell in love with the game. I fell in love with my teammates, guys like Mark Valvo, Kyle Moore-Brown, Greg Hopkins, Derek stingley that were just fantastic dudes. We started to form this bond this chemistry in that locker room with that team. I knew that coach Daly was a high character guy. As a result, the team that he was building was a high character team. I had a great year that year.
1999 comes and we put together a very high character team, very good football players. All the pieces were in place. Everybody was there to make it happen. And so that team in 1999 went out and worked their butts off, played hard, worked hard played together. That team really liked each other and built some amazing chemistry. I think we were 13 -3 that year and went on to win the Arena Bowl championship.
People ask me, when I look back over my career, with injuries and everything else. Would you do it all over again? And I said, Yeah, I'd probably try to skip the Miami Hooters.
When people ask me about my Arena Football League experience, yes, it was light Bull Durham and yes, it was like major league in a lot of ways. But it was also some of my favorite time playing football. I love that went on to play in the xfl after that,
I will always remember my time in Albany in the Arena Football League fondly, and especially playing for Coach D and playing with those guys. It made it pretty special.

Arena Football - Arena Bowl 12 - Orlando Predators at Tampa Bay Storm - (Complete Game)

Hello friends -
Here is Arena Bowl 12 played on 8-23-1998 between the Orlando Predators and the Tampa Bay Storm. The War on I-4 had yet another chapter written that afternoon. Now, when I recorded this, there was severe weather in our area, so there is a severe weather scroll at the bottom of the screen for much of the first quarter. Hopefully someone else may have another copy without the weather scroll (maybe the good folks at YouTube station ArenaFootballTV, which has awesome games). Hope you enjoy!

Arena Football League hasn't paid bills

Arena Football League hasn't paid bills

1996 Season - Week 8: Minnesota Fighting Pike at Florida Bobcats (June 15, 1996)


Jeff Rimer (@jrimercbj) and Nat Moore (@NatMoore89) on the call from West Palm Beach Auditorium in West Palm Beach, FL.

Game courtesy of Tom Goodhines' (@ArenaFootballTV) collection, with graphics assistance from Tim Capper (@reppact)

I do not own this footage and is for your viewing pleasure. No other party or website is associated with this channel and is from mya personal collection of taped games. Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Saving the Arena Football League

Seven years ago, 18 teams competed in the AFL. Today, you can count them all on one hand. Ted Leonsis owns half of the teams scheduled to compete in 2018. He’s likely already saved the league once, and if it survives, he’ll be the one that led it out of the darkness.

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Arena Football - 1988 Season - New York Knights at Los Angeles Cobras (Complete Game)

Hello friends -

Here is the 4-30-1988 matchup between the NY Knights and the LA Cobras in Arena Football. Game was originally recorded on VHS tape, so the picture is slightly blurry and jumpy at times, but still a cool piece of AFL history. More games to come, thanks for watching!

PIRATES TV Season 1 Episode 3- Massachusetts Pirates Arena Football

The Massachusetts Pirates of the NAL (National Arena League) finished in first place after a great inaugural season.

Coach of the Year Ameer Ismail and league MVP Quarterback Sean Brackett guided the Pirates through the season and into the playoffs.
Pirates TV- Episode 3 takes viewers behind the scenes of the Pirates first playoff game in their team history. The episode profiles placekicker and Foxborough native Ali Mourtada and Wellesley native and Boston College Center Thomas Claiborne as well star defensive back Kiante Northington.

Viewers will get to see highs and lows of the Pirates first season at the DCU Center, and what they can expect to see when the Pirates reload for the 2019 season.

Phenom Elite & Arena Football League Uniform Unveiling

We are proud to announce that we are the official uniform and on field apparel provider of the Arena Football League.

Big thank you to Ted Leonsis, John Adams, Randall Boe and Ron Jaworski!

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Matt Nagy is the most passionate quarterback you'll ever see - Mic'd Up ArenaBowl XXI

Not too many Chicago Bears fans may know much about new head coach Matt Nagy. However, in 2007, Nagy had one of the most improbable seasons in Arena Football League history. He led the 7-9 Columbus Destroyers to ArenaBowl XXI after 3 major upsets on the road in the playoffs, including against the 15-1 Dallas Desperados. In ArenaBowl XXI, he was mic'd up and wired, showing off his fiery passion, calling his own plays while playing quarterback. Here's a guy you'll love to root for. Go Bears!

Canadian Arena Football League Idea, Why Not Both??? | RP Show June 24, 2020

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Arena Football Classics: San Jose SaberCats vs. Tampa Bay Storm (05/11/2003)

May 11, 2003, St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, Florida
Courtesy: NBC Sports
Commentators: Tom Hammond, Pat Haden, Lewis Johnson

As the playoffs loom, the SaberCats and the Storm are tops in their respective conferences in what could be a preview of ArenaBowl XVII. Who will shine in this battle of two of the more established teams in the league?

Copyright © 2003 Arena Football League. All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement intended. For historic purposes only.



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