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Ancient games


Reviving a 3,000-year-old Ancient Ballgame

Long before basketball and soccer, ancient Mayans were hitting the park to play rounds of Mesoamerican ballgame. Dating back to 3000 B.C., the game was played with a solid rubber ball that could only be hit by a player’s hip. Today, in Hidalgo, Mexico, a group of athletes are determined to bring back the ancient ballgame and honor the traditions of their ancestors.


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10 Fascinating Facts About The Ancient Olympics

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About Video: It is now just a matter of days before we see the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in China, the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (or for those who don’t like Roman numerals, the Games of the 29th Olympiad.) This lends us the perfect opportunity to present a list of fascinating facts about the Ancient Olympics – held in Olympia, Greece.
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A Visual History of Sports

The first recorded sport in history was spear throwing, which arose in 70,000 BC out of a need for ancient hunters to practice their skills. Bowling was the first known ball game, appearing in Egypt in 3,200 BC; later, there was Pitz, played by the ancient Maya in 2,500 BC, followed by Episkyros, known as “common ball” to Greeks living in 8th century BC.

Long before the Olympics, there were the Tailteann Games, which the ancient Irish held around 1,800 BC. At the first recorded Olympic Games in 760 BC, there was only one event: a footrace.

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The Most Dangerous Game Of Football | Calcio Storico

Calcio Storico is football like you’ve never seen before! Dating back to the 15th century, this early form of the game is brutal. But behind the blood and punches lie a story of tradition, pride and honour. A sport as unique and loved in Florence as ACF Fiorentina are, next season will see a unique collaboration between the two... #4Quartieri1CuoreViola

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The ancient game of Kemari / football

Shimogama shrine, Kyoto
January 4 2011

The essential mission of the ancient game

Essential mission chess

The Evolution Of The Javelin | Faster Higher Stronger

In the first instalment of our Faster, Higher, Stronger series we take a look at the evolution of one of the most iconic events of the Olympic Games, the Javelin throw.

Former American Olympian Tom Pukstys looks at the history, tradition and art of the sport taking an in-depth look at the evolution of the Javelin itself and the technique in which it is thrown.

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Innovation | Cuju | Ancient Chinese Soccer (Part 2)

(NOTE: Pictured is the all-new CUJU game set designed by Rob Brannon of Prodigy Sports International). Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and one of the oldest ball games in history. About 2,500 years ago a game called Cuju, a game much like our modern-day soccer, was already being played in China. Cuju is officially recognized by FIFA (the international soccer association) as the predecessor to the game of soccer. In Chinese, the word: “cù” means “to kick” and “jú” means a leather ball filled with feathers used in the game. Literally translated from Chinese, “cùjú” means “to kick a ball.”
In ancient China, the earliest form of Cuju was originally used as a military exercise. However, archeologists discovered a book in China on Cuju entitled, Twenty-Five Articles on Cuju which was written during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 24). In this book, Cuju is explained as being played by two teams on a field with goals, and the matches were officiated by referees who followed prescribed rules. Cuju rules and methods underwent many changes during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 907). Instructive illustrations of ancient Cuju were found dating from AD 1322. During this epoch, the game of Cuju revolved around a single goal (or wangzi) located at the center of the play field. This goal had a net that was 10.5 meters high and 3 meters wide. The actual target within the net was the prominent eye: an 85 centimeter, circular hole in the middle of the net located between the two crossbars. The object of this ancient version of Cuju was for each of the two teams to kick the ball through this hole in the net. Chinese literature exists which refers to this opening as a “bull's-eye” (or zhengsai). The team which scored the most points by kicking the ball through the bull's-eye was the winner of a Cuju match.
With this Cuju Game Set, we are pleased to revive the timeless dynamics of one of the world’s oldest ball games ever: “Cuju - The Ancient Game of Soccer™”. Cuju is the progenitor of Soccer - the world’s most popular sport! The modern version of Cuju is a fun and an efficient soccer-based game that can be played by multiple players in a small or large play area. The goal of the game is to use soccer skills to kick, to head, or to knee the Cuju ball through the large holes located within the Cuju net. The Cuju ball is a special oversized ball that emulates the larger and lighter ball of the ancient game of Chinese Cuju. This special ball helps make Cuju a very inclusive and user-friendly game for all ages and skill levels. This exciting game provides a fun way to motivate the players to develop physical coordination and cooperative play attitudes in an inclusive and fun-filled environment. For those who are familiar with soccer, the game rules of Cuju will be very quickly mastered as the rules of Cuju are very similar to soccer.
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History of the Olympics | National Geographic

Once every two years, the top athletes in the world vie for the coveted Olympic gold medal. Prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics by learning where this age-old competition began, what it has to do with Zeus, and how it inspired truce in times of war.
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History of the Olympics | National Geographic

National Geographic

Ancient Games, Modern Fun

The Highland Games, held at Camp Tahuaya near Belton, Texas, last fall, tested Scouts on their strength, endurance and agility. Learn more in the July 2011 issue of Boys' Life magazine.

History of Ancient Olympic/ Ancient Olympic games

in this video we are telling history of Ancient Olympic and all the information of Ancient Olympic games, when did the Ancient Olympic games begin?
when did the Ancient Olympic games end? which country hosted the Ancient Olympic games

Rolex and Golf – Nurturing an ancient game for the modern age

Rolex supports the most prestigious events, players and organizations in golf and also encourages the development of the game worldwide through its involvement in amateur and junior ranks. The brand is a key presence at men’s and women’s Majors and at leading team events, namely The Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup and the Presidents Cup. Its contribution to excellence in golf is based on a rich heritage stretching back more than 50 years, starting in 1967 with Arnold Palmer, joined by members of The Big Three, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. After this legendary trio blazed a trail by popularizing the game globally, modern-day legend Tiger Woods has successfully followed in their footsteps and helped the sport soar to new heights. Today’s champions and fellow Major winners Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth and Lexi Thompson, among other Testimonees, have maintained this legacy of excellence, while members of the New Guard, represented by the likes of Joaquin Niemann and Maria Fassi, have the qualities to do likewise when their time comes. Throughout this enduring partnership, Rolex has championed both innovation and respect for the traditions and spirit of the ancient game. Discover more
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It's Time You Knew About Kabaddi: The Ancient Game That's Gone Pro

Quinns dives headfirst into Kabaddi, India's fastest-growing sport.

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The Ancient Ritual of Sumo | The World Games

American Sumo wrestlers at the World Games walk us through traditional pre-bout rituals from the Japanese sport.

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Interesting facts about the Ancient Olympics

This on the interesting facts about Ancient Greek Olympics.

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Ancient game and art - ti jianzi 踢毽子 踢毽 毽球 shuttlecock

Ancient game and art - tijianzi 踢毽子 shuttlecock is a traditional Chinese national sport. Thus the game has a history of two thousand years. Several ancient books attest to its being played. The primary source of jianzi is a Chinese ancient game called cuju of the Han dynasty 2000 years ago. also known in English as a 'hinese hacky sack' or kinja.

There are several variations of the game, such as trying to keep the feathercock in the air until an agreed target of kicks (e.g. 100) is reached, either alone or in a pair. In circle play, the aim may be simply to keep play going. In all but the most competitive formats, a skillful display is a key component of play. There are 2 informal games in Chinese JJJ games using the same middle net: Team game having 3 players on each side & Half court game using just a half court for double player game only. Some handmade jianzis make use of a washer or a coin with a hole in the center.

Jianzi has been played since the Han dynasty 206 BC–220 AD, and was popular during the Six Dynasties period and the Sui and Tang dynasties. Jianzi 毽子, tī jianzi 踢毽子, tī jian 踢毽 or jianqiú 毽球,

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Association of traditions and culture of China

Ancient Olympics Crash Course

Breaking barriers in the ancient sport of Dene Hand Games | APTN News

The Dene Hand Games are an ancient sport and one of the most popular events at the games.

It's a game that historically has been only for men, but as Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs tells us, this year, women are also competing in the sport.

NEZA BAZI-TENT PEGGING (In Pakistan) Ancient game

Tent pegging is a sport that originated in the Arabian Peninsula and evolved in Central Asia. Since the 4th Century BC, this cavalry sport has been spread throughout the world.

Ancient Olympic Games - History, Mythology, The Athlete, Sport Events

The History of the Olympics and it's early Participants



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