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Air hockey


Professional Air Hockey player Cory Dzbinski VS Blade Brown - 2012 Air Hockey World Championship

Blade finished above me in the two previous Air Hockey World Championships. I was determined to lay him to waste this year. Little did I know i'd get to do it in tournament fashion!

Finals 2010 Airhockey World Championships

Final match Davis vs Billy

Air Hockey Master Bedroom Match

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Max and Dan face off in an epic air hockey match to determine who gets the master bedroom.

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NXT Superstars go puck wild in an absurd air hockey competition

Let it be known that NXT Superstars take their air hockey very, very seriously. Watch Shane Thorne, Dakota Kai, Steve Cutler and more NXT competitors go strike-for-strike on the windy table.
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My 48 inch Air Hockey Table

this is my 48 inch air hockey table

Air hockey table game

Air hockey table game

Air hockey

watching the current world champion of air hockey during the US Open. An amazing display of hand eye cordination, agility, timing, vision and mental discipline.

Air Hockey / Pool Table

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Air Hockey Tutorial | Left Wall Under

Whether you are a beginner or looking to become the next world champion. This video will guide you on how to execute the perfect left wall under.

Kings-Rangers Air Hockey Tournament

Mark Messier refereed an air hockey game between Kings representative Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Rangers representative Mariano Rivera.

Air Hockey Tutorial | The Optimal Defense

For both beginners and experienced air hockey players, this video will show you how to perform a master level defense.

Air Hockey 2014

Air Hockey Worlds 2014, Denver, Colorado

Air Hockey Battle | bonus Video

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Billy Stubbs vs Ehab Shoukry

2012 UNAP Air Hockey World Championships finals

Air Hockey Game in Italy

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The hockey air is a sport in which two people compete to score points in the opposing goal. The first official air hockey competitions outside the United States were played in Venezuela, mid 90s group quickly grew Venezuelan players, reaching the figure of more than 60 players in weekly tournaments. After the first participation in the World Championship, the Venezuelan air hockey took a big jump in this sport, where Joseph Mora and Pedro Otero dominated the podium at World Championships between 1998 and 2000. José Mora was world champion in three consecutive editions of the tournament (1998, 1999, and 2000), becoming the first player who was not of American origin to win the title. However, the year 2000 marked a turning point in the evolution of Venezuelan air hockey.

In 2003 they began to dispute the first official competitions in Barcelona, marking the birth of the European air hockey. In fact, since 1997 is played annually in Catalonia championships, but without following the official rules for the USAA. In 2003 the AirHockey Catalunya 'association, who managed averages of participation of 20 players per tournament was founded. With local competitions and consolidated in 2005, began promoting Catalunya AirHockey promotional tournaments in other cities Spanish, as Sevilla, Velez-Malaga or Madrid.

Is played on a special table in billiard table size. A flat, smooth plate serves as a playing field. In some tables, air is blown through hundreds of tiny holes, creating a game puck under the air cushion is created where the puck with virtually no friction losses very quickly slides. Each player has a special bat that resembles a small, palm-large Plastiksombrero. It protects the fingers of the player and allows for its hard-flexible outside high acceleration of the puck. Both reason and by the hard-elastic outer bands of the puck reaches a high speed game.

The game was a great success since its launch and there is a championship, active since the late 1970s. disc is held in the air by the blast carried out by small vents in the table. To play hockey table is used: a table hockey table, two plates (one for each player) and a disk. The United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) is the organization that since 1978 lays down the rules of the game and the types of tables, plates and discs valid for tournament play.

Air hockey is a game that especially in arcades playing falls. Air hockey has, unlike the name suggests, has nothing to do with the sport of hockey as played on the field. It is a game that consists of a table, a puk and two nylon handles that the puck into the goal should be. (A narrow gap on the short sides) beaten The puck slides over the table with it through an ingenious system of tiny holes in the playing field is no friction faces of the playing itself. This Airhockey tables are often in arcades, canteens and clubhouses. The air that will need to float the puck by the holes in the table is pumped by a compressor located under the table there. Since 1978, world championships are held in air hockey.

A table of typical air hockey consists of an area of ​​large, smooth game, an edge to prevent the disc and the bats leave the playing area, and goals at both ends of the table farthest from each other. The air hockey pucks are thin and made ​​of resin polycarbonate. For the game to an air hockey table, two special bits and washer.

A typical air hockey table - it's a big smooth playing surface surrounded by a rim to prevent the fall of washers and bits. Along the edges of the table are the gap that act as gate. Behind the gate or under them are openings through which returns goals scored. Through small holes in the playing surface creates air circulation, which reduces friction and thereby increasing the speed of the game. Some tables do not have this mechanism. It partially replaces the smooth, usually plastic, playing surface. Abandon the system of air circulation in order to save money on the production and repair. It should be noted that these tables are not in the literal sense of tables aero hockey, but they are, nevertheless, considered as such because of the similarity of the gameplay.

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Un air hockey, dos colgaos y muchas bofetadas.
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Real life Air Hockey - Indoor Hockey Game | HockeyheroesTV

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