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Aggressive inline skating



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❄ Winterclash 2020 - Pro Finals - Aggressive Inline Skating Contest

This is my PRO FINAL Video from Winterclash 2020 at Skatepark Area 51 in Eindhoven.

#winterclash #winterclash2020 #winterclash20

00:00 Video Start

▬ Results ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
1) 02:12 Diaby Diako
2) 01:48 Nils Jansons
3) 00:06 Dominic Bruce

▬ Jumpmarkers ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
- 00:14 Yuto Goto
- 00:26 Maxime Genoud
- 00:38 Diego Guilloud
- 00:49 Tomek Przybylik
- 01:01 Montre Livingston
- 01:25 Antony Pottier
- 02:52 Bobi Spassov
- Gabriel Hyden

▬ Used Content ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
- Flutes, Stayloose
- Finally The Sun, Audio Hertz

- Cam1: Sony AX53 & DJI Mavic 2 (Martin Bommeli)
- Cam2: GoPro 8 (Christoph Kälber)
- 3 Clips from Connor Keeble
- 2 Clips from Cavin LeMacon

▬ Park Infos ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Address: Philitelaan 51, 5617 AB Eindhoven, Nederlands
GPS: 51.448109, 5.456482

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Top 5 Aggressive Skates going into 2020

*Apologies for the rain sound effects on this video... it hasn't stopped for days!!

Hi, Jake Eley here. My top 5 aggressive skates for 2020 (including models released in 2019).

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Razors SL Blue:

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USD Aeon Richie Skates:

Trigger Beat Schillmeier Skates:

Learning to drop-in // Aggressive Inline Skating

Before you can think about dropping in, you first need to be able to skate with a decent amount of speed, know your basic breaking techniques, and most importantly, know how to fall.
there are two ways to fall, one being on your knees, the other on your side.
Practice these standing still first, and then make sure you can also do them at a decent speed.

Before dropping in from a quarterpipe, you can first practice doing it from a bank.
The difference between a bank and a quarterpipe, is that the bank goes down in a straight line and a quarter pipe goes down curved.
The position of your skates on the quarter pipe or bank is in the middle of your foot. you can practice this by stepping up and over a rail.

Because your first attempt of dropping in, is such a do or die thing to do,
I recommend do to as much other stuff in the skatepark that you can think of before trying it
like rolling off of a ledge in a skatepark or just doing a 180 in the quarter pipe.

There is a rhythm that you are making when you drop in, and it goes like this:
- foot one
- foot two
- Get low
- make yourself strong

If you are lucky, then you have an experience skater that can assist you. Helping somebody drop in should be done with your hand underneath the armpit. if you just hold hands you cant really catch the person if they fall.

The support can gradually decrease.

Then keep repeating this together with less and less support, until you get confidence enough to do it yourself.

A common mistake that i see people doing is putting one foot before the other. While it is true that this is a stable position, you are unable to quickly bend your knees to get down for a possible fall like you saw joy do in the beginning of the video.
Any fall with your feet forward will thus be hard.

The crucial thing to learn is how to push your upper body forward.
The first step is to learn this from a curb. throw your upper body forward, push off with your hands, and try to go forward as fast as you can

a common mistake by beginners is to put your hips upwards like you see joy doing here.

This is exactly the wrong way to do it and you can never do a sit in like that. Instead of upwards, your hips should go backwards. Doing it from a bench in a bank is a good intermediate step as well.

Most people fall on their tailbone when they fall with the sit in, so practice falling on your side a couple of times like joy is doing here before attempting it in a quarter.

The steeper the obstacle the easier, so a quarterpipe is actually pretty easy, If you however can not do it from the top of a bank yet, then the change is slim that you can do it first try from a quarterpipe.

More info about our lessons:

Aggressive inline skate 2019

a year in review, from Winterclash to Barcelona, all over Andalusia and Blading Camp, giving special attention to street spots around Gibraltar.
Watch till the end to see the struggles we bladers endure!

if u need one of the best frames out there (imo) head over to

Back to Basics, Relearning Coping // Aggressive Inline Skating

After getting discouraged a few days ago, I've decided to focus on the fundamentals of coping grinds. As a ledge/rail skater growing up, I'm always jumping to grinds. I need to teach myself not to do that on coping.

* More Back to Blading *

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Triple 8 MiPS Helmet:

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Nowhere Land - Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Hey guys it'sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and I'm back with a new video!

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KIA Extreme Games 2014 Aggressive Inline Street Final

KIA Extreme Games ASIA 2014 at Shanghai
1. CJ Wellsmore
2. Soichiro Kanashima
3. Yuto Goto

Kirill Galushoko, Soichiro Kanashima, Worapoj Boonnim, CJ Wellsmore, Yuto Goto

How to choose the best aggressive inline skates | Buyer’s Guide |

What should you know before you buy your first pair of aggressive inline skates? Watch this guide to get a good overview of the most important things that will ensure you the best trick skates so you can make your favorite stunts.

A beginner’s buying guide taking a quick look at the following topics.

00:24: Wheels
01:09: Bearings
01:46: Frame
03:03: Boots/Shell
03:44: Liner
04:05: Size
04:40: Skate Protection

Read the full aggressive inline skates guide on our website:

See our huge selection of aggressive skates at

The Best Agressive Inline Skating Tricks Compilation I LSProduction

The Best Agressive Inline Skating Tricks 2017

Original Videos:



Anthony Luna - 2020 Vision Rollerblading

Shop skates at

Intuition team rider Anthony Luna (39 / Taft, CA) reminds us that as 40 approaches, his 2020 vision for rollerblading is clear! Rails, unique obstacles, and signature transfers are still part of his arsenal two decades in. Follow for more refreshingly classic blading from Luno!

Filmed by: Cody Norman, Bryant Kornbau
Edited by: Cody Norman

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USD Young Guns 2019 - USD Skates

USD Young Guns 2019

We are proud to be represented by our young guns Nils Rinas, Armelle Tisler, Axel Bihagen, Patrycja Najda, Alex Roczniok and Jaro Frijn.


Downtown Funk by Dj Quads @aka-dj-quads
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Hey guys it'sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and today I'll be using my new skates, the Roces M12, and have a little test with the Pragmatic frames!

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Razors Team at Unit 23 Skatepark

Razors sent over USA team riders Dre Powell and Korey Waikiki along with the new Aragon 5 signature skate for the UK team to try out. After picking up the US riders we headed to Unit 23 Skatepark in Scotland. Sponsorship and support thanks to Gopro, Razors Skates and Unit 23 skatepark

Chaz Sands
Scott Quinn
Dre Powell
Korey Sneaky Waikiki
Alex Burston
Rosie O'Donoghue
Jamie Stenner
Jack Mckell

Filmed and edited by Chaz Sands
Additional filmers Scott Quinn, Declan Friel, Scott Riddles and Dave Summerson

We Used To Wait - Arcade Fire
Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Filmed with:
GoPro hero 3
Canon 60D
Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8
Canon 50mm f/1.8
Sigma 70-300mm f/3.5
Canon 15mm fisheye f/2.8
1m Glidetrack SD
Cable cam rig (aerial shots)

Skatepark Basics - Learn Your First Steps - Skating At The Skatepark - Aggressive Inline Basics #01

► Description:
Aggressive inline or rollerblading is trick inline skating and it's used at skateparks, as well as at different street spots.

One of the most important and most basic skills of Aggressive Inline is being comfortable while skating at the skatepark and different ramps.
First I will show you the different ramps and objects a skatepark typically has, as well as explain you their names.

After that we will learn together how to skate on these objects and how to become familiar with them. We will become comfortable skating the different ramps, to overcome our fear and how to do that safely!

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Used Music:
► Intro:
Silent Partner - Loophole Fragment

► Background:
Joakim Karud - Future Funk

► Outro:
Jo Cohen & BQ - Glowing At Night [NCS Release]

► Skatepark Basics - Learn Your First Steps - Skating At The Skatepark - Aggressive Inline Basics #01
► daniel's skating school daniels skating school aggressive inline basics aggressive inline skating basics skamidan skamidan inline inline skating aggressive inline skating aggressive inline aggressive inline skating rollerblading blading inline-skates inline skates rollerblades rollerblading lernen how to inline skate roller blades inlineskates rollerskates rollerskating
► first steps at the skatepark first steps on aggressive skates skatepark basics aggressive inline skatepark basics inline skates aggressive inline basic tutorials skatepark basics rollerblades inline skating at the skatepark skatepark basics first steps skatepark park basics inline how to aggressive skating howto
► Skating Up Ramps Skating Down Ramps Skating Up Quarter Pipes Skating Down Quarter Pipes Banks Skating Bank Ledge Ledges Curb Curbs Skating Curbs Ollibox
► Learn Skating At The Skatepark Skatepark Skating Rollerblading At The Skatepark Rollerblading How To Rollerblade At The Skatepark Skatepark Basics skatepark basic skills skating a funbox skating a spine
► Learn Skating Mini Ramps Learn Skating Half Pipes Skating Manual Boxes First Steps At The Skatepark
► Fall Down Deliberately Overcoming Fear Overcome Fear Overcome Fear Skating Overcoming Fear Skating
► Skating Transitions Blading Transitions Skating at the skatepark blading at the skatepark rollerblading at the skatepark Skatepark obstacles and their names park blading park skating
► Skatepark Basics Learn Your First Steps Skating At The Skatepark Aggressive Inline Basics #01

Ground Control - Brian Aragon

Released in 2011, Ground Control came to define a years worth of achievement from the blading community. Featuring a strong roster of talent from the team itself and directed by Simon Mulvaney, this film tells a story of the frames beneath the feet of every GC rider.

The final section of the film, Episode 12 shows us exactly why Brian Aragon is considered one of the greatest bladers our sport has ever seen. Switch grinds, flips, insane switch ups, huge gaps, all executed with flawless style.

A film by Simon Mulvaney

'Kids' by Sleigh Bells

Starring Brian Aragon, Joey Chase, Julian Bah, Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Gabriel Hyden, Alex Burston and Nils Jansons.

Also featuring Dre Powell, Stefan Horngacher, Sammy Chase, Yuri Botelho, Mathias Silhan, Lyle Shivak, Kåre Lindberg, Marc Moreno, Dominik Wagner, Andrew Jaccuzi, Keaton Newsom, David Andrews, Derek Henderson, Chris Haffey, Michael Braud.

Camera Operators: Simon Mulvaney, Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Joey Chase, Max Manning, Phillip Long, Josh Glowicki, Gabriel Hyden, Rolsn Rollschauch, Martin Jansons, Marc Moreno, Brent Hicks, Sammy Chase, Pete Dearden, Dre Powell, Julian Bah, Stefan Horngacher.

Script Supervisor: Tom Roberts

Audio Technician: Simon Mulvaney

VFX Artist: Simon Mulvaney

Editor: Simon Mulvaney

Second Unit Directors: Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Gabriel Hyden, Max Manning, Phillip Long, Josh Glowicki, Martin Jansons, Marc Moreno

Line Producer: Andy Wagener

Assistant Producers: Simon Mulvaney, Jan Welch, Geoff Acres,

Director: Simon Mulvaney

Executive Producer: Jon Elliott

We started Ground Control in order to fill a void in the industry. Skating had evolved into a high impact stunt orientated art form and the frames on the market wouldn't hold up to our rolling. We needed a frame that the elite pro's could trust under their boots, a frame that allowed them to continue to push the envelope. After months of working with a structural engineer and CAD designer we released not only the first after market UFS frame but the industries first symmetrical frame as well. The standard was set and GC was born.

My close friend Chris Peel helped me put together the logo. I wanted something that we (the rollerbladers) would recognise each other by. From across a crowd in any given airport or park the blade would serve its purpose. The GC sickle was designed to be your flag, like a secret handshake it only belongs to those who just 'get it'. I'm proud to have had such an elite team over the years and be involved in such an eclectic industry. The current roster has given their blood for this film so do them the favor and soak it up. Enjoy the trip.

Thank you,
Jon Elliott

This is one big skatepark! | Newberg Skatepark 080619 | Aggressive Inline Skating

Of course I decide to go to the biggest most physically demanding park on one of the hottest days of the year! O well I made it work for a short while anyways. The Newberg skatepark is one of my all time favorite skateparks ever! Located about 30min from my house it is a transition lovers paradise!




Rollerblade Twister Edge 80mm Skate
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Roces M12

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Triple Eight Covert Elbow Pads
Triple Eight Wristsaver
Triple Eight Bumsaver
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Rollerblade Backpack Pro LT 30
EarFun Wireless Earbuds
Triple Elite Liberty Oil
WD-40 White Lithium Grease
Derby Waxed Laces
Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Kit

Canon M50
Sony a6000
Sony a7s II
GoPro Hero 7 Black
GoPro Hero 8 Black

Opteka 6.5mm Fisheye
Sony 24-70mm
Canon 24-105mm

DJI Ronin S
Benro Travel Tripod

Rode VideoMicro
DJI Spark

Inline skating is dangerous. In some situations, I may choose to skate
without protective gear at my own risk. I highly encourage the use of protective gear.

All thoughts, views + opinions are my own.

Thanks for watching!



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Learn to grind - Thisissoul Tricktips - Aggressive Inline Skating

In this video Ivo Vegter is teaching Ruben how to do a soul grind. Put your skates on and join the lesson!

Read this blog post (Dutch) to see the 6 steps we take in the video.

Coke Spot Edit sa Santa Mesa, Manila, Philippines - Aggressive Inline Skating

Aggressive Inline Skating Edit, sa Santa Mesa, Manila, Philippines sa Coke Spot.

Rollerbladers are in the Philippines!!! People rollerblade here even though there is not a single blade shop in the Philippines. This is a video of just a few Pinoy Bladers.



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