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AcroYoga with Hagar Tsabar and Elad Sadeh
Choreography and Production by Hagar Tsabar

Acro Yoga - A Romantic and Amazing Flow for Beginners

The most romantic, sensual, relaxing and beautiful Acroyoga flow 4k video performed by Angelo and Isis in Malta in collaboration with Acroyoga Sanctuary.

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The amazing thing is that it can be learned even by beginners.

These are the names of the poses and transitions, just search for the tutorials here on youtube, you will learn them quickly:

Tree, low bird, marmeid, bird, small pop to ninja star, barrel roll, half ninja star, back bird, star, cork screw, bird, whip, turn table, straddle bat, floating pachi, back bird, shoulder stand, straddle bat, half ninja star, reverse bird, trap door, back bird, ending.

Video directed and taken by Stefano Battarola.
Edited and graded by Angelo Tormena.
Been shot with a Panasonic GH5.

Angelo is wearing Ohmme pants.
If you want to get them here's the link:
He found them to be the most comfortable and they just look great!

Music: Kiss the rain by Yiruma

Beginner Acro Yoga Class (Free) with Dylan Werner Yoga & Ashley Galvin

This is just a preview AcroYoga class! Get the full AcroYoga video class series by Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin here:

This beginner AcroYoga plan gives you and your partner everything you need to learn AcroYoga. It’s a perfect plan for beginners to not only learn step-by-step instruction from Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin of the basic Acro poses and transitions, but to take everything the two of you have learned and apply it to a full 4-minute AcroYoga flow.

You can learn more about this beginner AcroYoga plan here:

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Acro Yoga for Beginners: Part1

This is a fun workshop filmed with Acro Yoga teacher Kateřina Burešová, designed to show you some of the more simple positions used and how they might be approached. The emphasis is on how accessible and fun some of the positions are. Please consider going to a teacher if you are new to this style so that they can guide you safely in you journey.
Part 2 can be found here:
You can follow Kat's adventures on instagram: @katkayoga
Also find out more about here classes here:

Based by Libor Hiller and assisted by Denisa Schubertova:@denisa_schubertova

Fantastic AcroYoga Dance - Cute couple / Yoga motivation

Incredible Acro Yoga dance - ACRO YOGA CHALLENGE.
Duo Lotos
#kafatour music Calm Silent Partner by youtube library

AcroYoga Solar Asana | the warm up

Begin your acrobatic AcroYoga practice right here! This warmup prepares you for waking the body and preparing for flight. This video is the first part of the 120+ minute AcroYoga Solar Acrobatic Practices educational video set, available for download at, or copy and paste this link:

AYI's best-selling Solar Practices Digital Download, drawn from the DVD version, features 120 minutes of foundational and active AcroYoga practice.

By understanding and practicing the Solar Asana you explore the foundational movements and forms that bridge yoga and acrobatics. The Inversions Pyramids is a step by step method for harnessing your potential in handstands. Spotting techniques emphasize safety and refinement with the support of others. Hosted by AYI founder, Jason Nemer.
This digital download experience includes: Solar Asana Warm Up, Inversions & Spotting, Acrobatics & Spotting, and you'll get these flying transitions: Front Plank to Shoulderstand, Mounts & Dismounts, Intermediate, Flying Progressions, Washing Machines & Advanced Flying Variations.

#2ABT: AcroYoga Beginner Tutorial - Throne

This is the ultimate AcroYoga tutorial for beginners.
In this video you'll find a super detailed explanation about each foot and hand position and every stage of the pose.

Today we'll learn 4 ways to go into throne position.

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AcroYoga For Beginners #4 - Basic Inversions part 2

After you handled part 1, you are ready for more inversions!
This time, a reverse shoulder stand!

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Amazing ACRO YOGA - The Impossible Training!!

Acro Yoga may provide physical and mental health benefits. In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects of Acro Yoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief. However Acroyoga is more vigorous than many traditional yoga practices and this may lead to more injuries.
Victor Togunde:

► Sport Motivation:
► Workout, Calisthenics:
► Bodybuilding & Fitness:

AcroYoga - Sun Salutation

Ori Arbell & Noga Scwartz are doing a special morning practice - an AcroYoga sun salutation in the old city of Jaffa. To know more about us: and

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Work Hard, Reach High.


AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics.

Beginner Acroyoga (Trono aberto/Straddle throne + Pássaro/Bird)

Esta é uma transição no estilo Whashing Machines, traduzindo: máquina de lavar. O nome é dado pois são sequências em que você começa em uma posição, troca para outras, e sempre termina na posição inicial.

Neste vídeo fazemos a variação de Trono Aberto para o Pássaro (uma das primeiras poses de quem é iniciante), e voltamos para o trono aberto.

Gostou? Dê um like no vídeo!
Quer aprender mais com a gente? Siga para novas transições!!
Fotos no Insta: @susangalz

#acroyoga #yoga #pilates #neopilates #yogainspiration #bird #passaro #tronoaberto #aprendizdeacroyoga #acroyogabrasil #acroyogainiciante #beggineracro

AcroYoga flash mob Brno 2017

Dear, half a year we are looking forward to this moment ... :)
It is a great honor to share our inspirational message with all the playful people that even in Brno we can fly! ;)
The first AcroYoga flash mob in Brno is behind us, thank you all! ღ
Enjoy the video, share it with friends and look forward to more meetings and challenges! :D

The event took place on 7 of June 2017 at the Moravian Square in Brno near the statue of Jošt Moravský.


AcroYoga JAMy Brno -
Joyful AcroYoga -
AcroYoga K&R -



Jana Šálková + Jaroslav Grochal
Klára Václavíková + Roman Hrnčíř
Zuzana Plachá + Radek Kočár
Renata Vélová + Petr Novotný


Denisa Maděránková + Vít Mojžíš
Dana Plháková + Lubomír Sedlář
Jana Štrosová + Peter Kotvan
Pavlína Gorelová + Jiří Hrazdira


Jana Denhaitová + Petr Havlíček
Veronika Flodrová + Petr Drevikovský
Zuzana Hubálková + David Urubčík
Zuzana Čížková + Jiří Tvrdý
Štěpánka Formánková + Vít Formánek


Veronika Kedová + Matúš Šabík
Lucie Koutná + Jaroslav Rohel


Martin Sitta
Stanislav Šustr
Jiří Musil
Martin Mareš
Adam Novák
Milan Gallas


Jaroslav Šafka
Adam Novák


Jana Šálková
Jaroslav Grochal


Jana Šálková & group


Robbie Williams - Candy
Trevor Hall - Kabir


Lenka Grimová - Úřad městské části Brno-střed
Michal Stránský - OSA - Ochranný svaz autorský pro práva k dílům hudebním, z. s.
Jan Kárl - Univerzitní kino Scala
Hana Svobodová - Moravská galerie
Jiří Kovář, Marek Novotný, Petr Krejčí


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Yoga online - Iniciación al Acroyoga

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Esta clase te enseñará las bases de la práctica del yoga en pareja con especial atención al estilo Acroyoga. Se trata de una práctica en la que se encuentran el yoga, la acrobacia y las artes de sanación. ¡Conecta con tu pareja, tus amigos y diviértete! #yogaonline
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AcroYoga Contact Tour In Paris By Mehdi Zidhane & Erica Montes

AcroYoga Contact Tour In Paris
By Mehdi Zidhane & Erica Montes
Video: Simon Renou

Check out upcoming workshops on AcroYoga Contact Tour:
London,Bruxelles,Paris,Ibiza,Arcachon,Riga & Plouescat to come!

acroyoga with chelsey korus and matt giordano

acro yoga with chelsey korus and matt giordano.

matt's website:

more fantastic videos on my site:

chelsey's website:

Acroyoga basic positions

Here is a few basic acroyoga positions:
1) Bird 0:01. Check if you can do yaw, pitch and roll with your flyer.
2) Throne 0:27. Base keep straight, flyer relaxing.
3) Seat 0:38. Base can hold a feet with hands.
4) Whale 0:51.
5) Back Bird 1:03.
6) Back Bow 1:12.
7) Back plank. Navasana 1:28.
8) Reverse Throne 1:42.
9) Front plank 1:54.
10) Front plank: three points of contact 1:59.
11) Front plank: two points of contact 2:11.
12) Side star from front plank 2:25.
13) Folded leaf 2:55.
14) Side star for cartwheel 3:27.
15) Straddle bat 3:38.
16) Reverse plank 3:55.
Disclaimer: next positions should be supported with a third person. Backward fall could be dangerous for your health!
17) Shoulder stand 4:20.
18) Star 4:40.
19) Reverse star 5:07.

Thanks for watching!

Music: Manowar - Call to Arms.
Performed by Alexander Batyr & Diana Tymchenko.
June 10, 2015

Acroyoga: Lucas & Maria (Barcelona). Video II.

Practicando un poco de acroyoga en casa de Fabio y Tati en Brasil, gracias Fabio por grabarnos y editar el video!!

Practicing acroyoga in Fabio & Tati's house in Brasil, thanks Fabio for filming us and editing the video!!

Belen Juarez y Camila Zappia Acro Yoga ®

Acro Yoga Date Class

This is a teaser for an Acro Yoga themed program that will be coming to Yoga for BJJ members. Grab your partner and go!

Check out
New videos every week for grapplers that want to optimize the body for BJJ and life!
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