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AcroYoga with Hagar Tsabar and Elad Sadeh
Choreography and Production by Hagar Tsabar

Acro Yoga - A Romantic and Amazing Flow for Beginners

Join us in an amazing Acroyoga Retreat in Bali from the 28th of September to the 4th of October! Just a few spots left!!!
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The most romantic, sensual, relaxing and beautiful Acroyoga flow 4k video performed by Angelo and Isis (@yoginisis) in Malta in collaboration with Acroyoga Sanctuary.

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The amazing thing is that it can be learned even by beginners.

These are the names of the poses and transitions, just search for the tutorials here on youtube, you will learn them quickly:

Tree, low bird, marmeid, bird, small pop to ninja star, barrel roll, half ninja star, back bird, star, cork screw, bird, whip, turn table, straddle bat, floating pachi, back bird, shoulder stand, straddle bat, half ninja star, reverse bird, trap door, back bird, ending.

Video directed and taken by Stefano Battarola.
Edited and graded by Angelo Tormena.
Been shot with a Panasonic GH5.

Angelo is wearing Ohmme pants.
If you want to get them here's the link:
He found them to be the most comfortable and they just look great!

Music: Kiss the rain by Yiruma

Acro Yoga for Beginners: Part1

This is a fun workshop filmed with Acro Yoga teacher Kateřina Burešová, designed to show you some of the more simple positions used and how they might be approached. The emphasis is on how accessible and fun some of the positions are. Please consider going to a teacher if you are new to this style so that they can guide you safely in you journey.

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Based by Libor Hiller and assisted by Denisa Schubertova:@denisa_schubertova
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Fantastic AcroYoga Dance - Cute couple / Yoga motivation

Incredible Acro Yoga dance - ACRO YOGA CHALLENGE.
Duo Lotos
#kafatour music Calm Silent Partner by youtube library

[EN ESPAÑOL] AcroYoga Asana Solar

Comience su práctica AcroYoga acrobática aquí! Este calentamiento se prepara para despertar el cuerpo y la preparación para el vuelo. Este video es la primera parte de la 120+ minutos AcroYoga Solar juego de video educativo prácticas acrobáticas, disponible para su descarga en, o copiar y pegar este enlace:

más vendido Descargar Prácticas Solar Digital de AYI, elaborado a partir de la versión en DVD, cuenta con 120 minutos de práctica AcroYoga fundamental y activo.

Mediante la comprensión y la práctica de la Asana solar que explora los movimientos y las formas de ese puente yoga y acrobacia fundamentales. Las Inversiones de las pirámides es un método paso a paso para el aprovechamiento de su potencial en el pino. Detectar las técnicas hacen hincapié en la seguridad y el refinamiento con el apoyo de los demás. Alojado por el fundador AYI, Jason Nemer.
Esta experiencia de descarga digital incluye: Asana Calentamiento solar, inversiones y Spotting, Acrobacia y Spotting, y obtendrá estas transiciones que vuelan: Frente a Plank shoulderstand, soportes y desmonta, Intermedio, progresiones Volar, Lavadoras y avanzada Flying variaciones.


Bienvenidos a DeportesUnComo. En este nuevo vídeo de ACROYOGA, los compañeros de AcroYogaThai nos han preparado un curso con las posturas más básicas del AcroYoga para principiantes. Estas posturas son las siguientes:

· Tadasana o postura en pie
· Trono de cuatro puntos
· Namaskarasana o trono entrelazado
· Hoja doblada
· Murciélago

Sigue viendo este vídeo de AcroYoga en pareja con Lucas Nunes y Maria Escudero de AcroYogaThai para aprender las posturas más básicas del AcroYoga con todos los detalles que hacen falta para este AcroYoga tutorial.

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En DeportesUncomo podrás ver, aprender, practicar, entender, disfrutar con los deportes así como en donde podrás encontrar mucho más detallado cada tutorial. Hemos hecho vídeos tutoriales de futbol, tenis, básquet o baloncesto, skateboarding, longboard, artes marciales, defensa personal, hockey, etc.

Web de unComo -


Quick flow with Dana Arnold in the alleys of Venice with our Yoloha Yoga Mat

AcroYoga Immersions & Retreats (Anukalana Inspired)

Six Years of AcroYoga Retreats in 3 minutes :-)
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Yoga online - Iniciación al Acroyoga

Si quieres ver la clase completa ÚNETE a
Esta clase te enseñará las bases de la práctica del yoga en pareja con especial atención al estilo Acroyoga. Se trata de una práctica en la que se encuentran el yoga, la acrobacia y las artes de sanación. ¡Conecta con tu pareja, tus amigos y diviértete! #yogaonline
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acroyoga with chelsey korus and matt giordano

acro yoga with chelsey korus and matt giordano.

matt's website:

more fantastic videos on my site:

chelsey's website:

AcroYoga Anukalana Inspired Teacher Training 2016

Memories from the training with th music by Alessandro Snupo Tapinassi

Yoga en pareja: Acroyoga I Diario de Yoga

Este vídeo ha sido publicado en el contexto del diario

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Acroyoga Beginners Sequence

#5ABT: AcroYoga Beginner Tutorial - Therapeutic Flying

Therapeutic flying is the art of Thai massage in the air.
This video will show you how to give a massage to someone you love in a very unique way.

► (Hebrew website)
► Contact me:

Taller de Introducción al Acroyoga con Isard & Noemí

Resumen/presentación del taller de Iniciación al AcroYoga

Acro at first sight -Acroyoga yoga

AcroYoga with Nicholas Coolridge and Eve Modens

This cute story of an acrobatic couple uniting is only a quick display of Eve's grace and Nicholas' strength.

Together these movement artists Uplifted Duality infuse AcroYoga, Adagio, dance and ground acrobatics into a beautiful act which they perform for various events

Inquiries -
Instagrams @ModernTarzan & @EveinMotion

Video by Nicholas Coolridge

Acroyoga basic positions

Here is a few basic acroyoga positions:
1) Bird 0:01. Check if you can do yaw, pitch and roll with your flyer.
2) Throne 0:27. Base keep straight, flyer relaxing.
3) Seat 0:38. Base can hold a feet with hands.
4) Whale 0:51.
5) Back Bird 1:03.
6) Back Bow 1:12.
7) Back plank. Navasana 1:28.
8) Reverse Throne 1:42.
9) Front plank 1:54.
10) Front plank: three points of contact 1:59.
11) Front plank: two points of contact 2:11.
12) Side star from front plank 2:25.
13) Folded leaf 2:55.
14) Side star for cartwheel 3:27.
15) Straddle bat 3:38.
16) Reverse plank 3:55.
Disclaimer: next positions should be supported with a third person. Backward fall could be dangerous for your health!
17) Shoulder stand 4:20.
18) Star 4:40.
19) Reverse star 5:07.

Thanks for watching!

Music: Manowar - Call to Arms.
Performed by Alexander Batyr & Diana Tymchenko.
June 10, 2015

Duo Dance Acro - Nici & Wladi - (AcroYoga)

Alternative Link:
Music: Lana Del Rey - Ride
Camera: Wolfgang Resch
Produced by: Wladimir Media

Acro yoga tutorial Ninja Star, Acroyoga learning

Ninja Star, tutorial... Just watch it!

AcroYoga Lunar Flow Bali 2019

Magic Lunar AcroYoga is all about slowing it down. Being present - fully in this moment. Closing the circle of giving and receiving. Honouring the body we were born with and the amazing things we can do with it. Taking care of each other, holding space. ⁣⁣
This restorative side of AcroYoga is very often neglected, forgotten, postponed due to a lack of time ... ⠀⁣⁣
Don't skip it - take the time!
Like the potter, spinning time.⠀⁣⁣
Like the weaver, weaving lines.⠀⁣⁣
Like the writer, take time.⠀⁣⁣
In this moment, what will you find?⠀⁣⁣
Learn all about the Lunar side of AcroYoga at our upcoming workshops:⁣⁣
✔️ SoLunar Weekend Vienna 10. - 12. May w/ Julia & Pascal Weis⁣⁣
✔️Lunar Immersion Vienna 1. - 3. + 8. - 10. Nov. w/ Julia Weis & Lisa Looping⁣⁣
✔️Apply now in
base: Lisa Looping
flyer: Lucia Ballmann
camera: George Rombouts⠀⁣⁣
lyrics above & music: Yaima: May you open, Ovo 2016⠀



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