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How to abseil

How to abseil. For more instructional films from the BMC, check out the BMC TV Skills Channel:

We're the BMC. Climb walls, rocks, hills, ice or mountains? Join us.

Abseiling from a scrambling route

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Glenmore Lodge instructor Derek Bain talks you through how to abseil either from the top of a scramble or to retreat part way through. Glenmore Lodge offer a range of summer hillwalking, scrambling and navigation courses from April to November and winter walking, mountaineering, avalanche awareness and navigation from January to March. We offer everything from complete beginner courses through to a multi-day traverse of the legendary Cuillin Ridge or even bespoke trips you've designed.

Get Out on Rock - Abseiling

An example clip from the popular Get Out On Rock DVD. In this section Libby Peter's talks you through the basics of Abseiling.

Kids Abseiling School Holidays like Never Before!

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Rock Climbing: How to Rappel

More accidents happen on rappel than any other part of climbing, so always take your time, make sure your systems are redundant and practice the steps before you head to the cliff. In this video, we show you how to set up a rappel extension, how to thread the rope through your rappel device, how to back up the rappel with a friction hitch and how to rappel down the wall.

To learn more, view our:
Rock Climbing: Cleaning a Top-Rope Anchor

Rock Climbing: Building a Top-Rope Anchor Using the Quad videos.

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Glenmore Lodge - Making an

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Glenmore Lodge instructor Al Halewood demonstrates how to set up an abseil (rappel) safely and efficiently.

Rappel Knots

Climbing magazine answers the age-old question of which knot is best used for joining two ropes in a double-rope rappel by showing how to tie the flat overhand, the knot recommended by the AMGA. We also show the triple barrel knot, which can be tied in the end of both ropes to keep you from rappelling off the rope.

Training Day | Climbing and Abseiling

NEW video: Why is SHOT show so amazing?
We had a fun training day of climbing and abseiling with the guys from C.S.B. -
Because of legal reasons airsoft rifles and pistols were used as a training tool.

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Macrame Knot for Rappelling AKA Abseiling

WARNING: this anchoring method is advanced and should only be used by experienced mountaineers.
The Macrame Knot is great to have as an option on straightforward abseils off single anchors. It's use prevents tree damage that standard pull throughs cause. It takes a lot less effort to release this knot than to pull a rope length over an anchor and there is also very little friction to overcome. A further advanced application is that it allows more than two ropes to be tied together and then retrieved. This however requires the abseiler to pass a knot on descent.
It is also possible to use a sling (and optional MR) as an extension around the back of the anchor when there is an obvious risk of the rig getting snagged. The sling might then get snagged on pull down, but the rope would still pull through the sling. Perhaps another video would be useful to show this.

Abseiling in Wookey Hole Caves

A short promotional video created for Wild Wookey. Two abseils are included with every Wild Wookey adventure caving experience including an awesome 75 foot deep in Chamber 9! Wild Wookey can be booked on line at

Background Music: Destructoid by MK2 from the YouTube Audio Library.

Abseiling & Caving | GoPro

I went on an Outdoor Education camp for 2 days. We went abseiling and caving. I brought my GoPro. The second song is Weatherman by Dead Sara. Enjoy!!!

Sea-cliff climbing essentials 3: Abseil, retreat and escape

Do you have the skills to access and escape from a sea cliff? Jay Jackson and Sam Percival show you how at Chair Ladder.

Traditional climbing on sea cliffs is an immensely rewarding and adventurous activity. However, the dynamic nature of the coastal environment presents additional challenges to climbers. Tide and sea conditions can mean that the difficulty of a given route can change from day to day. Rock quality may be variable, fixed equipment unreliable and accessing or escaping from a climb can be significantly more complex than at an inland crag. This series of films aims to raise awareness of some of the skills and techniques required to manage risk in these exciting, yet unforgiving venues. We hope that you will be inspired for your own coastal adventures!

Sea-cliff climbing essentials: a series of short films produced exclusively for BMC TV in association with AMI (the Association of Mountaineering Instructors).

Edited and produced by James Mann

We're the BMC. Climb walls, rock, hills, ice or mountains? Join us.

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Brett Rap Jumping/Forward Abseiling

Had a great experience Rap Jumping / Abseiling Forward at
with my son.
The building is a seven story building in City Rd South Bank Melbourne.
Safety is their priority and the guys were excellent . Highly recommend to any thrill seekers out there

Croke Park Abseil November 2017

Music: QUEEN OF THE SKIES - Nicolai Heidlas Music

Abseiling Down the AMP Building - 26 Stories for SDMF - Go Pro Head Cam

Abseiling down 26 Stories from the AMP Building Sydney and raised money for Sir David Martin Foundation in the hope to help to get young people off the streets, away from unhealthy situations & help homeless and troubled young people regain their health and turn their lives around

Abseiling 450ft off the i360 for Rocking Horse Children’s Charity

SnapChat - chriseubankjr

Abseiling the Northampton Lift Tower

The fearless foursome take on the Northampton Lift Tower abseil to raise funds to #unlockcallum - this is how we got on!

Rope Skills: Abseiling past a knot

Chris Tym (M.I.A.) on a session on rescue techniques



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