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Shengshou 6x6 and V cube 6 Comparison


6x6x6 cube single 1:51.81

Korean CWR Style 2017
Cube :
QiYi MoFangGe




Second Official 6x6x6 solves in World: 6x6x6 3:44.84 (former WR)

WR at Norrköping Open. 7th February 2009

My WR didn't hold for very long though.
I was lucky enough to make the first official 6x6x6 solve in the world

I also had the first official solve for 7x7x7 (WR): 6:07.00

6x6x6 v-cube : 2:52.88 (oll parity) by asiahyoo

wow nice for me

V-Cube 6x6x6

StackMatted, baby!

6x6x6 V-cube 6 Solve 5:35.71

Will it upload this time? AHHHH

7 years old solves 6x6x6 cube in 4:35.37

seoul korea

6x6x6 Rubik's Cube in 2:30.03 - former NR (Bodor Bálint)

I shot this video about my friend, Bodor Bálint solving the 6x6x6 Rubik's cube in 2:30.03 in the Hungarian Open 2010. This is the new Hungarian National Record. There was an OLL parity, and a stressful G perm in the end of the solve, but it's a very good time indeed! I'm sorry for not recording it in HD. It was my fault.
*** Ezt a videót Bodor Bálint barátomról készítettem, ahogy kirakja a 6x6x6-os Rubik kockát 2:30.03 alatt a Hungarian Open 2010-en. Ez az új magyar rekord. A kirakás végén OLL parity, és egy kicsit elstresszelt G perm volt, de az idő így is fantasztikus! Sajnálom, hogy nem HD a felvétel. (ez az én figyelmetlenségemnek köszönhető)

Jason v-cube 6x6x6 4:32.41

This is my PB now

VCube 6x6x6

Another 6x6x6 solve :)

7 years old solves 6x6x6 cube in 4:57.67

seoul korea

6x6x6 UWRs: 1:43.40 single, 1:50.71 MO3, 1:55.37 AVG5, 1:59.38 AVG12

Yeah, I really really really suck during competition.
I also messed up the AVG 12, too much failing with counting solves over 2:05.

2:06.35 1:57.38, 2:00.27, 1:48.47, (1:43.40), 2:05.56, (2:20.50), 2:06.46, 1:52.88, 2:02.69, 1:57.09, 1:56.69

1:43.40 starts at 9:40
1:50.71 MO3 starts at 5:00 - 2:00.27, 1:48.47, 1:43.40 = 1:50.71
1:55.37 AVG 5 starts at 2:35 - 1:57.38, 2:00.27, 1:48.47, (1:43.40), (2:05.56) = 1:55.37

I'm done actually practicing now for about 4 months until swim season is over

MO3 splits:
2:00.27 (double parity)
Centers - :48
Edges - :51
3x3 - :21

1:48.47 (P parity)
Centers - :46
Edges - :43
3x3 - :19

1:43.40 (no parity)
Centers - :44
Edges - :44
3x3 - :15

Rahul Kadukar 6x6x6 in 4 Min 59.27 National Record.mp4

This is the official National Record on the 6x6x6 and was set on 2 October 2010, the previous best was 5:09.33 that was set 10 minutes ago in the same competition :D

I am now 1st in both Single and Average in 6x6x6 in India

V-Cube 6x6x6 Solve

broke my record by about 30 seconds! =D

V-CUBE 6x6x6: 3:13.27

First solve out of 9 tries without a POP.

Review En Español 6x6x6 MGC MAGNETIC -Edurubiks

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Michal Halczuk 2:08.83 6x6x6 solve

solve was done on my brand new Shengshou cube

A mod v-cube 6x6x6 solve of mine

The mod has been half done, and it works very well.

7 years old solves 6x6x6 cube in 6:11.00 seconds

seoul korea

Test 6x6x6 Moyu Weishi Single: 1:48.18



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