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5x5x5 BLD


Grzegorz Jałocha: 5x5x5 BLD Former World Record, 5:39.10

Bydgoszcz Open 2014, 23-24 VIII

(Official) 5x5x5 bld 19:55.00

Korean Championship 2016

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea

5x5x5 Bld 9:25.80 [Female World Record!]

Korean Championship 2018


Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge


5x5x5 Bld 9:17.19[5:44]

Cube :

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QiYi MoFangGe




5x5x5 bld 13:52.00

Korean Championship 2017


Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge

QiYi Mofangge :

5x5x5 BLD 15:54.35

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea
Memorize Time 9:48

Sébastien Auroux - 5x5x5 BLD FAIL attempts at Montpellier Open 2010

Maybe I'm just not supposed to ever succeed a 5x5x5 BLD in competition -_-

[Oliver Frost] 5x5x5 Blindfolded (Former) World Record 5:35.84

Mad props to Adam Greenwood for filming and uploading :) Done at Welcome Back to Guildford 2015.

Speedcubing: 5x5x5 BLD in 42:12.64 Minutes (Single)

Memo: ~ 26 Minutes (skip to 7:10 for end of memo)
Execution: ~ 16 Minutes (skip to 11:37 for end of execution)

Hell yeah! I dit it!
This was my first try at solving the 5x5x5 blindfolded, and it has already been a success! :D

Centers: U2-Method (Memo: Letter pairs)
Edges: r2-Method for wedges, M2-Method for midges (Memo: Letter pairs)
Corners: Old Pochmann (Memo: Visual Memo)

5x5x5 Blindfolded 4:16.78

Getting there, but that's all for now, exams and stuff.

R2 L' l2 B' R' d' l' F2 L R' F' l' R' U R b' d' U2 B2 l F L R' r' D' u r2 l F' d' f U' r2 D2 f d L f' B d r2 R L u f2 B2 L2 f' D' d' L f U' b2 u' U' d f2 u l'

5x5x5 BLD - 29:31.47 NR ( 1/3 )

2011 Taiwan Summer Open

Maskow: 5x5 BLD 9:28.11 [memo 3:50]

Rw2 U Uw R2 D2 Bw2 U' F' Dw2 Uw' L' U Rw2 Fw' Dw Fw R D' Uw2 B' Uw' D F2 Fw D' Fw' Rw U' D2 Dw' R Bw Lw' B2 Rw2 R2 Uw Lw' D B L F' Dw' D R2 Dw' Bw' Fw L B2 Uw' D2 B F' Bw2 L' U F2 Rw Dw2

Solve looks sooo slooooooow.

5x5x5 BLD in 10:49.94 by Jakob Kogler

I´m improving very fast.
Memo time was 5:01
Solving time 5:48

Scramble: Uw' Rw' B2 Rw Bw' L' R2 B' Dw L' Rw Dw2 Lw Fw Lw' Rw2 R' Uw U2 B Lw2 F' Rw' B D2 Uw' B Fw' Rw Bw2 L2 Lw2 R2 Bw Uw2 Bw F' Rw' Dw2 U2 Rw2 Dw U2 Fw2 D Dw' R' B2 Lw' Dw' Uw' U' L' Dw Uw L2 B2 R Dw L

5x5x5 solve 70.34

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea

Maskow: First 5x5 BLD success EVER, 12:27 [4:31]

7th attempt
Previous attempts:
26:20 [12:50]
20:59 [9:24]
15:30 [5:09]
14:33 [5:47]
11:50 [4:10]
11:29 [4:25]

Maskow: Multiblindfold 125/150

[solve starts at 3:38, ends 7:17]
Memorisation time: 8h13 [timer +5h, I had some problems with timer]
Solve time: 1h40
Total time: 9h53

What can I say? I'm definitely not happy about this result. Too long memorisation phase, too many DNFs. My concentration doesn't work over 1 hour. Also my memory palace doesn't work over50 cubes. I will work on these both things and improve this result because it's definitely not my last attempt on 150 cubes. It was completely crazy but I want to do it again and do it faster and better ;)

5x5x5 Solved in 1:27

Solving a 5x5x5 in 1:27.140 on IsoCubeSim (v1.3). 219 moves at 2.51 moves/sec, with the reduction method.

My best time is 1:20.25.

You can find this program (IsoCubeSim) at .

Maskow: Official 5x5 BLD, 9:11.73

Speed Days Kraśnik 2015, 30-31 V
I can memorise it even faster, but god, my solve is awful XD
Anyway: My first official success ever and I am now 14th in the world.

5x5x5 cube Average of 5 : 65.12

69.66 (60.04) 62.40 (75.96) 63.31
Korean CWR Style 2017
Cube : qiyi wushuang 5x5x5

QiYi MoFangGe


5x5x5 Rubik's Professor Cube Solved in 1:46.20

my 3º day of practice... hope I can get better... I'm waiting for my V-Cube.



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