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5x5x5 Rubik's Cube solved (Easy Shuffle)

Alwyn Batican attempts to solve a 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube

5x5x5 in 1:37.50 - Stefan Pochmann

Yay, new personal record and caught on video.

5x5x5 Rubik's Cube Solve: 1:57.40

PB. My second sub-2 (I had a 1:57.56 a few solves before).

2469 centers, AvG edges.

5x5x5 Solve - 2:47.53

My personal record by over 30 seconds, set in competition at Caltech Summer 2007.
On the left is Frank Morris, who would have set a world record 5x5x5 average with that final solve had it not been a DNF.

WCA_ WCA_2006GARR01 WCA_2003MORR01 WCA_CaltechSummer2007 WCA_555 WCA_2007 WCA_Germany WCA_USA

[황스TV] 55 큐브 자석개조 튜토리얼 ( 5x5x5 우슈앙 마그네틱, 방법,팁)

4x1 24 개 4x1.5 24개 4x2 48 개 사용 이고 딱 적당한 자력이 나옵니다.

가능한한 자세히 쉽게 설명했는데 많은 도움 되시면 좋겠습니다.

Solving the 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube!

It's not really about the time, cause i suck :)
I can make a 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and a 5x5x5 cube!
My 2x2x2 record is 3.xx seconds
My 3x3x3 record is 22.xx seconds
My 4x4x4 record is 3.xx minutes
My 5x5x5 record is 7.46 minutes

5x5x5 Solve: 1:36.85 (HD)

Probably a PB. Sorry about the timer being half-hidden.

Dan Harris - Rubik's 5x5x5 in 2:22

Dan Harris solves a 5x5x5 cube

5x5x5 single PR 1:08.97 at WCA World Championship 2019



5x5x5 | 15 minute workout

Total body, 15 minute workout.

5 moves x 5 reps each x 5 rounds

1. One Leg Deadlift
2. Squats
3. Renegade Rows
4. Push Ups
5. Push Press

Personal 5x5x5 record!

I got a new stackpod and I wanted to give it some use, so I filmed myself on the v-cube professor, and ended up breaking my personal record! Check it out!

5x5x5 Avg12: 1:07.45(avg5: 1:05.27)

Average of 12: 1:07.46
1.(0:32) 1:10.23 Fw2 L Rw' Uw' Lw' Uw Bw Rw Uw' U2 B2 Fw2 Bw2 U D L R Lw Rw2 Bw2 D' U Lw' L Dw Uw R' L U2 Bw' F2 Rw2 Uw Bw2 D2 Uw U F' Rw U2 Dw2 Fw Lw Fw2 Bw2 Rw2 Lw2 B R' U Uw2 F' B' U2 Fw2 Uw Bw R Bw U'
2.(2:16) 1:03.66 Lw2 Bw D' Fw' Bw2 L' Lw U' R2 L F D' Uw2 B2 L2 F Uw L' Bw Lw Rw L U' B D2 R Lw Rw2 Fw2 R' L' Rw2 Lw B' Dw2 Uw D2 Fw R2 L' Rw Lw F' Rw B2 Uw Lw' D2 U Uw Lw2 Bw' Uw' Fw' F2 B' L' Dw' F2 D2
3.(3:55) 1:10.02 Rw' D' F Uw' Bw' Rw' F' Rw2 R' L' U D2 B2 L' Fw2 Uw' Lw' Bw' Uw' B' Uw2 Dw' Fw R' U D2 Uw' L Fw Dw' Lw2 B' Fw R' F Rw Lw' R2 L U' Fw Rw2 Uw Rw Lw' Uw D Fw Bw2 Rw2 Lw' F' L' Bw Rw2 F' Uw2 Dw' Bw2 F2
4.(5:39) 1:09.79 U Uw' B Dw2 Fw Rw' Lw2 F2 R' D2 U F2 L' F Lw Fw' B2 U' R L Bw B2 U Rw' R2 Uw' Bw' D Fw' D' F Dw Rw Lw Fw' Lw2 U Dw F' R' Uw' D Rw' Bw' Lw F Uw' D' Dw' R2 F' B' Bw' R' Dw' R Fw2 R2 Fw2 Lw'
5.(7:23) 1:11.57 F' Rw Bw' F' U2 L2 R F L' Lw2 D2 Lw' Dw2 R' F2 B2 U' L2 U' Rw L' Uw L2 F2 R2 B L' Bw U2 L Fw Bw U B U Lw' Fw2 F' Uw' U' L Lw Uw2 Fw' Rw' Fw2 Uw2 L2 B Lw' F' Fw' Bw L2 U' Dw2 Bw Uw2 Bw Uw2
6.(9:06) 1:04.36 U D L' Dw2 Rw' B Bw' Dw' Lw' D2 F Fw2 Rw D Fw2 Rw B' F2 Bw R Rw U2 R' D' Rw Bw U' Rw' R Bw2 U L2 D R' D2 Lw' Fw Bw' L Lw2 Dw2 B2 Dw' Lw B2 L Dw2 F' Lw2 R2 Bw' B Fw L' Uw' L2 Lw F' L' Lw'
7.(10:54) 1:09.23 Fw' Bw2 U L2 Dw2 R Dw F Uw' L Bw2 D2 Rw R' D Uw Dw' Rw Dw Bw' D L' B D Bw' D2 Lw' U Bw' Dw' Bw Dw2 Rw F' Fw Dw Bw R' B' Lw' Uw' D' F' Lw' Rw2 Fw' Dw' Rw2 Dw U B2 L' R2 B' Lw Dw' Rw B2 Fw' Rw
8.(12:43) (1:00.18) U2 R2 Fw U Dw Fw' Lw R' B2 R L' Rw2 Lw' F2 Lw' U' R Dw Rw' B2 Rw D B' D2 R D2 Rw2 L2 D F2 Dw2 D Fw' B' Bw' D2 Bw2 L' Rw Dw2 Lw B Bw' Uw Rw' B Lw D' Uw2 B Rw Uw U2 Bw F' B Fw R' Dw R
9.(14:15) 1:02.81 L' Uw Lw D Dw' Bw2 Lw2 U2 Uw2 F2 L Dw2 Uw2 Fw Bw D2 Lw2 Uw Fw' Bw2 F' Rw' D' Dw Bw' F' Fw Dw Lw U' D2 R2 F' Rw Bw Lw2 B Uw' D2 F' L2 Uw2 Lw L2 D B2 R F U B2 Lw Fw' Uw U Dw' Lw Uw2 U2 B' D2
10.(15:50) (1:18.53) B2 F L' F2 Dw2 Rw' Dw' D' Fw U2 F2 U' Uw Dw2 B Rw B2 D' Fw2 Dw' B R2 Dw' Bw Lw Fw Rw' F' Fw' U D Fw2 Dw2 Uw' L Lw D2 B2 Bw2 U' Rw' B Uw Lw' Fw' Lw2 B' Fw2 F' L Bw' B' Rw D2 Rw' U2 D2 F2 Uw' Rw
11.(17:49) 1:08.53 Rw' R F Bw Uw F2 R2 F' R2 Rw F2 Lw2 Uw' R Uw2 R L' U F R2 Fw' Dw L F2 Rw' F' Uw2 Fw2 F' U' Dw Fw2 Bw' Rw2 B' D' Rw R' D2 Rw' Dw' D2 R2 F2 R' Bw2 F R2 L2 Fw Bw' R Dw' L' Rw Fw Rw2 Bw' Dw U
12.(19:35) 1:04.43 Rw' Bw D L2 Fw2 Bw' Dw Bw2 D' Bw Rw' F' Dw' F' B Dw D2 R2 Lw Bw' R Lw2 F Fw L' Fw D2 Bw' Lw' R Bw2 D Lw2 R B Bw Lw Fw2 Lw2 F' Bw Rw F2 B Fw' Lw Uw Bw' Fw D' Bw' U' Uw2 L2 U2 Bw2 F2 Fw2 B U'

5x5x5 European record single: 58.30

Non lc, all averages this day were shit, and I felt pretty tired for no reason.

5x5x5 Bodyweight Complex

5 Exercises
5 Reps
5 Rounds

1. Muscle Ups
2. Handstand Press Ups
3. Clapping Pull Ups
4. Russian Dips
5. Headbangers

5x5x5 1:38.97 sec

v-cube 5x5x5

Simple algorithm for smiley using 5x5x5 cube

For algorithm, a simple one with a 5x5 and red mouth and blue eyes: Green on top, yellow facing you, red on the right side: d' (l' M' r) d (l M r') (l' r) u (l r') u'. You should get all smiley face now...
You can do the same using a 6x6x6, 7x7x7 and so on...

Hsuan Chang 5x5x5 World Record 1:13.28

Hsuan Chang made 5x5x5 World record on Taiwan Winter Open 2009 ! Taiwan Rocks !

Rubiks cube 5x5x5 by Adam (7 years)

Transition Défensive / Offensive 5x5x5

Améliorer la réaction du groupe lors de la transition avec un accent principale dans la construction de l'endurance.

5x5x5 Rubik's cube Avg:1:02.50(Former ASR) @Thailand Championship 2015

(1:01.06)(wrong last 2 edges), 1:01.54, 1:01.75, 1:04.22(skip pll), (1:05.36)
just luck



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