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5x5x5 解説(早く解くための説明)



5x5x5目標タイム 2:30秒
センター:40秒 エッジ:1:20秒 3x3x3パート:30秒

L2 R2 Rw2 D' Fw' L Fw Dw2 D' B R' B' F2 Bw2 U Rw Lw2 Uw R2 Rw' Bw' Fw2 Rw2 Bw' Lw Uw R Bw2 Lw' Rw B Bw2 R2 B2 Uw Fw2 R2 F D' B' Rw' F2 R2 Lw B2 D Bw D Fw Dw2 D L2 Fw2 L2 B' Rw' B' Lw' F Rw



5x5x5: 2:22.81 por Nacho Soto

5º cubo Campeonato de España. Final combinada 5x5x5.

Subcampeón con una media de 2:35.37, junto con Niko y River ;)

Transition Défensive / Offensive 5x5x5

Améliorer la réaction du groupe lors de la transition avec un accent principale dans la construction de l'endurance.

Syuhei Omura 5x5x5 cube 1:10.05 sec official average of 5

3rd solve is suck...
In next competition I'll get sub70

Full Body Strength and Capacity Workout - 5x5x5 Workout 2

5x5x5 - 5 Exercises, 5 Reps, 5 Rounds
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
5 Front Squats
5 Overhead Press
5 Tyre Flips
5 Sledge Hammers (L/R)

5x5x5 cube Average of 5 : 65.12

69.66 (60.04) 62.40 (75.96) 63.31
Korean CWR Style 2017
Cube : qiyi wushuang 5x5x5

QiYi MoFangGe


5x5x5 in 1:37.50 - Stefan Pochmann

Yay, new personal record and caught on video.

Solving 5x5x5 cube in 2:08.54 at European Championship 2004

This is me solving the 5x5x5 cube in 2 minutes 8.54 seconds during the first round of the 2004 European Championship in Amsterdam, which was the world record at the time.

5x5x5 cube - 1:47.13 new record!

This is my new personal best!
My second time breaking the 2 minutes barrier!
Reduction was done in 1:30.
Old record was 1:51.00.
I just attached new stickers to the cube right before this!
And I wanted to thank Björn, Lasse and Jan for the awesome package with all the stickers and the book 'Speedsolving the Cube'!

Cube: white V-Cube 5

QiYi MoFangGe 5x5x5 Qizheng (S) – лучшая пятерка для начала | Кубик для новичков

Обзор на QiYi MoFangGe 5x5x5 Qizheng (S) – очень хороший кубик Рубика 5x5x5 для начинающих куберов.

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5x5x5 cube Average of 5 : 61.74

Korean Championship 2018

(56.29), 57.21, 65.86, 62.16, (66.71)

Cube : qiyi wushuang 5x5x5

QiYi MoFangGe


5x5x5 Solved in 1:27

Solving a 5x5x5 in 1:27.140 on IsoCubeSim (v1.3). 219 moves at 2.51 moves/sec, with the reduction method.

My best time is 1:20.25.

You can find this program (IsoCubeSim) at .

5x5x5 ラスト4エッジ 【Japanese】



5x5x5 European record single: 58.30

Non lc, all averages this day were shit, and I felt pretty tired for no reason.

US Nationals and Open 2008 - Dan Cohen 5x5x5 [Former]World Record

Dan Cohen sets the [Former] 5x5x5 world record at US Nationals and Open. 1:20.98. He also went on to set the [former] average WR

Vertical Jump 5x5x5 Strength Workout

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This vertical jump workout will increase your strength levels and will help you dunk a basketball!

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Lunges 5 sets of 5 reps
Deadlifts 5 sets of 5 reps

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5x5x5 - 3:05.05

Yeah! My record! I love V-Cubes!

Sub-3 soon :D

Rubik's 5x5x5: 58.53 seconds Asian Record Yu Nakajima [ World Championship 2011 ]

Thank you for watching!
I hope someone may be interested in Speedcubing :)

About me :

Yu Nakajima (Japanese)
World Champion of Speedsolving the Rubik's Cube in 2007

Official Records:
Facebook :

Member of online puzzle shop tribox

5x5x5 in 1:56

I've been practicing a bit more lately...went from like 2:30 avg to low 2 (best RA of 12 is 2:00.89, best single is 1:46)
Still far from being fast, but I'm improving :)

5x5x5 センターの早くそろえ方。


Rw2 B Rw U' L' B D Bw2 Rw2 Lw U2 Dw' Uw' Lw2 Uw
Fw' R2 Bw2 Rw' Dw' Rw D Bw Rw2 Dw2 R' Uw' Dw' F
R D2 Lw F' B Rw2 Dw' Rw2 Dw2 F2 U Uw' Rw2 D' L2
F' B U2 Uw2 Rw Dw R2 Rw' L' Dw2 B U Uw B' L' Lw'



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