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Solving the 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube!

It's not really about the time, cause i suck :)
I can make a 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and a 5x5x5 cube!
My 2x2x2 record is 3.xx seconds
My 3x3x3 record is 22.xx seconds
My 4x4x4 record is 3.xx minutes
My 5x5x5 record is 7.46 minutes

5x5x5 Rubik's Professor Cube Solved in 1:46.20

my 3º day of practice... hope I can get better... I'm waiting for my V-Cube.

5x5x5 avg5 1:11.60

I like 5x5x5 very much!!
i want to be more faster!!

1. 1:11.22 Dw' D' L2 R' D L Lw F2 D' Fw2 Bw' Uw' Lw' Uw Dw' F2 Bw' B' U2 Dw D' B2 D L2 Lw2 R' Dw' Fw2 D' Rw R' Uw2 D2 Fw2 U' Uw Fw2 D' Rw B2 R Dw2 D' L Lw2 Dw' Fw2 Rw2 Bw Uw' Fw2 Dw' Rw2 Fw B' U2 Dw2 F2 L' Lw'
2. 1:08.36 L R' Dw2 Fw B Dw' Fw' U2 Uw' Dw' L2 Dw' B Lw2 R2 Bw R' Dw2 D' Bw B Uw' Fw' Lw' R' Dw2 Bw2 R F Fw2 Bw2 Lw Uw Bw2 R2 D' F' Lw' F Fw' Uw' D B2 Uw2 Lw' F2 D2 Rw R Dw' F2 B Lw2 Uw Rw' D2 L R2 Bw' Dw2
3. 1:17.59 L F' D Fw2 Rw2 Uw L Uw2 R U D L Rw' Uw2 L' Fw' Lw Bw R' Bw D2 L2 Uw2 Lw2 U' Fw' L2 Bw D2 Rw' Fw' R' Dw' F Bw Dw' Bw' U2 Lw2 Rw R' Fw Lw R Dw R' Bw U' Rw' U2 Fw Lw' Dw Lw2 Rw' U R2 F Uw2 D'
4. 1:09.92 Bw' Dw B Uw' L2 Lw' Rw' Dw2 Lw2 Bw U' R B' L' U2 Uw2 L2 Bw' R F' B2 U' D Lw' U2 Dw' Rw2 R' F' U2 D Fw2 U2 R B2 D2 Lw' U2 D' F Bw' B' R2 Dw2 R U2 Lw Uw2 R' D2 F U Uw2 D R2 Dw' D' Lw' Uw' R
5. 1:13.67 B2 L D Fw2 Bw2 B' Rw U' R F2 Uw' Dw' R Fw' Lw' B Lw R Uw Fw' Dw D' F2 R2 Fw2 R' Bw Rw2 R Fw' Bw Dw Lw' B2 U2 Lw' R D R2 U2 Bw L Lw U L Dw2 D' L2 R' U Uw Dw D' Lw R2 D2 Fw Bw2 Uw2 L'

5x5x5 1:02.80

I felt very slow while I was doing 3x3 on Sheng-Shou 5x5.

5x5x5 RicharLin 1:31.27

5x5x5 解説(早く解くための説明)



5x5x5目標タイム 2:30秒
センター:40秒 エッジ:1:20秒 3x3x3パート:30秒

L2 R2 Rw2 D' Fw' L Fw Dw2 D' B R' B' F2 Bw2 U Rw Lw2 Uw R2 Rw' Bw' Fw2 Rw2 Bw' Lw Uw R Bw2 Lw' Rw B Bw2 R2 B2 Uw Fw2 R2 F D' B' Rw' F2 R2 Lw B2 D Bw D Fw Dw2 D L2 Fw2 L2 B' Rw' B' Lw' F Rw



[황스TV] 55 큐브 자석개조 튜토리얼 ( 5x5x5 우슈앙 마그네틱, 방법,팁)

4x1 24 개 4x1.5 24개 4x2 48 개 사용 이고 딱 적당한 자력이 나옵니다.

가능한한 자세히 쉽게 설명했는데 많은 도움 되시면 좋겠습니다.

5x5x5 cube Average of 5 : 61.74

Korean Championship 2018

(56.29), 57.21, 65.86, 62.16, (66.71)

Cube : qiyi wushuang 5x5x5

QiYi MoFangGe


5x5x5 in 1:37.50 - Stefan Pochmann

Yay, new personal record and caught on video.


公開時点でのおすすめ: QiYi WuShuang

3:18.39 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube Solve

On my very nice relubed, Cubesmith-tiled Eastsheen. My record two days a go was 4:10; I want to get a sub-3.

Part of a 3:54.87 average that could also have been faster.

(In response to gibsonguy3410:)
Try Look at the tredge page ( ) and Frank Morris's video there ( ), and see if you can glean enough.

Personal 5x5x5 record!

I got a new stackpod and I wanted to give it some use, so I filmed myself on the v-cube professor, and ended up breaking my personal record! Check it out!

5x5x5 cube Average of 5 : 65.12

69.66 (60.04) 62.40 (75.96) 63.31
Korean CWR Style 2017
Cube : qiyi wushuang 5x5x5

QiYi MoFangGe


5x5の解き方 初心者向け

5x5x5 cube - 1:47.13 new record!

This is my new personal best!
My second time breaking the 2 minutes barrier!
Reduction was done in 1:30.
Old record was 1:51.00.
I just attached new stickers to the cube right before this!
And I wanted to thank Björn, Lasse and Jan for the awesome package with all the stickers and the book 'Speedsolving the Cube'!

Cube: white V-Cube 5

5x5x5 cube 1:05.56 sec single & Fxxking lock up at 5th solve

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

5x5x5 MGC5 : 43.90 Sec.

MGC5 is one of the best 5x5 I ever had when out of box It's feel really nice for speed, controlable also cutting corner is the best too and I think it will be better a lot after this

43.90 Bw2 Dw2 U2 B' Dw Fw Rw' U' Uw B' Lw' Rw2 B' U2 B2 Lw Fw2 U Fw2 R2 Uw' D B' F' U D2 Lw' R2 Fw2 Bw F L' Lw U' Rw U2 Lw' B F Bw2 Lw Uw Fw2 L' D2 Lw' U' Uw' Bw2 U' Lw Uw U2 Dw R Fw' B D' Fw2 Uw2

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5x5x5 Rubik's Cube Solve: 1:57.40

PB. My second sub-2 (I had a 1:57.56 a few solves before).

2469 centers, AvG edges.

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