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3x3x3 Ft


3x3x3 Average of 5: 18,22 ft. Min sexiga röst

Kände för att göra en kubvideo/commentary thing så jag gjorde det.
Kuben jag använde: Moyu Weilong

3x3 with feet single WR (25.04 and 20.57)

Ten film powstał przy użyciu Edytora wideo YouTube (

HOW TO Cook Your TURKEY in the GROUND! ***MUST SEE!***

Thanksgiving 2016, Tom Turkey...buried in the ground to cook overnight!
My wife usually does all of the holiday cooking. This year I decided to try to help her out a bit by cooking the the ground! This idea was given to me by my good friend, Gary Sharpe. This has been a tradition for his family for many years and he passed it on to me.
I'm not going to say it was easy...but, it was definitely worth it! You get to burn calories to make room for every time you go back for seconds, spend time with family the night before, roasting weenies and making smores over a nice big fire and the next day you have a delicious turkey that you didn't have to baste every hr! Not only that, it's way healthier!

Here's a few things you will need:
18 Gauge balling wire
Burlap Sack
Disposable Oven Roasting pan
Play Sand
Safety Glasses
Fire Extinguisher
Thick Work Gloves
River Rocks
Tom Turkey!
DO NOT USE CONCRETE OR BRICKS - They are a fire hazard

Step 1:
Get a cute partner
Dig a 3x3x3 ft hole in a safe location (you might need to contact your local utilities to check if it is safe to dig)
Digging the hole is the hardest part!

Step 2:
Dig a chute to bury the wire to be able to pull your turkey out when it's done. 2/3 deep is fine.
Then the hole is done!

Step 3:
Start your fire!
Invite friends and family over for hotdogs and smores
Burn a lot of wood! I put two pallets on top of the fire wood.

Step 4:
Season your turkey, inject it to make it taste good! (Please make sure you have already cleaned and taken out the neck and gizzards!)
Wrap it in your bake bag and put it in the roasting pan.
Then place it in the burlap sack.
Cut 4 ft of the wire to wrap around and tie the sack with. Leave enough for the chute.
Wet the sack.

Set 5:
Dig out about 1/2 of the hot coals & rocks.
Level it out.
Put a layer of sand on top of your coals about 1 thick to keep the sack from burning.
Place in your turkey.
Fill in the edges with sand and then top it off with sand covering the turkey.
Put in the rest of the hot coals.
Then bury it with remaining dirt.

We ended up with a delicious, juicy, tasty turkey! I won't say it was better than the wife's...because I'm smart lol. But, it was darn good and well worth all the effort!
So, try this out this holiday season, you won't be disappointed!

4.44 3x3 European Record single (WR5)

Sens Open 2019 (August 10-11th), 3x3 finals solve 1

There you go Tanzer!
Insanely lucky solve and very stupid solution (sorry Tymon), but a ER is a ER and getting lucky isn't a crime I guess.

Props to Antoine ( once again for quickly sending me the footage as well as editing this video! Same goes for Jules (the former NR holder), Abdi, Alexandre, Lina, Nick, Thibaud, John, Enzo, Zak and everyone else who cheered me on.
Besides, congrats to the guy Elian Béguec on winning by beating the World champion after destroying the European champion last october in Paris! You truly are the champion killer! Lastly, thanks to the organizers for another super awesome edition of the Sens Open

Cube: Valk Power M with Lubicle Silk
Instagram: juliettesebastien
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OH FAIL European Record average (ft 9.88 and 9.75 singles)

Chambéry Cube Open 2018 (20th-21st January), OH round 1

9.88, 13.79, 13.90, (DNF), (9.75) = 12.52 average

Désolée pour le titre un peu putaclic, mais je considère ça maintenant comme mon plus gros fail de tous les temps, car les 2 13 qui comptent étaient des fails de ZBLL et auraient sans doute dû être sub12, donc très potentiellement record d'Europe de moyenne. La prochaine fois !!

Sorry for the clickbait title, but now I consider this my biggest fail ever, as the 2 counting 13s were fails ZBLL and should probably have been sub12, so potentially European Record average. Next time!!

Cube: Cosmic Valk 3 M :) →
Ma page d'info speedcubing/My speedcubing info:
Instagram: juliettesebastien
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Merci à Noé pour la vidéo :)

tribox Contest 2019 後半期 第5節 まさかのLL skip

オンラインのスピードキューブコンテスト tribox contestでの333動画と、その振り返りの動画です。



Official Rubik's cube world record single by Mats Valk.

Cube used: Valk3M -

Also special thanks to QiYi ( for cooperating and making the Valk3!

Second round of Jawa timur open in Indonesia on November the 6th.
Part of a 6.89 average.

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Champagne Open 2019 3x3x3 Final Round (Replay Twitch) [FR]

Replay du streaming mis en place par l'Association Française de Speedcubing sur Twitch pour la finale du 3x3x3 du Champagne Open 2019 à Tinqueux (8 septembre). Commentaires en français par Abdelhak, Arthur et Rémi. Réalisation par Rui.

Résultats du Champagne Open 2019 :
Twitch de l'AFS :
Site de l'AFS :

Tony ft. AirAlex - Rubik's Cube TEAM BLD Solve (Skype Video CHAT) - 00:56.56 +2 [SUB60] [HD/HQ]

SUB60! :)

Anssi Vanhala - 3x3 ft warm up


BND & 1F - Test Thử Rubik 3x3x3 Cực Ngầu

1F (Khôi Ngáo)
lâu lắm rồi mới có video mới nè các bạn
từ 25.11.2017 đến 25.3.2018 chứ nhiêu :D
►Fanpage :
►fb BND :

3x3x3 rubiks cube slove by neo in 1:22.1 sec

3x3x3 rubik scube slove part 2

SOLVING A RUBIK'S CUBE AT 5,000+ FT - Tuckerman's Ravine Bucket List ✔️

On Sunday, my last day of April break, I solved a Rubik's Cube ontop of Tuckermans Ravine. That's pretty cool.

All shot on GoPro and iPhone 6s. My SLR would have made my pack even heavier soooo...

Music by the amazingly amazing genius named Eli Way.
Check out the song used:

OH 3x3x3 in 24.41s

Scramble: U2 R' L2 U2 B2 F' L U R' U' D2 F2 B' R D2 B R U L U F' R L2 D R'
I'm practicing ft and lookahed through OH. My PB is 24.53!

Full video National Record: 5BLD mean 6:10.54 (WR6) ft. 5:50.18 single

Thanks Krzysztof for judging my 1st NR :)
speed up video:
my WCA profile:
Done at German Mental Breakdown 2019
Ranked NR1 ER3 WR6 as of today

(National Record) Rubik's Cube With Feet mean of 3 : 36.74 by Renhard Julindra

National Record.
(40.44), 38.69, (31.08) : 36.74
at Rubikku Champ 2013, Indonesia
Twitter : @JulindraRenhard .

Worlds podium! 11.32 3rd Place One-handed Average at Worlds 2019!!

World championship 2019 (July 11-14th), 3x3 one-handed finals.

This is my best achievement in speedcubing so far.

Making the podium in my main event was one on my major goals for this competition, and even though I knew it wouldn't be an easy task, I still practiced towards this goal. I almost lost hope after placing 28th in the 1st round and changed my expectations a bit, and when I got on the stage I was feeling more honored to be there in the finals solving next to Feliks than anything else. I did the best I can without thinking of what my final ranking would be, and when I learnt about the results I felt like I was living a dream.

Congrats to Max on being the OH World champion again and to Patrick on getting 2nd despite the cubedrops.
I'm aware that I got very lucky to end up on the podium because Iuri counted a 10, 10 and 13 and Antoine was only .10 behind me, but I'm just getting started (hopefully)!

Huge thanks to Phillip Lewicki on the footage of solves 1, 4 and 5 and to Rui Reis on uploading the competitions livestream to this link:

Cube: Valk Power M with Lubicle Silk
Instagram: juliettesebastien
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Setup yuxin timer (ft.SAYISFACTION HC )

Bill Wang vs. Philipp Weyer at Melbourne WCA World Championship 2019 Final (3x3) 4K

Melbourne Convention Center, Melbourne, Australia
Juli 14th, 2019

Winner and new World Champion: Philipp Weyer

1. Philipp Weyer (9.63) 7.26 6.24 (5.97) 6.73 = 6.74
15. Bill Wang 8.52 7.24 (10.11) (6.61) 9.83 = 8.53

C4S MOX 3x3x3 Finals



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