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9x9x9 in 3x3x3 from 3x3x3s #1 (F2L)

a solution of a 9x9x9 cube in 3x3x3 way from 25 3x3x3 cubes + 2 SQ-1

Weston-super-Mare Open 2018 - 3x3x3 Final - Philipp Weyer vs Feliks Zemdegs

1st Place - Feliks Zemdegs - 5.59 6.40 (5.33) 6.52 (DNF) = 6.17
3rd Place - Philipp Weyer - 7.22 6.53 (5.10) 6.57 (7.87) = 6.77

The slip on the last solve deprived Philipp of a new ER.

This final was the first ever sub-20 podium for 3x3x3:
Feliks Zemdegs 6.17 + Sebastian Weyer 6.64 + Philipp Weyer 6.77 = 19.58 (WR)

Let's race 3x3x3 Rubik's cube... - Jadon Quah Song Yee

solve 3x3x3 Rubik's cube... Let's race

Rubik's cube scramble:
Up: White
Front: Green
U' F' L' D U' B2 F2 L2 R F

Maskow: Former World Record 3x3x3 Blindfolded 23.19

Bydgoszcz Open 2014, 23-24 VIII

【試轉】淦源 3x3x3 Gan356 air s














2x3x3 Cube solves a 3x3x3 Cube One-handed

Aujourd'hui c'était carnaval au lycée, donc pourquoi pas :)
Today was carnival day in my high-school, so why not :)

Cubes: Cosmic Soupline 2x2x3 M prototype & Supernova Valk M 3x3x3 from !

World Rubik's Cube Championship 2009 3x3x3 Final

Thank you for watching!
I hope someone may be interested in Speedcubing :)

About me :

Yu Nakajima (Japanese)
World Champion of Speedsolving the Rubik's Cube in 2007

Official Records:
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Member of online puzzle shop tribox

3x3x3 Fighting Techniques Series: Striking Self Defense

Free TRITAC Intro Course:

The first episode of the 3x3x3 Fighting Techniques for Self Defense / Hand to Hand Combat explores how to defend against punches and punch combination attacks.

The 3 Punch Defense Fighting Techniques in this episode are:

The Fence: the fence is your distance creating, self defense bubble protection and your fighting stance to defend against punches, grabs, etc.

Framing: TRITAC Frames are a fighting technique to defend and attack against punches, grabs, kicks, knees, etc. Frames allow you to Smash and Enter against your opponents attack. They create opportunities for counter punching, are perfect for setting up self-defense throws and takedowns.

Head Movement: Boxers use head movement like slips and weaves to defend against punches such as jabs, crosses, hooks, etc. Head movement is an important skill-set for self defense. When you are surprised and your hands are down, you need to be able to avoid those punches and attacks.

Be sure to subscribe for 3x3x3 Fighting Techniques Series by TRITAC Martial Arts

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Review En Español 3x3x3 QiYi Sail W -Edurubiks

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Cubo 3x3x3 9.65 - Renan Cerpe

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E claro, se inscreva no canal e deixe seu like no vídeo! ????
Até breve! Renan Cerpe ????


Let's race 3x3x3 Rubik's cube (5 cubes) - Jadon Quah Song Yee

Scramble 1
Up: White , Front: Blue
F2 D B' U' R2 , L2 F' F B R
L' D' F' B' L' , D' R D L2 U
R U' F' U' L

Scramble 2
Up: Blue , Front: Orange
R2 B U F' R , F' R L' D2 L2
F R2 B' U R , F' R U F D
B' L D1 R2 L'

Scramble 3
Up: Yellow , Front: Orange
F L B' F R2 , D' R2 F2 B2 L
R U' R' D R , D2 L' R2 B R'
B2 R L' U2 L

Scramble 4
Up: Orange , Front: Yellow
D2 R' U2 B' D2 , R' D2 U B L2
U' D2 L' F2 B , D2 U2 R2 F' D2
F R2 F D2 R'

Scramble 5
Up: Yellow , Front: Orange
U2 D2 L2 R' B' , R' U F R2 L'
U L R D2 R2 , L B' L R2 U'
F2 R' U2 F' U2

3x3x3 single 14.xy

Ok, so the resolution isn't quite high enough to read the time. I think it was 14.56 but I'm only sure about the 14.

16.06 seconds - Speedcubing (3x3x3)

16.06 seconds - Speedcubing (3x3x3)

How to Solve the Rubik's Cube Blindfolded (by a 3x WR Holder) [Part 1/2]

Check out Part 2 here ►
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Finally got around to creating a tutorial on how to solve the Rubik's Cube blindfolded with the Old Pochmann method, timestamps in the pinned comment below.

Haven't made a tutorial in a while (let alone one of this size), so hopefully my amateurish filming and editing isn't too terrible :) Also got a bunch of ideas from J Perm so pls send thanks his way O/

Corner Alg (Swaps A with P) ► (R U' R' U') (R U R' F') (R U R' U') (R' F R)

=Recommended Setups=
B ► R D'
C ► F
D ► F R'
F ► F2
G ► F2 R' / D2 R
H ► D2
I ► F' D
J ► R2 D'
K ► R F / D R
L ► D
M ► R'
N ► R2
O ► R
P ► no setup needed
Q ► R' F
S ► D' R
T ► D'
U ► F'
V ► F' R'
W ► R2 F
X ► D F'

Cube: Gan Air SM
Camera: Sony RX10

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Sponsored by TheCubicle ►

6.87 average for the Second round for 3x3x3

The cube used was Gan infinity 354M. I am sponsored by Gan cube and
Times: 5.54 5.87 7.52 7.21 8.28


Salut !

Aujourd'hui je vais vous montrer quel rubik's cube 3x3 acheter en 2019 !

TOUS les liens :

Review du Gan 356 X :

Où acheter ses rubik's cubes :


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Acheter le YJ MGC (10 €) :

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Acheter le Moyu Weilong GTS3M (25-30 €) :

Acheter le Gan 356 X (50 €) :

Et oui, pour le Yuxin Little Magic je dis qu'il coûte 3,77 euros, alors qu'il coûte 3,77 dollar...

Bonne Chance !


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Logiciel de montage : Davinci Resolve 15

Main 3x3 : Gan 356 X

PB 3x3 : 5.91

Cebu Masters 2018 Final Round 3x3x3

(Camera phone view. GoPro angle to follow)

Average: 7.15 (NR)
Times:8.85, 7.99, 5.89, 6.71, 6.75
Cube: GAN 354 M

Thank you to my sponsors:
Gan Cube
Merzci - Best Bacolod Pasalubong

3x3x3 Final - Rubik's Cube Japan Championship 2019

11月3日 大宮ソニックシティで行われたルービックキューブ日本大会2019の様子です。

3x3x3 Final average (7.10) - Iloilo City of Love Open 2019

Fun fact: On the second solve, I got distracted by a fly that flew to my head.????
Times : 8.74 8.03 7.23 6.05 5.36
Sponsored by : Gan Cube and
Gan Infinity 354 M

6.37 (former) Asian Continental Record 3x3x3 average - Leo Borromeo

This took place November 30, 2018 at the Bonifacio Memorial Cube Competition in Cebu, Philippines.

I used a Gan 354 Inifinity. The Gan 354M infinity cube that I designed and used last week is now out in the market!

I'm an 11-year old Speedcuber based in Cebu, who has been competing since 2015. I was the first Filipino to record a sub 6 in competition (5.96 in 2017).

I am sponsored by Gan Cube and




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