Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan ( Hsing-I, 河北形意拳 ) 5 Elements and Linking form
Five Element Fist, which is the most important exercise in this style, the life-long-time exercise! from montreal, canada

Xing Yi Quan Demonstration

Demonstration of Xing Yi Quan by sifu Zhao Qiu Rong of Jing Wu Kungfu Netherlands, given at the STN Taiji Festival on November 3, 2007 in Amsterdam

Xingyi Five-element Quan Tutorial..

The history of xing yi quan

This video is about the history, basic principles and legends of xing yi quan and how it has evolved over the years.

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Xing Yi Quan ( Hsing I Chuan) 中华武藏形意拳1

-Demonstrated by Li Bing.
Xing Yi Quan (Chinese: 形意拳; pinyin: Xíng Yì Quán; Wade–Giles: Hsing I Chuan) is classified as one of the Wudang styles of Chinese martial arts. The name of the art translates approximately to Form-Intention Fist, or Shape-Will Fist.[3]

Xing Yi is characterized by aggressive, seemingly linear movements and explosive power that's most often applied from a short range. A practitioner of Xing Yi uses coordinated movements to generate bursts of power intended to overwhelm the opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending.

Xing Yi Quan for Beginners

Xing Yi Quan for Beginners. Xing Yi Quan is one of the Internal Arts of Chinese Kung Fu. Xing Yi is spelled many ways: Xing Yi Quan, Xingyi, Hsing I Chuan, Hsing I, Xing Yi, and even Shing E. This is an ancient form of Chinese Gong Fu whose history is ambiguous! Some say Xing Yi was created by an Anonymous Taoist. Others say it was created by Chinese General Yue Fei. Xing Yi is a fun, simple, straight forward, and powerful Internal Chinese Martial Arts Style which develops the practitioners Fa Jing, Explosive Power, and Internal Physical/Mental Health! Enjoy and Practice EVERYDAY!

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形意拳 Xing Yi Quan - Liang Shouyu

Xing Yi Quan features aggressive shocking attacks and direct footwork. Most of the training and footwork are practiced on straight lines. The linear nature of the art hints at both the military origins and the influence of spear technique alluded to in its mythology. The goal of the Xing Yi exponent is to reach the opponent quickly and drive power through them in a single burst. The analogy with spear fighting is useful here. This is achieved by coordinating one's body as a single unit, and the intense focusing of one's Intent (Yi 意) and coordinated power (Jin 劲) utilizing tight circles (usually in a forward direction). Issuing explosive power in Xing Yi is referred to as 'Fa Jin' (发劲).
Hebei (Most commonly practiced Xing Yi Quan)


Training one of My Xing Yi Quan student on the Xing Yi Quan five fist solo form. I later set up a sparring match at a karate dojo tournament with a kick boxer for my Student to test out his Xing Yi Quan techniques in a free style fighting situation. XingYiQuan classes contact for further information.
Now available instructional XingYiQuan Five Five video downloadable. Vol 1# Video runtime: 41:43 (Video Format mpg)
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Xingyiquan by Feng Zheng-bao

This is for the xingyi lovers out there! This is Feng Zheng-bao, a Shanxi xingyiquan and xinyiliuhequan expert that is popular in Japan. In this clip he shows xingyi training that is rarely revealed to the public: jing training, xingyi push hands, the difference between mingjing and an jing, and towards the end -- the pan gen circle walking of xingyi. The movements of his dantain are clearly seen as is the concave/convex motions of his back -- making this DVD one of the best to have for viewing xingyi power generation. Enjoy!

Xingyi Power

This video shows the development in learning basic hand methods ( (Ji Ben Shou Fa 基本手法). From the basic exercise we are moving to the different vectors, before unifing them as a whole.
I would like to thank my late teacher Hong Yixiang for his continues inspiration.

Authentic XingYi quan by 70 Yrs old Grandmaster Yang tong

Xing Yi Quan. The 5 elements competition form

Xing Yi Quan (Hsing-i) 5 elements competition form. Performed by the great athlete and Chinese Martial Artist Liang Changxing. Member of the Beijing Wushu team in the 80´s.

Hsing Yi Chuan 12 animales

Una de las ramas del Xing Yi Quan (Hsing Yi Chuan) es 5 elementos - 12 animales comprendiendo entre otras, estas dos estructuras técnicas. Aquí vemos un ejemplo de las técnicas de los 12 animales: dragón, tigre, iguana, pollo, oso, aguila, elefante, caballo, mono, serpiente, grulla, golondrina.
Practique Kung Fu Tradicional. Asociación Kai Men Kung Fu. Rama Argentina de la Academia Chino Brasilera de Kung Fu, del GM. Chan Kowk Wai. Director Prof. Horacio Di Renzo

戴式心意拳用法 (Dai's family Xing Yi Quan)

It is demo in very slow way, the purpose is to show every single detail might miss via normal speed, when you use it, do it as fast as possible

Yang Fan shen 杨凡生 Application of Che shi Xing Yi quan

Moscow Wu xing Martial Arts School of Alex Banshikov +79161427028 Синъ И цюань в Москве
Боевые искусства и цигун в Москве

Wing Chun VS Xing Yi

Wing Chun and Xing Yi have a number of things in common. Here's look at one of the ways in which they differ.

Xingyi Twelve-style Quan Tutorial..

Wu Dang XiangYi Quan -- Liu Wen

Wu Dang XiangYi Quan -- Liu Wen from WuDang Taoist Traditional Kung Fu Academy.

Master Yuan: 0086-13597886695

Xing Yi Quan - Applications

Applications de Xing Yi Quan avec Maître Kunlin Zhang et Jimmy Grégeard.

Xingyiquan (Xingyi Quan, Hsing I Chuan, Hsing Yi Chuan) Form and Applications 形意拳套路及應用

Sifu Wei-Chung Lin (林維中), a disciple of the Yizungyue (易宗岳) School and the Chief Instructor of the Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association ( ) in Skokie (a northern suburb of Chicago) Illinois, demonstrates a Xingyiquan (Hsing I Chuan, Xingyi Quan, Hsing Yi Chuan) (形意拳) form and its applications.

The body mechanics employed in the execution of the movements are based on the Pre-Heaven Power Method. More information on the Pre-Heaven Power Method can be found on the website