Wushu World Champion Jade Xu - Gold Performance

Jade Xu performing Gunshu (Staff) at the 10th World Wushu Championships in Toronto 2009.

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is honoured and proud to broadcast the best in Sanda: The China National Team in training

Wushu - Men's Sanda -80kg Finals

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Apex - What is Wushu

Watch in 720p!
This is our sampler for the Apex Modern Wushu Team of 2010. Apex offers a comprehensive wushu and shaolin kung fu program for students of any age. If you are interested, please visit our website for details!

The Apex culture allows our students to explore their talents in a safe and supportive environment. Please remember to like this video and subsribe to our channel! We invite you to join us in our journey of creaing the Apex identity.

An Wushu - Some Baji Basics and Fight Applications

Shifu An Jian Qiu demonstrates some Bajiquan basics & applications.

Learn more about An Wushu - or come train full time in China with us! - at We offer full-time training in Bajiquan, Sanda, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan & Taijiquan with a focus on hard, traditional training that works in a real fight. All packages include English instruction, all meals & accommodation.

For those asking, no, the clip is not sped up :)

13th World Wushu Championships | Sanda | Muslim Salikhov | FINAL

13th World Wushu Championships Jakarta 2015

Wushu - Women's Optional Changquan (Day 2) | 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

Wushu on Day 2 of 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 (7 June 2015)

Women's Optional Changquan
Mauriskha Nandhira
Phyo Myat Thet Su Wai
Hoang Thi Phuong Giang
Loh Ying Ting
Duong Thuy Vi
Zoe Mui Wei Ting
Aggie Cheah Ruey Shin
Thalia Lovita Sosrodjojo
Xanny Phothilath
Lee Ying Shi
Sandi Oo

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2016 China wushu championship GunShu (Sun peiyuan)1st Place

Wushu Kembali Persembahkan Emas untuk Indonesia

Indonesia kembali mendapatkan medali emas pada SEA Games 2017 dari cabang wushu. Kali ini dari atletnya Juwita Niza Wasni pada nomor kombinasi nandao dan nangun di KLCC Hall 5, Selasa (22/8/2017).

anda-tanda Juwita juara mulai terlihat saat nomor nangun dimainkan, Senin (21/8/2017). Dia memimpin dengan poin 9,63. Posisi kedua dan ketiga pada nomor ini ditempati dua atlet Vietnam, Thuy Linh Nguyen dan Thuc Anh Nguyen yang mengemas nilai 9,62 dan 9,16.

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wushu basic training (English)

Wushu - Men's Duel Event - Weapon (Day 1) | 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

Wushu on Day 1 of 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 (6 June 2015)

Men's Duel Event - Weapon
-Jo Sae Lee
-Pitaya Yangrungrawin
-Sujinda Yangrungrawin

-Md Sufi Shayiran Roslan
-Mohammad Adi Sya'Rani Roslan

-Ho Mun Hua
-Yeap Wai Kin

-Jess Colin Adalia
-Lee Zhe Xuan
-Lim Si Wei

-Norlence Ardee Catolico
-John Keithly Chan
-Daniel Parantac

-Aung Wai Phyo
-Ko Nyein Chan Ko

-Jodis Jodis
-Eric Losardi
-Charles Sutanto

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Chinese Wushu Champion Team - 2017 Chinese New Year - CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Amazing modern wushu performance by some of the best wushu athletes in the world at the 2017 Chinese New Year Spring Gala.

Featuring several time national and international champions: Wang Di, Chen Huiying, Liang Yongda, Li Fukui, Wei Hailing, Zhang Shuangfeng, Kan Wencong, Sun Peiyuan, Chen Zhouli, Zhuang Yingying, Wu Xiaolong and Shi Longlong!

OLYMPIC GAMES - Wushu (Martial Arts)

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Jade Xu
Multiple World Wushu Champion

Uchit Sharma of India in 13th World Wushu Championship 2015, Indonesia I Sports Tract

This is bout of the 13th World Wushu Championship 2015, Indonesia where Uchit Sharma played in red corner.

He was declared Best Player of the 25th Senior National Wushu Championship 2017. He is 6 times national gold medalist. He also won India's best player award 4 times. He is Asian and World championships medalist.

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taekwondo VS wushu!!!!

tah video hade

Wushu Sanshou 2014 Championship Men's 60kg Lan You Sheng (Quảng Tây) vs Huang De Ju (Sơn Đông)

Wushu Sanshou 2014 Championship Men's 60kg Lan You Sheng (Quảng Tây) vs Huang De Ju

National Wushu Taolu Championship 2016 China Amazing Shows

2016 European Wushu Championships. Moscow. Sanda Fights

2016 European Wushu Championships. Sanda Fights
2016 Europos Ušu Čempionbatas. Ušu Sanda kovos
2016 Чемпионат Европы по ушу. Санда

Wushu Kung Fu Tournament Costa Mesa 2012

The Walking Tall Foundation is a non profit organization that aims to promote well being through the practice of both Wushu and Traditional Kung Fu. This is a tournament held by the foundation allowing martial artist to compete in a fair and safe competition.

Wushu Shaolin Productions covered the action in behalf of Philip Sahagun and the Chinese Martial Arts Community. The entire video is made available for a small cost through Amazon.com allowing anyone to see the entire competition online. The tournament features Wushu Weapons, Forms, Sifu Demonstrations, and a special Wushu tricking competition.

Please visit the links below if you are interested in watching the entire tournament through amazon.com

Wushu Eagle Style Form - Instructional

↳ For more info about this eagle style form

In co-operation with Tagou Shaolin Wushu School

Learn a shortened, modernized Wushu Eagle Style Form
The eagle stlye is a traditional, external wushu style that involves a lot of fast movements and acrobatic jumps. The form shown here is modernized and shortened for shaolin shows. However, the movements in this form are very typical and if you have some modern wushu background, this is a great form to start with. You will see the form in full-speed first, and then in slow motion.

Taped by Flash Mavi
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