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Colt Match Target Woodsman 22LR Pistol

A 3rd series Colt Woodsman Match Target 22 pistol with a 6 inch barrel. This is the heavy barrel target variation of the 3rd series Woodsman pistol. The 3rd series Woodsman was made from the late 1950s until the late 1970s. This one was made in 1976.

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Kifaru Woodsman Review

In this video Dan reviews the Woodsman from Kifaru. It is a great all-around option starting at 3,300 cubic inches, but being expandable with other pockets to accommodate a longer trip.

Kifaru Woodsman -

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The 5 Tool Rule for Woodsman!

The Essential Woodsman Trifecta. The Axe, Saw, and a Knife.

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8.1.15 Woodsmen's show

Limited Footage from the event held at Cherry Springs State Park hosted by Galeton Rotary.

Bergara B14 Woodsman Review

Hey guys! Welcome back! Today's review is the Bergara B14 Woodsman in 30-06. Bergara rifle barrels are manufactured in Spain, and assembled in the good old US of A in Ga.

Thanks to our sponsor, General Coin and Gun Exchange of Eau Claire Wisconsin, we have one to review! General Coin's website below.

1956 Indian Woodsman 500


Colt Woodsman Match Target Accuracy Test

Trying the 3rd Series Colt Woodsman Match Target 22LR with Eley Target and Remington Golden Bulk pack ammo.

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Longbow Deer Hunt 2014 - Striker Longbow - Woodsman broadhead - archery recurve doe

Check out my longbow deer hunt on the first week of Illinois archery bow season!

FLCC Woodsmen at ESF Competition Spring 2013

Finger Lakes Community College Woodsmen's Team competing at the ESF North East Lumberjack Roundup March 2013. Video and commentary by Marty Dodge, coach of the FLCC Woodsmen's Team 1974-2011.


Colt Woodsman Match Target 22 Long Rifle tabanca inceleme ve atışı. Colt Woosman Match Target 22 Long Rifle review,

Shooting Ardesa "Woodsman" Hawken Rifle .50

Shooting the Woodsman Hawken rifle .50 from Ardesa with 70 Grains swiss FFFG black powder!

Colt Woodsman Match Target

Shooting & table top review of a 3rd series Colt Woodsman Match Target.

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Randall 28 woodsman's knife test and review

My test of the woodsman's knife by Randall knives.
I hope you enjoy it.
Romans 10:9

Longbow Deer Hunt 2015 - Striker Longbow - Woodsman Broadhead

This is one of my favorite hunts. My dad and I hit the woods! He's got his compound and I've got my longbow. We are using our tree lounges.
My longbow is a Striker Longerbow. 62# 60. I'm shooting gold tip traditional series carbon arrows with 150 grain broadheads.

Colt Woodsman Target

Shooting the Colt Woodsman Target .22LR semi-auto pistol. This is a 3rd series Woodsman made in 1972.

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Colt The Woodsman 22LR Review

The Colt Woodsman 1st series 1927-1934 review

Woodsman broadhead - The Hiiiissshhh Of Death

The Hiisshh of death

Buck® Woodsman® with Black Phenolic Handle

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The Marhar Woodsman Snowboard Review

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber & Ben West

Colt Woodsman 22LR on Steel Targets

Trying out the Colt 3rd Series Woodsman on the steel targets.
This pistol has a 6 inch barrel and was made in 1972.

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