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Best 15 Beginner Wakesurfing Tricks to Learn

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If you are looking for some Beginner Wake Surfing Tricks then here are some nice Tricks you can learn, the beginning tricks are easier then the last tricks.

Wake Surfing Tricks | Ashley Kidd

Wake Surfing on Lake Austin

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Austin Keen - Wakesurf - Video Of The Year - Pro Men Skim

Rider: Austin Keen
Country: United States
Sport: Wakesurf
Contest: Video Of The Year
Division: Pro Men Skim
Entry ID: 8
Submission Date: October 14, 10:24pm PDT (Pacific Time)
Song: Hip'n'Roll
Song Artist: JAM Studio
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Doin' Laps - Wakesurfing Drew Drennan

Drew Drennan on point on Lake Dunlap in Texas! Wakesurfing both the Hyperlite QUAD and Hi-Fi to perfection. Nice looking G23 as well from Buxton Marine in Dallas!

Big Wake Yacht Surfing - 2016 Boarders Big Boat Wakesurfing Invitational

Yacht surfing with some of the best wakesurfers in the world on the Brazos River in Waco, TX behind a 53' SeaRay! This is one of the largest wakesurf wakes to surf. The wakesurf wave provides a ton of push. Don't try this if you aren't a confident wakesurfer.

Song: Ballin' by Logic ft. Castro

Surfers: John Akerman, Todd Johnson, Raleigh Hager, Drew Drennan, Jade Whirley, Danny Braught, Tyler Marshall, Cody Forgy, Sean Reavis.

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Wakesurf, No driver, no Watercase

Crazy Oliver Lawson , wakesurfing by himself, with nobody driving the boat.

Weston Koritko | Wakesurf Film 2017 - Candlewood Lake

Watch Candlewood local Weston Koritko throw down some of his biggest tricks to date.

GoPro: UCT wakesurfing! The never ending wave

GoPro wakesurfing behind a Mastercraft X-star with the UCT wakeboarding, wakesurf, waterski and surfing club! The best summer times on the water with the University of Cape Town! Wake surfing is the most fun you can have on the lake!

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Snake River Prototyping



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Ben Brown:
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Matt Stanley:

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Wakesurfing with MOLO /// 4K

We made this video in collaboration with GearJunkie and Yeti about our friend Morgan Lohmeier.

Morgan's Insta

Filmed on RED Epic, Freefly Movi, Canon Lenses, Rokinon Lenses, and Zeiss Lenses

The Wakesurfing Story - Austin Keen and Marco Thompson meet up.

The story of how my professional wakesurfing career began from being a world champion professional skimboarder in the ocean to meeting my friend Marco Thompson.

In this video we are surfing on an incredible wakesurf wave created by Marco's brand new Malibu 25 LSV. Marco Thompson was a big influence in my first time wakesurfing as a selfless and generous person who truly enjoys taking others out wakesurfing. He's taught over 1,000 people how to wakesurf .... yes 1000.

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Wakesurf Day 1 at the Tiki Shack | Body Glove

Cheyne Magnusson, Andrew Jacobson, DJ JamesZ, Justin Quirk, and Body Glove surf team manager Matt Chewy Chernega ditch the ocean and take off to the river for some wakesurfing action at the Tiki Shack.

How to Foil Wake Surfing | TUTORIAL

Wakefoiler: Philippe CANERI
Foil: HORUE Vini XLW (

Do you want to learn how to foil? Do you want to discover new foilboard tricks and progress? So make sure to follow us on YouTube, subscribe now!

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Wakesurfing trick: how to pump the wave

Wakesurfing tricks with Tige pro-wakesurfer Emily Agate.

Wake surfing... Skimming... Lake Fun! Mastercraft X30

A little birthday lake fun. A day of lots of firsts and my wife and I didn't have our normal boards today as they were damaged a few weeks ago and aren't back yet so we rode an old board. We bought a skim board to try out for the first time that's in the video.

First time using a GoPro (and on a pole)
First time making a video montage (Only spent about 5min putting this together)
Second day out on the Skim board for us trying to figure that out. Quite a bit different than the surf boards
First time riding Goofy for me today but rode Port normal, port switch, goofy and goofy switch. Learning how to ride goofy was starting all over again. Now I know how the first timers feel on our boat again :) It was fun though
First time surfing for our friend Amanda (wireless too)
First time surfing for our friend Mike on his new board

fly high Biggest wakesurfing wake on the planet..

DJJamesZ ,Biggest wake on the planet

MISSION Delta - Wakesurf Session

Instantly transform your wake with the MISSION DELTA Universal Wakesurf Device.

Easily mounts to nearly any v-drive or direct drive boat to create a better shaped wake. Upgrade your surf wake today.

Available at :

Wakesurfing Board Basics

Having right wake surf board can make or break a surf session. Its is true that you can use just about any type of surfboard for riding the boats wake. People have been riding ocean surf boards, SUPs, Wakeboards and skim board behind boats for years, and yes, you could even use a plank of wood. But we would not recommend it.

Ashley Kidd World Wake Surfing Championship 2015 Final Run

Ashley Kidd's final run in pro women's surf at the 2015 World Wake Surfing Championship in Parker Arizona. More about Ashley Kidd, World Champ and DFW Surf Team rider here:

Wakesurf Tricks by MaxxBoards

Showing you some easy wakesurf tricks performed by MaxxBoards on the Moselle in Luxembourg.

Watch my attempt to wakesurf behind a 40 foot yacht ( 12 meter )

Austin Keen Teaches people how to Wakesurf in Kennewick Washington (HD) 2016

Video filmed and edited by:
I recently went to Washington to put on a wakesurfing clinic with Infinitewake and Liquidforce. I got to meet some great people, shred in the Colombia River, and teach a few first timers how to wakesurf and drop the rope!
June 25-26th 2016

Song Let me see you -Naima



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