Unicycle trials

Xtreme Unicycle - Paul Sergent

Paul Sergent is a french unicycle rider doing championships around the world and shows with ShowWheels.
This video has been filmed in one day in Marseille (south of France)
Riding for the shop CDK.fr he is now ready for the world championship in Montreal in august 2014.

Paul Sergent record:
Won the french championship trial in 2013 & 201, the Freestyle Obstacle Unicycle Race in 2013.

Video Directed & edited by JC Pieri

Extreme Unicycle Trial | Erik Winterfeldt |

Filmed during summer 2017, special thanks to Oskar Winterfeldt and Simon Aglund for filming

The first day edit - unicycle trial

My first unicycle video (day edit) filmed in Bratislava (SVK) 13.5. 2014. Thank my friend Juro for filming and editing. This is almost after 2 years riding. I hope you like it !

Mike Padial - Trials Unicycling

Unicycle trials in Nelson,New Zealand.Been riding for almost 2 years.Havent made a proper video in ages so i made this with my new camera

Unicycle Trial in Cran-Gevrier

Amazing ride in France, in the trial park of ‘’Cran-Gevrier’’, my favorite. Charles and Manu Vetter were also here. Sadly no clips of Jérôme, you will understand why at the end of the video.
Music: Crown - Let me be misunderstood

Junior Unicycle Trials - Kaikohe 2016

Junior trials competition in Kaikohe, New Zealand.

Music: Razihel & Aero Chord - Titans

1st Harlym Wilson
2nd Treven Wilson
3rd Raymond Wilson

Te Hau Ora O Ngapuhi

Day edit #1 - Unicycle Trials

Just some casual trials, enjoy!

Andreas Virenfeldt
Mikkel K. Ingstrup
Andreas Stensig

Andreas Stensig

Hope - Tim Legend


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What I think is the best trial video so far the world has seen. Incredible trials riding, it blew my mind when I received those clips, hopefully it'll do the same to you!

Jonas Jørgensen (Denmark)
Márk Fábián (Hungary)
Jan Střelec (Czech Republic)
Mike Padial (New Zealand)
Erik Winterfeldt (Sweden)

Paul Basic - HBR (Michal Menert Remix)

Impact Unicycles
Kris Holm Unicycles

Extreme Unicycling - Street, Downhill & Flatland | The Pöham Brothers, Ep. 1

You're about to see something really special - three brothers with half a bike and twice the talent.

Watch them do everything from street trials to downhill unicycling and everything in between, with grace and ease.

Since we are three brothers we have always developed similar interests. In a small village named Oberhofen in Austria-Tirol we started unicycling in 2006 and soon it ran into an extreme direction: riding down a mountain, hitting handrails, and even balancing on a bridge parapet several meters high - this became everyday life.

Having two brothers on your side, who motivate you to do crazy things, contributes a lot to your level of riding.

And they still never thought to use a bicycle...

Athletes: Lorenz, Raphael, and Elias Pöham also known as THE PÖHAM BROTHERS.

Extreme Unicycling - Street, Downhill & Flatland | The Pöham Brothers, Ep. 1

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Unicycle Top 10's - Easiest Tricks

Basic tricks video with Chris Huriwai talking about his top 10 recommended easy tricks for beginners to learn.

If you have suggestions for content, leave a comment!

Filming: Sam La Hood
Editing: Chris/Sam


Trial's dedicated movie!

Adam Gerza
Aidan Teleki
Erik Winterfeldt
Mark Fabian
Pierre Sturny
Tim Desmet

Mark Fabian

Emile Mathieu

Emile Mathieu

You look great when I'm fucked up by Brian Jonestown Massacre

Impact Unicycles
Mad4One Unicycles


Unicon 16 Day 12 - Trials finals

Unicon 16 Day 12
Trials Competition


...Lots of trials riders :P

Max Schulze
Márk Fábián

Extreme Mountain Unicycling

Click CC for Subtitles!

Stephanie Dietze and Lutz Eichholz unicycling down a 3011m high mountain in the dolomites. Every meter off the descent challenged the athletes to there limits and mistakes where often not allowed to be sure not to fall down big cliffs or slopes.

Thanks to adidas outdoor, planet-talk and for helping to make this project possible.


more infos:

Einrad Downhill MUni Trial Unicycle Kid 2016

Johann M. (10 years old)

Filmed in 2016 in Thuringia, Germany

Locations: Bikepark Oberhof, Lindenberg Ilmenau, Erfurt, Eisenach, ...

Music: The Turbo A.C.'s - Free Ride

Unicycle Trial in steel factory!


Unicycle trial world champion Andreas Dresi Hemmeter rocks an old steel factory!

Unicycling Winter 2017

New video! Trial, Flat and Street In Vevey, Blonay and Dijon. Hope you like it! Big thanks to Mad4one and CDK.fr!
Music: Maya Janes Coles - Watcher

Crazy 36er Unicycle Stunts! Must See!

Almost 60, Unigeezer doing Big wheel unicycle trials. Rail grinds, big side hops, seat drag riding, uni-cable-cam and more!

Terry UniGeezer Peterson
Not 2 Tired

Biketrial VS Unicycle Trials 8/4/2017

- Eemeli Kanervo
- Viljami Ahopelto

- Eemeli

Qu Ax trial unicycle 19 inch unboxing and assembly

Small Unicycle Trial session in Cran-Gévrier

Really good ride in Cran-Gévrier, my favorite trial park. Hope you like it!
Music: Leon Vynehall - It's just