Unicycle hockey

The Amazing Sport of Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle hockey in London. A short tongue in cheek film showing the high levels of skill and fitness required to play unicycle hockey at a high level.

Unicycle Hockey-The Amazing Sport

Unicycle hockey is one funny, silly yet entertaining and amazing team sport, similar to roller or inline hockey, except that each player must be mounted on a unicycle to play the ball.

A team is composed of five players (plus substitutes), but there is no dedicated goalkeeper role (although one player usually stays back in that position).

This game gives a new spice to the game of hockey. Enjoy this amazing yet funny sport.

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Unicycle Hockey

A group of Unicycle enthusiasts gather every Sunday in Newtown to play Unicycle Hockey.

Amazing Sports: Unicycle Hockey

This video is from Peter Searle and showcases the crazy world of Unicycle Hockey!
Not much is known about this crazy sport but one thing is for certain, unicycle hockey is one of the fantastic hockey types taking the UK by storm! Here's a video from DemonXtremeUk to show you an insider of UK Unicycle Hockey!

Disclaimer: Some original video by Peter Searle, copyright goes to him.

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Unicycle Hockey Finals - Eurocycle 2013 - Baukau Booglaoos vs. Swiss Team 1

This is the final match of the A league unicycle hockey tournament at Eurocycle 2013.
Played in Langenthal, Switzerland. on May the 12th 2013.

The competitors are the Baukau Boogaloos (in green) and the Swiss first team (in red). The final result was 8-7 to the Baukau Boogaloos.

Apologies for the shaky mobile phone footage.
It was all I had, and I just couldn't take my eyes off the match.

Find your work-play balance with unicycle hockey

Rob Rogers says has unicycle hockey has universal appeal: all ages are welcome and those new to the sport can learn to ride a wheel in a matter of hours.

Hockey Hawks VS The British - Unicycle Hockey B Finals - ECU 2017

ECU 2017 in Sittard-Geleen is over, unfortunately. We had a lot of fun especially during the finals. We played against The British first and after that against the Crazy Ducks. We lost both of the games but we are still extremely happy about reaching third place and getting the opportunity to play in the finals of the european championship.
Big Thank you to everybody who made this event possible!

Unicycle Hockey Practice

While visiting London I dropped in to the unicycle hockey practice of the Lunis team and recorded a few minutes of play.

Unicycle Hockey - Cardiff vs Lunis

A unicycle hockey match between Cardiff and the Lunis (one of the London teams), which took place at Faringdon Leisure Centre on the 24th of April 2011.

The Lunis won 3-2, although technically they've stolen one of the Cardiff players to play in the German league. For those of you watching in black and white, the Lunis are playing in the white strip, apart from the one who's in grey.

Unicycle Hockey 20160401 Hong Kong

Cardiff Unicycle Hockey - practice session

Unicycle Hockey on The One Show

The Cardiff and the Horsham unicycle hockey teams appeared on The One Show on April 5th 2017.

Team Uni Unicycle Hockey Promo

Team Uni is a group of unicycling instructors based in Singapore and here is a brief look at what unicycle hockey is about.
Visit for more!

Interesting Unicycle Hockey Practice

Just a normal unicycle hockey practice, untill a miss-hit from Evil Joe

Unicycle Hockey 20160304 Hong Kong

Highlight in separate video:)

Severn Wheelers Unicycle Hockey Team on TV

ITV West came down to our unicycle hockey session to see what was what.

On the whole they did a pretty good job, even if they did revert to the usual clichés that all unicyclists will recognise from their media appearances.

I had quite a fun time as they strapped a miniature camera to my head, my unicycle, and my stick. So all the grainy action shots you see in there were filmed by me. And I got to score the goal that you see in the final frames (although technically it was an own goal as the cameraman was at the wrong end ... shhh!)

Well done to everyone ... particularly carrying on with a normal game whilst dodging interviewers and suicidal cameramen.

And I loved the comment from Julian ... What kind of reaction do you get?; I try to keep it quite quiet. Err, perhaps you should avoid ITV reporters in that case mate ;-)

New members are always welcome!

Details about our Bristol team are at:

For people in the rest of the UK see: for other unicycling clubs.

For clubs outside the UK try these:

Channel 9 Today show - Unicycle Hockey

Channel 9 Today show - Unicycle Hockey, 2012 in Canberra

Unicycle Hockey 20160115 Hong Kong HD

without first half

Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle hockey game in Telluride, Colorado during Mountain Film Festival. The end of the video shows a goal!

Unicycle hockey in Cambridge

Weekly practice session at Cambridge Regional College.
More details at