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Underwater photography


Experience Ben Thouard's Underwater Photography Brilliance | The Making of SURFACE (trailer)

For photographer Ben Thouard, shooting photos from below Tahiti’s clear waters quickly turned addictive. The water clarity here is insane, he says. The wave breaking on the reef barrier far offshore keeps the water clean from sand, dust, and any dirt coming from shore. It’s not like that everyday, but when there is no wind and it has not been raining for a few days, the ocean is as clear as a swimming pool. Looking at a wave breaking from underwater is like discovering a new world. It offers a whole new perspective on surfing for me. It’s like watching a show from backstage.”

For more of Ben's work and to order his new breathtaking book SURFACE, go to

The Art of Shooting Underwater Portraits

Photographer Jean Luis De Heeckeren visits Austria for a unique underwater photo shoot with Red Bull kayaker Viktoria Wolffhardt.

Take a look behind the lense at the setup, planning, and execution it takes to produce underwater imagery


Photographer: Jean Luis De Heeckeren

Jonathon Williams,
Leo Rosas Morin,
Marc Schwarz

“Void” by Wide Sky Composer (Affiliation) Benjamin James Fowler
(PRS), Publisher (Affiliation) Red Bull Media House
GmbH (AKM)


Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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Get the Best Underwater Photos with Your Compact Camera

Scuba Diving Magazine and present the best ways to get a good underwater shot with a compact digital camera.

Caymans Underwater Photography D Bowman

Grand Cayman and LIttle Cayman Underwater Photography by Dave Bowman

How to use your smart phone underwater

You need to watch this video if you have problems operating your phone's touch screen while swimming or kayaking.

Scuba Tech Tips: Let's Ban Underwater Photography - S07E08

Have you every been watching an underwater critter and were suddenly pushed aside by a photographer? Alec shares his advise to divers and photographers on how to enjoy diving together.

Check out my Alec Peirce at the Ranch channel for ranching and home ideas.

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Justin Bastien Gets The Perfect Underwater Shot w/ Freediver Kimi Werner | Project: Behind the Lens

In partnership with Vans UltraRange we're stoked to bring you behind the lens of adventure photographer Justin Bastien and his jaw-dropping images in one of the most challenging environments. Episode 1 of this 3 part series follows Bastien and freediver Kimi Werner as they journey across the island of Kauai in search of the perfect underwater shot, as we learn just how far photographers are willing to go – physically, emotionally, and spiritually - for the perfect shot.


Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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The Blue Room | Ben Thouard Photography


All this footage was shot in one morning at Teahupoo while i was shooting stills underwater.
I stuck a go pro on top of my AQUATECH waterhousing to show people what is happening under this famous wave.
I decided to cruise underwater to get a different vision of the action and i ended up finding a whole new world !
Stay tuned for more clips or check my website at for the photos.




Underwater Photo Session

I took my underwater camera for it's first dive and recorded the session with my Flip by protecting and reusing the waterproof casing for it.

DeepPro Domed GoPro Underwater Housing

Product overview and demo of the Domed underwater camera housing for the GoPro. This housing features corrected optics to fully restore the camera's field of view underwater.

(Short version)Educational video "Basic underwater strobe photography with the YS-01/YS-02"

Basic underwater strobe photography with the YS-01 and the YS-02 (short version).
(Photographer: Takuya Nakamura, in cooperation with Queen Scuba / Coral Grand Divers, location: Similan Islands, Thailand)
『SEA&SEA Official Web』

Underwater photography

The development of digital has had had a huge impact on underwater photography, making it an easier and more affordable pastime for divers. And with the diversity of the UK's marine world, divers are never short of a subject, from the minute detail through to the more dramatic marine landscape.

Digital Underwater Photography at Kata Beach, Phuket with Alvin.

Alvin's digital underwater photography, including Partner Shrimp, Seahorses, a yawning Snake Eel & Dwarf Zebra Lionfish. Kata Beach, Phuket. #Underwater #Photography

Ikelite Housing - Shooting Wide Angle

Ikelite underwater Housings make Underwater Photography a joy. Add a super wide angle port to your housing and your photos take on a whole new dimension.

Framed – GoPro Over/Under Water Photos

What is one of the coolest functions of the GoPro? Its waterproof!
Lucky for us, we are located by the beautiful Lake Tahoe for us to test out some water photos in absolutely pristine waters. Listen in as our GoPro expert Cory Rudolph explains how to take a picture above and below water in one photo. Shot and edited by Cory Rudolph. Shot 100% on GoPro.

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Underwater Photography & Video Courses in Cancun

if you would like to take amazing photos and or make your own underwater videos with profesional quality cancun is waiting for you.
squalo divers in cancun offers underwater videography courses and photography specialty courses while scuba diving in cancun. come and enjoy the underwater museum and the beautiful reefs in cancun while learning underwater photography and underwater video.

Cyprus Underwater Photography - Fashion - Behind the scenes

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Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris

Underwater GoPro Photography / Telesin TO3 Dome Port Test Footage

I was looking into underwater domes for my GoPro Hero 4 and there was little in the way of reviews and test footage so I thought I would upload this to help others considering the same purchase.

This is the specification of the dome I bought:

Vintage Underwater Motion Picture Photography SCUBA Divers in Cozumel Mexico

Amateur underwater motion picture photographers using 16mm color film movie cameras in the late 1950s or early 1960s Cozumel, Mexico. (Transferring films to video and researching the copyrights is very expensive, so please click on the advertisement at the beginning of the video or watch the streaming ad. All revenue will be used to place more historic films on Youtube for free public viewing.)

PADI Digital Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is one of the most popular diving specialties, and the rise of digital underwater photography has made it easier and more fun than ever.



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