Underwater orienteering

Underwater orienteering - World Cup Modena 2016

1. round World Cup in Modena (Italy)
disciplines: 5 points, team event

Underwater Orienteering in Germany

Underwater Orienteering in Germany

Start of season

Start of seson 2016 in Liberec

Training camp 2017

Training camp of czech team in Liberec 2017

Amfiprion Olecko - Podwodna Orientacja / Underwater Orienteering

Materiał filmowy z II Ogólnopolskich Mistrzostw Płetwonurków w Orientacji Podwodnej Olecko 2012

Produkcja WhiYou [ Youdzin,Whiskas ]

Radio orienteering- ARDF sport

Stínování na ŽDR a REPRE soustředění které se konalo u Cheznovic.

Radio Orienteering - ARDF sport

Radio Orienteering also known as ARDF and Radio Foxhunting is an amazing, adventurous, intellectual and physically demanding sport. The goal is to find hidden transmitters (also called foxes) in the forest as fast as possible by using only a direction finding receiver, a map, a compass and orienteering skills. ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) is a Chess Match on the Run!

Underwater Orienteering - Orientierungstauchen - World Championchips 1985

The fascinating and dynamic sport Underwater Orienteering is a mixture of finswimming and orienteering race. It is recognised by the IOC in the categorie of Underwater Sports.

This movie was recorded at the World Championchips 1985 in Neuglobsow/ Germany.
Enjoy watching these breathtaking pictures!
More information on or flossenschwimmen.leistungssport.vdst.de
P.S. The Torpedo is the bottle with compressed air...

Xperience orienteering

If you take cross country running, add a full nature experience and combine it with thrill & adventure - you get orienteering!
-- best watched in full HD / 1080p --

licensed soundtrack
for war by ADN Compositions

pictures 100% taken
by GoPro Hero 3 Black

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World Cup-Final in Underwater Orienteering

Награждение Эстонских спортсменов

Underwater orienteering in Kharkiv region

Underwater Orienteering 2015

UO/ germany in summer 2015

Orienteering - The Trailer

TRAILER: Our awesome trailer with footage from last year. The three great movies will be released on 28.10.2012. Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 2 camera.
MUSIC: Overwerk, Daybreak (on SoundCloud available)

Autumn Spartacus Cup 2015 - Promo - Orienteering

fb event:
music: The Easton Ellises - Ersatz

4. World Cup 2016 Viljandi (Estonia)

Final round of World cup 2016 in Estonia

Orienteering Techniques- Handrails

A demonstration of the effective use of handrails while orienteering by Rick and Kelsey.
Part 1 of 5 in Orienteering Techniques.
View Part 2 (Aiming Off) here:

Underwater Orienteering 2015

underwater orienteering in germany 2015

best of - european championship underwater orienteering Spain 2012

best of - european championship underwater orienteering Spain 2012
Team Germany
Europameisterschaften im Orientierungstauchen Spanien 2012
Deutsche Nationalmannschaft

Underwater Target Shooting Championship | Trans World Sport

Trans World Sport travelled to Dubai to report on the inaugural International Underwater Target Shooting Championship.

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Underwater Orienteering - La Gravière du Fort, Holtzeim, juin 2015