Flying Trapeze ''Heroes''-15th Moscow International Circus Festival 2016.

Flying Trapeze Heroes
''Flying Harlequins''
15th Moscow International Circus Festival september 2016.
Nikulin Moscow Circus.
Silver prize award.
Воздушный полет Герои''
Летающие Арлекины'' - 15й Международный Цирковой Фестиваль в Москве сентябрь 2016.
Московский Цирк Никулина На Цветном Бульваре.
Серебряный Слон.

Static trapeze act - "Wooden Arms"

Static trapeze act by Ali Walker. Filmed at My Aerial Home, November 2016.

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Music used: Ephemeral Reign by Per Kiilstofte
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Music used: Pitch Black by Jens Kiilstofte
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Beginner class on the static trapeze

At Moody Street Circus with Melinda Pavlata... Few tricks - most of them I knew, but one - bird`s nest up on the ropes - first time!

Part 1: Introduction to the Flying Trapeze

Emma Stones Swinging Trapeze

My graduating Epreuve Synthese performance at The National Circus School - April 2014.

NY Trapeze School, L.I. | I.FLY Trapeze | POV

Check out this (POV) Point of View video. Special Thanks to Sean for this. you'll find lot's of other I.FLY Trapeze flyers posting their videos too. 516-640-6995 -

"Feeling Good" static trapeze routine

Here is my solo static trapeze routine at Dance With Joy's 2016 Recital. This was my first performance on a pulley system, and I was so nervous! The song is Feeling Good by Muse and is performed at The Center For the Arts in Arkansas.

43 flying trapeze tricks by David BOREL

43 tricks at flying trapeze to catcher
from basis to more advanced
by David BOREL
catchers : Fred Vernay, Roland Bontaz, Karim Ould-Amara, Sébastien Prieto

Trapeze Duo -Teaser

Trapeze acrobats fail on quadruple back flip

Ifly Trapeze class intro

Want to know what you will learn your first time at IFLY Trapeze, here it is. You will learn to do a knee hang, back flip, and then you will be caught.
Go to our site to sign up for classes in Long Beach and Eisenhower Park in NY.

Pilates Exercises | Fluffies | Hanging Trapeze | Pilates Health Equipment

In this demonstration, Di shows how the Trapeze fluffies can be utilized on our Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze. The fluffies are traditionally attached to the trapeze frame, but for further versatility, the fluffies can be set at two [2] other heights.

This video also shows Di performing some exercises using the Hanging Trapeze.

We hope you find this video useful, showing you the versatility of the Trapeze fluffies and the use of the Trapeze Bar, and we thank you for watching.

Professional Level Equipment for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Pilates Studios.

Online and In-store Australian Distributor of Pilates Commercial Equipment.

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - 37' Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2016. Silver Medals.

Flying Trapeze ''Heroes'' - 37' Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2016. Silver Medals.
Воздушный полет ''Герои'' - 37' Всемирный Фестиваль Цирк Завтрашнего Дня в Париже 2016. Цирк ''Феникс''.
Серебряные медали.
''Московский Цирк Никулина на Цветном бульваре''.

Trapeze performer

Awesome professional girl on scene make trick on a trapeze horizontal bar.
Performer - Elena Iliukhina
Filmed by ,

Want bye and using part of this video? Click here and search it in my shutterstock collection:

Flying Trapeze POV: Planche Catch

Watch in HD!

I shot this at the Toronto School of Circus Arts using a GoPro Hero2 on a chest mount.

Thanks to the incredible coaches (Bill and Yuri) at TSCA!

For non-POV clips of my flying trapeze (and silks) progress, check out my Instagram: @SharAtTheCircus.

Track: The City — Madeon (No copyright infringement intended.)

Learning Trapeze in Coney Island

Right across the street from the Coney Island art walls you can train for the circus with Trapeze School New York.

James showed Simone Boyce how it's done.

How much does it cost to do this? $50 on weekdays and $60 on the weekend at the Coney Island location.

Beginner on Trapeze

Elise's first performance on Trapeze

Trapeze Dancer Gives Insanely Talented Performance (Storyful, Extreme Sports)

Circus arts are Arthur’s passion and his talent shines through all of his pursuits as a contortionist, acrobat and dancer! Recently, he gave a demonstration of trapeze-dance, combining two of his great loves into one visually stunning art form! Moving freely and flawlessly to a classic track, he gave an inspiring and spectacular performance.

Video credit: YouTube/TheReaSeee
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Flying Trapeze

For something completely different I wanted to challenge my fear of heights and take on the flying trapeze. The Trapeze School of New York has a location on the Santa Monica Pier and for $42 on Groupon I got to take a 2-hour beginning class.